Disclaimer: This article has very little to do with astrology. This is more to provide a reality check and some cathartic release for yours truly.

“Give me some Ketu dasha.”

A very dear friend sent me a message after reading this (LINK) article. My reply was:


There was a bittersweet smile on my face while I typed that message.

After reading this (LINK) article, people have messaged me and told me over phone how cool my life is. They think I am a free bird who wanders in and out of airports and 5-star hotels. A man “Liberated” by Ketu living on his own terms.

While there is some truth to this (No I don’t go to airports and 5 stars daily). Many a time I just sit in my car in middle of nowhere and drink tea at roadside stalls.

But what they really don’t know is what I went through BEFORE reaching this stage. Yes Ketu has liberated me. But the pain and torture that I went through was just too much. If I could have chosen, I would have perhaps avoided Ketu.

This is my story of Ketu first half, the one full of horrors, heartbreaks and humiliations. While the tale is much longer, I would share the details of the most intense part of it Ketu-Venus. Story of my punishment posting. This is one part of my life I would never wish upon anyone.

So let’s start.


“Have you forgiven JG?” My wife asked me one day.

“JG who?” I asked. My wife looked at me with shocked disbelief.

Then I remembered who JG was, and laughed my guts out.  Finally I was a step closer to spirituality. I had forgiven and even momentarily forgotten the person who had given me the worst dose of humiliation in last 10 years. I don’t blame her any more, I blame my Karma. Ketu has taught me this. 




In Mercury dasha life was good, I was getting timely promotions, my package was cool, my post was powerful. My “boys” would even park my car for me. I had developed arrogance typical of successful corporate guys.

But Ketu had a “Rehabilitation Program” especially designed for my needs. J


PART 1: THE HONEY TRAP: Divine Ketu hunts the arrogant pricks like me, using a “honey trap” of our desires and ambitions, to engineer our downfall, and teach us lessons in humility. My honey trap was a promotion. For the first time in a decade, I was denied a timely promotion. The site wasn’t growing, so, the only way I could get a promotion was to move to another town.

They gave me an option of moving to Delhi NCR which I turned down. I wasn’t going to NCR at any cost, it was hell in my eyes. However, I agreed to option of taking a movement to Hyderabad.

Ketu laughed….!




At the last moment, there was a downsizing in Hyderabad, and I was sent to guess where… Delhi-NCR (Gurgaon to be exact)…!

I had handed over my duties of the current post and had no option but to move to what was rumored to be a punishment posting, to a position so bad no local wanted it. But I was blinded by my ambition.

Oh by the way, they promised me an additional hike to take care of my “increased living expenses”.

Ketu Laughed…!  

The hike that wasn’t: The promised hike was shamelessly denied three months after my movement (corporate freeze you see). Gurgaon rents were insane, so were the people.  I was officially thrown under the bus. And this was just the start.



Corporate Rule: If you don’t know who the scapegoat is in your department, it is probably you.  Did I mention I was given a punishment posting?

The department was sitting on a mountain of sin accumulated over past three years. A scapegoat was needed to be blamed for collective sins of higher ups, and then sacrificed on the altar of “objective results”. Later feast on its flesh would follow.

I was sacrificed, slaughtered, and then cooked by three ladies.

Lady Number 1: The Corporate Slave: My cowardly boss:  She was a mute slave, and expected me to be one. She got me to the worst position in the organization, dumped me into the warzone, gave no support, denied me a promised hike, and conveniently blamed me for everything that had happened in past three years (I lasted total of 7 months in that role). In our last meeting, which was my “performance review” she gave me “strong” feedback. I opposed saying that I was para-dropped in this crap and was not responsible for things that happened literally 900 days ago, and I was being made the scapegoat. She hastily ended the discussion telling me that I needed to work on my “executive presence” especially my “dressing sense” (the only part of the discussion I really agreed to. My dressings sense has never been great. This was the only just point in her feedback).

