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Can I achieve success in love by consulting an astrologer?

Without using astrology I can be this comes from an Indian. No other nationality is so confused and so desperate.

Yes but that’s only ONE astrologer who can help you in matters of love. YOUR OWN HEART.

If you are running to astrologers with birth details in hand, better go for an arranged marriage (Like a good Indian).

When in love, throw aside all this and follow your heart.

As an astrologer, I hate to admit this, but I have seen much perfect and happier marriages where hearts were matched but Kundalis did not agree. And i have seen all those 26+ points matching guys filing for divorce. So in matters of love, i would rather trust the heart.

Heart knows something divine that astrologers cannot read.

if astrologers could solve for love, no arranged marriage would end in a divorce.

Use your head. USE YOUR HEART….!

EDIT: Just dawned on me. FOR GOD’S SAKE STAY AWAY FROM THE “VASHIKARAN MAFIA” you don’t know what you would get into.

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