Yes if you are a man it can change for the worse and for a woman, for the better 🙂

At times i joke that “Kali standing on Shiva” is the quintessential Wedding Photograph 😀

Now that I have answered the practical answer, the astrological answers is YES it does. It activates the 7th house in your chart and all things related to it become active.

I have also seen that the two charts supporting each other make a THIRD DESTINY which could be better or worse than the individuals involved. Similar things I have seen happen with a child birth.

4 Thoughts on “Can marriage change one’s destiny?”

  • Sir I got married in Arya samaj previous year, it is love marriage and we didn’t told our parents about it as my parents are totally against, we planned that in march we will get register our marriage and we will living together but due to lockdown we aren’t able to register and I am at my parents house, now the problem is he is manglik and I am not, is there any solution which we can do before getting register or start living with him.

    • Is there any remedy, I am very much confused, tensed and don’t know what to do, his kundli have dosha and I want to live with him but all that I want him to be healthy, is there any remedy?

    • Manglik is not that big a deal. LOVE conquers all. Go ahead and register your marriage. Go to Shiva temple every tuesday with your husband and offer milk and water to a Shiv ling.

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