Epilogue: She left this role within a month of my movement. The last I knew, she was a slave to a horrible boss. #KARMA. I have forgiven her. In fact, I pity her.

Number 2: The corporate bi**h – My Co-worker from Hell: I am a philogynist (one who respects and admires women), a strong women rights advocate, and a worshipper of Shakti. I never use the word b***h for any woman. But I would make an exception for this woman. If ever there was a corporate b***h, she was one.  This is the only character in this story who I still find difficult to forgive. The day am able to forgive her, I would consider myself blessed.

She was my worst corporate enemy ever. A master of politics and manipulation. She wanted my job and tried her best to set me up, and she did a great job of it, using her knowledge of the system and deep political connections. She played friendly to my face and then stabbed me in the back so well that my career in the department was dead before I knew it (She was so good that I found what she did only weeks before my exit). Worst of all of that, she was close to my hyper-aggressive VP-JG, whom she used to get me humiliated often.

Epilogue: Within three months of my movement, she was FIRED for…“integrity violation and unethical behavior”. The guy who was my replacement, drafted and handed over her termination letter… KARMA proved to be a bigger bitch… than even her…!


Number 3: JG – MY HYPER AGGRESSIVE VP-“The Iron Maiden”: This was an Iron Maiden, not as in “Iron Lady” but Iron Maiden, a living form of a medieval torture device. A ferocious tyrant and a dirty player. My bitchy co-worker had her ear and almost daily, I was being hammered, mercilessly. JG was loud, ill tempered, ill mannered, and ill everything. She would shout insults at a volume that would make me quake in my boots.

(Honest confession, I had done this to many other people in the past. Karma is a bitch, indeed).

But wait there’s more…my biggest humiliation sessions would often happen on weekly conference calls with 10 other people listening (after all everything was my fault). Once I took this call from home and my wife heard her shouting. She was in tears. I hate to admit, so was I, my wife’s tears just doubled the humiliation.

Things were so bad in those days that I would have crying bouts and often used to wish that I meet with an accident or even something goes wrong with my family so that I would not have to report to office.

This was the lowest point in my life.

(Dear reader: I don’t look so cool now, do I?).

Mercifully, after a few months, my soul rebelled. I became so sick of JG, that I stopped taking her calls or responding to her messages. Even when we met personally I would silently but unflinchingly stare at her as she shouted her lungs off. I had had it. I was ready to quit. This job wasn’t worth so much humiliation. No job was.

Footnote: JG moved to another organization within a month of my movement. I am so glad that I have forgiven her and even had forgotten about her. Some spiritual progress I have made.


I was ready to quit but my mentor helped me get a new role. I changed two more roles and went through a lot in them but life was never that bad. Post my experience with JG, I took an oath, NEVER to take shit again in my life. This decision made my life better, but ultimately ended my corporate career.

I could go on with stories of two other roles which include their own struggles. But I would just do it in short.


  • A snake of a boss: In my next role, my new boss hated me (I was talking back to him, my experience with JG had toughened me up.) While he did not confront me directly, he had me trapped, and behind my back engineered my exit from company. I was saved by an old boss and was given a new role, which would prove to be my final one.
    • Epilogue: My “snake” boss left the company BEFORE my movement to the next role. For the record, he ended up in a politically brutal company. May be he would meet his match. #KARMA


  • Rebelling against a tyrant: I got a new role (which would prove to be my last),  thankfully, this time I had a cool boss. However, my rabid ops VP hated me. While my bosses sucked up to him, I couldn’t take it for long and very soon, I would talk back to him (remember the “I will take no shit” oath). My poor boss would panic as I would have verbal duals with the VP and would refuse to follow his silly orders. “Just do whatever he says” I remember my panicked super boss telling me almost begging me to maintain the peace. I would not listen. I knew that for me this would be the end of the road. I was going to go down, but I would go down fighting.

Finally after a few months my body gave up. I was taken to a hospital from office. Sitting in the emergency room of the hospital, I realized that this wasn’t worth it and decided to end my corporate career. Few weeks later, I resigned.

