Should astrologers make money…?

Disclaimer: Till the time I had my job, I NEVER charged anyone a penny for my astrological consultation.

“How can you charge money for God’s blessings?” One person asking for free consultation wrote to me. “You should be ashamed of yourself.” Thundered another one. “Same old tricks, all you guys want is money.” Rattled another freeloader. Initially I wondered if I had done something wrong by going pro.

Should one make money through astrology? 18 months later, I have my answer.

After years of free service, hundreds of debates and dilemmas, my answer is an emphatic YES.






I used to do astrology as a sewa and a hobby. Few friends encouraged me to help general public at large. I launched trying to offer free advice to those who needed it.

However, I attracted the funniest kind of people. Most of the questions were around “Girl Friend” and “Government Jobs” so basically all the horny and lazy parasites were taking advantage of me.

In simple English, they wanted jobs where they did not have to work at and girls they did not have to marry. And of course they wanted a free consultation.

Ever wondered why India is a poor country with exploding population and rampant sexual harassment?

(Here is the answer: Going off script: We taught our boys that the best job is the one where you DON’T have to work and women are not humans but sex objects. Then we wonder why Ma Lakshmi won’t bless this nation? Teach your boys work ethic and respect for women, Ma Lakshmi would like it much better than your Diwali decoration.)

Such free loading young men would send me hate mails and abuses if I could not revert to their 108 questions about their “future mate’s physical beauty” (this really happened). I was sick of people sending me 13 horoscopes  as I was doing it for FREE….!

Mind you I did NOT have a job at this point. My new business was shaky at best. We were eating out of our savings. I was also battling depression. Clients threatened to pull back business if things did not go as per their expectations. During such circumstances I was taking 4 hours a day to answer “Girlfriend and Government job” questions. And then getting abused and trolled.



 Sick of freeloaders, I thought of putting a filter in place. I started to ask people to donate to charity. But hey this is India…even here I got trolling, fake receipts, and abuses. I was disappointed and dismayed. People would send me five year old receipt of Rs. 101 donated to a cowshed and ask me to read 7 horoscopes (I can’t make that up).

One Bollywood wannabe took this to another level and trolled me aggressively as I did not give him his desired answer. Mind you he had donated money to an NGO and not even a penny came to me. What was I supposed to do? Tell him that he would become a super star at the age of 39? Or  give him a refund out of the money paid to an NGO?

This was the final straw …!


PART 3: You are an idiot: (Going Pro)

I was so distressed that I went to my spiritual guide. (She is a practicing doctor in Bangalore.) I told her about how things were doing. She was livid.

“You are an Idiot” she said.

(While she is more than a decade younger, I am shit scared of her.)

Herself a practicing doctor in Bangalore, she knows a thing or two about sewa (I had nicknamed her Sewa Kaur).

Sewa Kaur hammered me to pulp with her verbal lashing. This is precisely what she said:

 “Either do astrology for money or stop this non-sense, you are killing your business which is feeding your family. By giving hours to these parasites who don’t respect your time, effort, or knowledge.”

“But I don’t want to be one of those astrologers…you know the mercenary type…” I resisted.

Thankfully she knew better. As a practicing doctor and an exalted soul, she gave me a long lecture about Karma and how money is not bad if earned honestly and ethically. In fact it is good, if it is made through serving other people.

Thankfully I listened to her and rest is history. Today astrology is my main business. I am loved by thousands, have made great friends and don’t have to worry about feeding my kids.



I have tons of respect for KN Rao Sir  he is one of my Top 10 Astrologers. However his opposition to astrologers charging money has had really bad side effects on the industry. Money became a taboo for most astrologers.

Those who want to earn an honest living (like yours truly) were criticized for being greedy, and many gave up the profession (I almost did). Whereas, the unethical scammers who exploit clients, blackmail people, and run things like the Vashikaran Mafia and Puja scams have flooded the industry. And no they don’t go through moral dilemmas the honest people go through.

When good and honest people avoid politics, you have crooks running the nation. When good and honest people opt out of astrology, you have crooks running the profession. And this is exactly what his happening right now in politics as well as astrology.



THE LIBERATING COUNTERVIEW: Thankfully two of my favorite masters, Prash Trivedi and Sunil John agree that it is ethical and moral to charge for astrological services. As per them, nobody has the right to use other man’s time, energy, and knowledge for free. How I wish I knew this before, it would have saved me months of dilemma.


However, I don’t think it would be “ethical” to starve my kids while I spent my time answering “Girlfriend and Government” Job questions.


A THING ABOUT ANCIENT TIMES: For those who say ancient Rishis who were astrologers never charged money, here is a news:

In the ancient times only Kings and Rich men could afford to go to the Rishis who knew astrology, and they would NEVER go empty handed. Often gold and cows were offered as gifts (If I get these I would stop taking cash…I promise J )

Even the divine Rishis had mouths to feed and a few worldly requirements, hence, it was proper for them to take remuneration, so why blame mere mortals like us?



