We all have nightmares, the state of things we do not want to be in. These nightmares change with age, right from a broken toy, to a date gone wrong, to a boss from hell, to financial disasters, to marital disharmony, to losing a dear friend or family. Most of us face most of the above. And that’s ok, that’s life.

However, as I have grown older and wiser, my nightmares have changed. I am no longer afraid of smaller things. Ketu dasha has made immune to most of the things. Even death I am not afraid of. In fact Ketu has made me so comfortable with the idea of death that I find it more of a “good riddance” event that liberates the soul from this trap we call body.

Being an astrologer makes me realize that death is nothing but a deception, and Karma, re-birth and soul are not just fancy concepts, but hardcore realities, more real than the screen you are reading this article on.

Ketu dasha has made me like this.

Ketu took away everything that I was attached to: My job, my wealth, my ego, my health, my relationships, my career, and then some more. And I can’t thank him enough, seriously…!

Because what he gave in return was priceless…FREEDOM…!

This freedom is my ONLY attachment now…!

And losing this freedom is the only thing that worries me.

And this is the basis of my two nightmares.

NIGHTMARE 1: TO BE TRAPPED IN A JOB OR A JOB-LIKE ROUTINE: Few months ago, an old boss called me up (she is a sweetheart). She knew that I had left my job and moved to Jaipur. She offered me a great job at Jaipur and expected me to join ASAP.  I told her “Boss that’s so sweet of you, but given a choice between an appointment letter and a cyanide capsule, I would go for the capsule every time.” She was shocked initially, but thankfully she understood and said “Happy that you found your calling.”

That day I realized my intensity about NEVER having to take up a job again.

Thanks to God, Internet, astrology and my clients, I don’t have to go back to a job ever. However, my phobia is such that almost every month I have a nightmare that I am working at a job and I often wake up in cold sweat, I am fighting this recurring nightmare.

I am so phobic about having a job or a job-like routine that I have deliberately kept my business to a small size, despite the protests of my team and my friends. I am blissfully content with my life and don’t wish to own a business that would own me.

MY SOLUTION: SANYAAS: My biggest source of contentment comes from knowing that my final destination is in the Himalayas. If I could, I would take Sanyaas today. I am just waiting for my kids to grow up. One day all my businesses would be handed over to them and I would take a one way ticket to Himalayas.

Knowing that you would end up as hermit keeps the ambition and greed away and keeps you content, liberated, and detached at a mind and soul level.

There is not enough money in the world to make me want to be a slave again to a job or a business. Yes even your own business can make you a slave (ever heard of a certain Elon Musk who is going crazy due to over work? People idolize him, I pity him and I don’t want to be like him. Thank you…!)

I am happy with my half a loaf of bread. God takes care of my needs and I am not wanting for anything. I would not allow even my own business to grow large enough to become my master.

I have only one Master:  Sai Baba of Shirdi, and I shall never have human or corporate masters again. Amen…!


NIGHTMARE 2: TO BE TRAPPED IN THIS BODY: A few weeks ago, one of our family friends passed away, he was young (late 40s). He was also going through a Ketu period. In fact I had told him to “hang on”. However, his marka antardasha hit and boom he was gone. I was shocked, I frankly did not expect this or even anticipate this (yes we astrologers do fail to see all things and we don’t particularly look for death yogas for people who are 46 and have no disease).

His death got me thinking, THIS BODY IS SO UNRELIABLE.

But what really scared me was not death, but the possibility of being TRAPPED IN THIS BODY.

I have a distant relative whose son has been in coma since last several years. He is trapped in a body and his condition is a torture for him and a burden to everyone around him. I am sure if he could get up for five minutes he would put himself out of his misery. But his parents, blinded by love and attachment continue to keep him alive (or rather trapped). Most of our Indian family members are like that too deep into attachment to see that real love is about liberation.

WHAT IF, what if this happens to me?

What if I am trapped in this body and am not able to break out of it?

What if I slip into a coma and my family keeps me alive out of sheer attachment?

Knowing my chart, there is a very slim chance of that happening. However no astrologer can be 100% accurate (if we were so accurate, we would have quit astrology and played stock markets. All of us would have been billionaires in a week).

So, better safe than sorry.

First I hope and pray that this doesn’t happen to anyone, including me. But I got so paranoid and upset about this issue over the last few weeks that I looked up for a way to solve this once and for all. Finally I found something.

MY SOLUTION: MY LIVING WILL: There is something called the “LIVING WILL.” Basically a document that you create when you are healthy to instruct people what to do in case you are ever left in a vegetative state like a coma or something like that.


More formal version: “If I suffer a disease, injury or any condition that takes my brains away or renders my body motionless to the point that I am left mentally unstable or unable to speak. Please DO NOT put me on a life support system.

If possible, please use euthanasia and put me out of my misery. If euthanasia is still illegal (Fuck You Government…!), at least discontinue the food and glucose. Only give me water and let me freaking die. I repeat I DO NOT wish to go on a life support system. Let me die.”

NOTE TO MY SONS: Boys, you are too young today so I can’t talk to you about this. But some day I would tell you about this. May you never need it but if this ever happens, I entrust you boys to do this for me. please use this note to legally “help daddy”. Loads of love.


NOTE TO MY CLOSE FRIENDS: If you got a link to this article personally from me, I consider you close enough to my soul to trust you with my biggest fear and biggest decision. If you ever get to know that I am in a vegetative state, please use this article as my living will and put my out of my misery. If my boys aren’t old enough, I would request you to do me this last favor. Trust me, I would bless you for this.


God Bless,

G. Vijay Kumar

PS: I am feeling so good after writing this. Now I can sleep in peace.


  • Though provoking article addressing two real issues: FREEDOM and EUTHANASIA.

    Freedom from routine: Marks a point at the same time makes me wonder what applies to poor souls (like me) who neither have the astrological support or the business skills to make a living without a job. This makes me bind to situations I loathe and stifle purposely denying the existence of self-freedom and the inherent right to be at peace. And all in the name of survival and making ends meet, I trade my scars for dough.

    Euthanasia, there are two aspects I always ponder:

    1) Is it not grave abuse of spirituality and Karma to interfere with the process of dying rather than allowing Nature to take its own course. And since we grasp the notion of an afterlife, how is Karma going to account for this in our next birth?

    2) Or is it the choice to die in dignity that matters more. After all, when the growing life-weariness intensifies, why hesitate to put us down when they are really ‘lifting’ us.

    • For Job: There were no JOBS 200 years ago, people were happier if you ask me. In the age of Internet you don’t need “business skills” or “astrological support” you need an internet connection (i guess you have) and some intellegence ( guess you also have that)

      For Euthanasia: We humans have been given free will and choice to choose the way we want to live and improve our life, then why not improve our death? This should not be done in anguish or things like “my girlfriend broke up” or “I did not get into IIT”. You have your entier life ahead of you and people who would be anguished by your death.

      but if someone has been reduced to the stage of being a vegetable and is trapped in a body. It would be liberation for you and removal of burden for your family.

      Guess that answered.

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