  • Epilogue: This tyrannical VP moved to another role within 2 months of my quitting the job. He was taken out because people rebelled against his tyrannical ways and there was employee unrest. #KARMA

Realization and Let Go:

When I heard about the movement of the last man on this list of my tormentors, it made me contemplate this pattern.

Everyone who had hurt me in my roles, moved out within three months. If I would have taken my movement 100 days later, I would NOT have met any one of them. A coincidence could happen once, twice, thrice, but not five times and that too with a precise limit of three months.

I would admit that initially I had a lot of anger towards these individuals but it reduced considerably after this realization. And now almost all of it is gone.

Maybe, maybe they were waiting for an old Karmic bond to dissolved, maybe I would have done something similar to them in some past life. Maybe this was my Karmic clean up (Ketu does that efficiently). One day I finally took the hate out of my heart thinking, “If you paid an old Karmic debt, I bless you, and I apologize for whatever I had done to you, and I hope we are settled. However, if I was innocent (honestly I doubt that), but if at all, I was innocent and was tormented by you, I am pretty sure that Karma would take care of it.”

After that thought I rarely thought about these individuals. They slowly they faded out of my sub-conscious, blissfully to the point where I had forgotten their names. I consider myself blessed.

Final Thoughts:

Best thing about Ketu is that you lose so much that at a point you don’t have anything to lose. You realize impermanence of things, right from money to relationships. And that can be liberating.

I lost a lot in my Ketu Mahadasha: My career, money, friends, pride, but I guess the best thing I lost was attachment and fear and most of all EGO…!

You let go of friends and foes, of victories and defeats, of attachments and enmities.

You forgive and forget.

As you become less, you become blessed.

After all BLESS really means “BE-LESS”

Ketu Smiles…!

God Bless Us All,

G. Vijay Kumar


  • Love this article. We all think we are the only ones undergoing humiliation, misery and suffering and everyone else lives in a fairy land with cotton candies and daisy meadows. But karma differentiates none. I have just finished my Saturn Antardasha (Moon Mahadasha) on 17/10/2018 and life though very different, the experience was very similar to this. I lost a lot most importantly all the EGO I had in my system. I have learned to let go of ‘victories, defeats and attachments (not enmities :just embarked on a spiritual journey, need time to get there!). I have learned to accept that ‘Less is More’. I am in my Dasha Santhi period now and my Moon -Mercury Antardasha will commence within a few days. I understand that the coming mercury period will be much better and put my life back on track or even higher but to be very honest, when I look back, I just loved the spiritual experience from Saturn.

  • Hi
    I think you still in Ketu Mahadasha since it is over in October 2020 for you.
    I am just trying to collect my facts as I will be ending in October 2021
    I do see things have improved a lot for you by last 3rd phase
    I have to see when things going to fine for me
    In fact I did made good money in last 4 years close to million despite broken family
    But money is not I want because I can make it so I do not care about it
    But relationship is where I suffered a lot and I believe good relationships are most important for happiness
    No one want to be alone
    Let’s see what ketu teaches us
    I still looking to get back what I lost in Ketu Mahadasha

  • Love the article!! on a lighter note, true attainment of spirituality would be not to forgive and forget only but laugh on those such a low life creatures 🙂

  • It all started when my MIL told me that I was going through the worst of Shani (sade sati peak) and she attaled my marriage. Everything she did after that (2014 end) worked against me. Then entered Ketu Mahadasha in Apr 2016. She has done everything to break my home. WNted me to have a job in Hyd (my hometown) and ensured her son stays back in the US. My husband made me move to Hyd with daughter in sept 2016 and left us to fend for our selves. Now h e wants papers to be filed mutually /quickly so he started giving some money to my daughter. Earlier Said he won’t give us anything. I was always treated like a maid after marriage by my MIL day 1 And my husband followed suit immediately after my daughter was born – cook, clean, take care of the house, husband, child and bring half money on the table for expenses. He humiliated me, condescended me….said my daughter should never have brains like me and a million other things. I have Ketu in my 4.
    He has K/R on 1/7 axis. Mars and Saturn in 4th. And Venu, Mer And Sun in 2nd. Guess venus gets combusted with sun.