ASTROLOGERS AND KARMA: I often tell people that if a normal person does something unethical one or two planets go bad on him, but if an astrologer does something unethical, all nine planets bash him up and I SERIOUSLY don’t want that. So we do everything honestly and ethically. So far, I hope all the 9 have been pleased with humble and honest efforts of yours truly.


SERVICES & MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: My fee is very reasonable (often my clients tell me to charge more). Moreover, I put my money where my mouth is, I give 100% refund if I can’t read a chart with 80% accuracy. Some of the really nice ones push back saying that they don’t want it as I have given my time, but I always give a refund as I don’t want to keep unearned money. Being an astrologer I know the power of KARMA.

FOR THE RECORD I HAVE MET MUCH-MUCH BETTER PEOPLE EVER SINCE I STARTED CHARGING MONEY. Many have become great friends, something that never happened during my free service days. 


PRODUCTS: Yes I do sell yantras, silver articles and gemstones. But I give great value for money. And all things are AUTHENTIC. My margins are thin and quality is good. Also, I insist on selling gems with a Government Lab Certificate (it certificate costs me NINE TIMES of a local lab, but hey I have to be assured that I am selling great and authentic stuff).

I not only make a little profit on gems, I also ensure that someone else doesn’t sell them a glass in the name of a gem. Now that’s a double treat. Profiting from good karma….that’s how it should be, for everyone.

I am not blackmailing people to get a Puja done for Rs. 50,000 (LINK) or running scams like promising them to get their “lost love back”  through Vashikaran or to get a “government job”.

(That ladies and gentlemen, is where the REAL money is…Puja and Vashikaran scams..21000-50,000 on an investment of 1100-2000 ROI astronomical. Lazy horny crowd would happily pay for this.) But yours truly would never touch that. I know Karma better than those dabbling in such practices.)

I earn HONEST money through my hard work and knowledge and improving lives of my clients, and I am proud of it.

By the grace of God and love of my clients, my business has grown fast and today I am able to employ a few others people who are also feeding their families thanks to this business. My team loves me, my clients love me and I feel blessed and we all benefit.

“Business is a spiritual endeavor, and it brings us closer to one another and closer to God.”

-Rabbi Daniel Lapin

Profiting from helping people, brings money in current times as well good Karma that brings future riches….that’s what I call a good business.

Yes I am running one, and I am proud of it.


God Bless,

G. Vijay Kumar



  • Awesome article.May maa Kali bless you with plenty of success.I also follow you in quora requesting to write more articles there

    • thank you for your attention kind words and blessings. I am honored and humbled. Such comments encourage me to write more often. I am inactive on quora because of busy schedule and their arbitrary moderation policies. Please do visit this site. I will try to update this regularly.

  • Hello Sir,
    I’m from Chennai and suffering Kethu Mahadasa.

    DOB: 27/03/1979
    Time : 6.45PM IST
    Place of Birth : Chennai
    Rasi : Meenam
    Lagnam : Kanni
    Star : Uthirattadhi

    please advice me, still how long will battle against Ketu Dasa?? how about my future in upcoming Dasa’s ?? will I be able to do any business? Expecting your valuable reply. Do the needful. Thanks.


  • Very holistic view. It’s intriguing that the quality of people you met was better once you started charging money. Dharmasya Moolam Arth.

  • Nice article…I know a few astrologers who do not ask the specific amount. Sometime they get or they may not get money from clients. Sometimes people give 20s or 50s also.

    Similarly when come to donate graha daana also similar pratices applied by people. They donate oil and give 20 or 50 or 100 mostly saying we also giving material or oil???

    So the astrologer or priest born just for shareing gratitudeless fellow or stranger so-bad karma for the price of 50 rupees or less ???

    These are spiritual sciences and making money from it – shouldn’t be… but what about other SIDE EFFECTS ????

    The thing is greedy and unethical astrologers one side and selfish even no gratitude and demanded people other side.

    If astrologer didn’t ask the money then the people think about his, his family or dependents and pay reasonable amount or atleast pay after remedy worked???

    May be this is the reason why astrologers have different approaches when it comes to charge towards the clients for their service.

    Finally i would like to conclude one thing. If you find a HONEST astrologer you should also be honest :).

  • You are offering so much valuable content on your website for free, this takes a lot of time and effort and thought and is equivalent to a public service for the greater good. There are no nauseating Online Ads on your website, you could be minting money if you chose to go commercial and allowed Ads, given that your website is in the top 1% in India. And not being a Sanyasi or the idle scion of a Wealthy dynasty loaded with ancestral wealth (I am guessing here), you need some means of making a living, like millions of people. The fees that you charge are very nominal and the “payback guarantee” is unique. So nothing much to debate here really, it is perfectly logical to charge for the personalized consultation services you provide. The fact that there is a waiting-time of 2 months to get the chance for a consultation with you also shows how minimal your fees are, and the fact that there is no “Deluxe” service and no “Special” Consultation to jump the queue is also highly creditable.

    • thank you for saying this.

      i wil be honest we do have one urgent slot a day but we don’t publicize it and don’t try to sell it hard. Had to put some diferentiator otherwise everyone would want to jump the queue.

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