  • Very beautifully shared. Loved reading it. But just a thought. Didnt you felt the same in your saturn dasha or saturn return? Or may be it was just me who was undergoing saturn mahadasha with rahu antardasha and then saturn return at the same time. Same experience. Tormented, lost everything , and detachment. Now mercury coming and I feel change in life again. Now I feel so aloof frm my own mind and esp when I think that the good signs which I see now will go away again after 16 yrs.

  • Hi i am goinv through Ketu Mahadasha, Rahu antardasha started with a blow somewhere in Sep’18. I smiled when i saw ‘forgive and forget’ as this was my whats app status for almost 6 months. Ketu taught me that. I can very well relate to what is written and seriously Ketu mahadasha is torturous. Rahu antardasha starting since Sep 18 is very depressing as life changes in a minute. So your article is very Good read. 36 year old with 2 kids, hoping that i m able to pass through this storm.

  • I am in the middle of Ketu dasha. Everything goes wrong. No matter how much I try, Ketu affects badly my carier, as well as my personal life, marriage, friendships..right now my husband is in the middle of his Rahu dasha,..nice company, huh…I just want to help him, but he doesnt allow communication.Any way , I am grateful to discover /by chance/ your page, and read article after article, I like the way you explain things, the way they are systematized.Thank you!And one question, I know that this is not the place, I adopted a dog, few days ago.Is this a good remedy for Ketu dasha.Just have i n mind that I love dogs, and I wanted to have one, and afterwards, later these days I have read that taking care of it is a remedy. But 16 hours after adopting it, I got ill.I am still ill. So I cant go to work.And Ketu is, you know work, work, work…

    • NEVER take up a pet you don’t enjoy or can’t take care of. I personally don’t have a dog because I know that I am too lazy to take good care of him. And don’t work that hard…Ketu is not Shani.

  • Good read, I am finishing my Ketu Mahasabha in April 19, hope things will return to normal. Detachment , yes it is there, there is no pain for money that I have lost but my heart still aches for the relationships I have lost and craves to normalise them. To bring love, trust and respect back in life

  • i AM in my ketu dasha and my boyfriend is my tyran kkkk . making me crazy trying to learn me how to make good cooking kkkk and learning martial art. it looks like ketu dasha is about learning something. and having the humility to learn. love your articles. and reading you.

  • Great read!
    I have faced similar situation and can easily relate my boss with your VP JG (but he is Man). It was torment of 4 months I have been through. I was recruited by my boss, after being jobless for a year. Within a week he started verbally abusing me, and day by day the abuse started increasing for hours. We were only 2 person on an overseas assignment to setup company new office abroad and make business tie-ups. Everything about my work performance, even attendence record is control by him. He made me work 24×7, even calling after midnight and abuse me for a silly things, as small as not sending email at 2AM? Yes, who reads email at 2AM? His real intention was to get sexual with me, and I was not bowing down to his subtle hints? Who says, men don’t het sexually harrass by other men (a boss) in corporate world? As I was already jobless for more than a year, this job was ray of hope for me hence tolerate everything, all trashing, abuse for 4 months until a time I got hospitalize. Finally, I just resigned a d return to India.
    This was all happened in my Rahu-Moon dasha, now I am under Rahu-Mars till end of 2019 hoping to regain a strength to back to work life again, get out of financial difficulties.

    • thank you for sharing your experience. Yes it is true. Corporate culture is nothing but glorified slavery if you don’t get a good boss. Happy that you took the decision to quit. TRUST GOD. Boss or company is not GOD. Wish you a happy recovery. Hope you have a rocking Jupiter period.

  • I really loved reading through your experience and I really appreciate you for taking time to put it all in words for us.
    I have been going through Ketu MD since September,2019 and it has taken away everything from me: only love of my life, career which had just started, dignity, achivements, got deported back from overseas where I had settlers,friends, family has a used its back on me….. I’m living on handouts barely able to feed two times a day. Many a days my soul is just inches away from jumping off a tall building but I still live. I have been able to forgive all those who did wrong to me but have struggled with finding answers as to why all this is happening to me since I have always lived a Sathvik life and have not wronged anyone willingly or consciously. I have always consciously believed that hurting others isn’t good and have treated others how I would like to be treated. Yet such things happened and my Ketu MD is until 2023. Not sure what else is left to be take away from me but having to go through it aches my soul. Only thing that gives me comfort now is the fact that I haven’t got much to lose. Sorry for not using my actual name as it’s pretty easily locatable on social media.

    • Sorry to hear about your plight. Just remember, Ketu takes away all that has become USELESS in this life. Once you lose all that you have you realize that you can live without anyone and anything. This is LIBERATING….! Wait for the first half to get over and second half you would recover. Hopefully Venus would be good for you. God Bless…!

  • Interesting read. Thanks for sharing, I had a similar experience in my Rahu-Moon period which I am in now. Isn’t is beautiful that often our body knows what to do, if you don’t get sick and hospitalized, your relationship with those people could have gone worse, to point of no return=saving from further Karma. Nataly I have Ketu EXACTLY conjunct Saturn in Capricorn, the conjunction EXACTLY square Moon in Aries. I have experienced being almost killed by intentional violence. Twice. To this day, it is a strange feeling that I am still alive , why I was not killed then. Speaking of forgiveness. This last Rahu period is pretty tough but nothing to compare to that experience which brought drastic spiritual awakening and enlightenment through many years to me—truly, Ketu liberate you.

  • Sir, please share what the second half of ketu mahadasha has been like for you?

    You remind me of the protagonist from “The monk who sold his ferrari”. 🙂

    • ha ha. Yes kind of that but i was more like monk who was forced to sell his ferrari :D. Will share second half experiences once I am done with it. Stil undergoing the same.

  • Sir I’m going through hell in ketu antardasha, that too in venus mahadasha and rahu PD.Im sick since this started.I have fever since months and it is not being diagnosed. MY eyes are swollen and dry all the time.Have to use eye drops 5times and ointment at night.I don’t wish this problem on anyone.Problems don’t subside,on the other hand new medical problems arise and doc says no remedy for it.what to do sir? Really frustrated with life.I have never gone through so much health problems.

  • Your article is so close to real life experience of Ketu Mahadasha.
    Anyone going through this Mahadasha – take one day at a time. Your life situations are going to change at a pace that you can’t track.

  • I know someone who had a Ketu MD and apart from home life issues I don’t think that person went through anything much… Especially not liberation or enlightenment of any sort… Said person isn’t too smart either except rote memory used that to graduate that’s it…just chases delusions till date even though their dasha changed, that’s it…

  • Love your all articles related to KETU. My husband is going through ketu mahadasha from April2016,his ketu is in 4th hs Gemini and Mars+Rahu in Sag. In ketu-ketu he was forced to resign from oil/industry job from germany. In ketu-venus he got academic job with less salary in UK but life is roller coaster for him n me also. Ketu-mars, ketu-Rahu periods were worst because of his back-stabbing colleagues. Now i don’t what will happen in ketu-jupiter period because he has all 4 planets sun+venus+mercury+debiliated jupiter in 11th hs.

  • I was going through hell when I found you on Quora and thought to consult you about what is happening with me from the past two years. then the enlightenment came when you suggested that I am going through Ketu Mahandasha, since June 2014. My career for which I have never compromised was over in a snap. From that moment till now, No matter how much I try to revive, it pulled me back to where I start. Every time I start, the employment is over within 8-9 months, no matter how much I work hard. I wish to see some sunlight as I guess my Ketu -Mercury Dasha will start soon.

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