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“Sir my child has a Guru Chandal Yoga” said a concerned father.

“Good for him.” I chuckled.

“What are you saying sir…it is very bad. An astrologer told me to get a puja done….”

“Don’t…you would ruin your boy’s chances. This is a good yoga to have…!”

I have discussed this yoga hundreds of times. Almost every time the client was in a state of panic regarding the “bad effects” of the feared “Chandal Yoga”. But I was delighted to see this as this happens to be one of my favorite yogas.

For the uninitiated, this yoga happens with Rahu and Jupiter are in conjunction. (Some people also include Ketu + Guru in definition of Chandal Yoga but I don’t think that Ketu is wicked enough to cause a Chandal yoga, in fact Ketu is more saintly than Jupiter).

Hence the real Chandal Yoga happens when Guru sits with the Wicked Rahu.


Jupiter is the Guru: The teacher, the philosopher, the guide


Rahu is the feared Chandal: The outcast, the lowly, the bad guy, the corruptor

I have written a lot about Rahu and he is my favorite planet. I mean adore Ketu which is the most spiritual planet, I love and admire Saturn the most for his heroism and justice.

But Rahu, well Rahu is FUN…!

Which self-respecting movie buff doesn’t like Joker more than batman? It is Joker who provides all the fun scenes.

Good guys can be a little boring actually. Rahu is pure corruption (see the irony of these two words coming together)

When they say “Power Corrupts” they are actually talking about Rahu.


Remember the Mantra:


Repeat after me


Good now let’s see some examples

RAHU + Sun = Boosted and Corrupted Ego

RAHU+ Venus = Boosted and Corrupted Sexuality

RAHU+ Moon = Boosted and Corrupted Emotions

And so on…

Hence: The code for Chandal Yoga is:  

Rahu + Jupiter = Boosted and Corrupted PHILOSOPHY

WHY THIS WAS BAD: In the ancient times this was considered a really bad yoga as these people would OPPOSE THE DIVINE SYSTEM of things, the Sages, the Gurus, the laws and the scriptures. In short they would oppose the entire Divine Vedic system which was based on true laws of nature. Hence this was considered a very bad yoga. Worse than Rahu Moon or any other yoga.


For starters, in terms of luck, this was always good, as Guru is the only planet that reduces the harshness of Rahu and helps overcome the damage done by the aspects and placement of Rahu. But there is a reason bigger reason I consider it a really good yoga.

Rule #1 of Astrology is, Desh Kala Paristhiti (Place, time, and conditions). This means that you have to look at every yoga through the lens of current place, time, and conditions.

So, in today’s times, Guru Chandal Yoga is one of the BEST things to have in the chart. BECAUSE….the freaking SYSTEM IS CORRUPT

When the Gurus are trying to misguide the people, when laws are foolish, corporate, government and media are mind controlling people …you NEED the Guru-Chandal people to fight this system. They are the spiritual rebels who would take this fight forward and would god willing take the corrupt system down some day.

Think of these guys as the Humans fighting the Machines in the Matrix.


Remember RAHU is the Rebel…When the system is corrupt, the Rebel becomes the HERO.

Guru Chandal Yoga, gives us the philosophical hero who would fight the system and some day would save the world. In world full of mindless puppets being manipulated by the powers that be, Guru-Chandal yoga guys are the ones who are the last front of resistance in the battle against the enslavement of human spirit. Be thankful for them.

And be happy if you have it, I congratulate you.

God Bless,

G. Vijay Kumar

PS: For the record, yours truly has been blessed with this yoga.

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      1. Sir I have Guru chandaal yog my dob is 11-10-1979, time is 13:20 tbirth day is Thursday, I am very upset from 2 year what can i do.

        1. the reason you are upset isn’t Guru Chandal…must have been a bad Mahadasha-Antardasha

    1. Sir I have leo lagna, sun is debilated and I have rahu(mara nakshatra)and jupiter(punvasha nakshatra) in 11th house with rahu (6.5 degree) and jupiter (21.5 degree). Moreover, my mercury is exalted in 2nd house with 20 degree and in conjunction with venus ( debilated) which is at 16 degree.
      Sir, with all due respect i wanna know about, is this combination beneficial or catastrophic for me as currently I m under mars dasha which is giving me lousy results.
      Reply pls

        1. I am having this conjunction in gemini in 2nd house
          But my question is ketu in Sagittarius on 8th house . What should I do ? Make money through rahu or practice occult ?

  1. My husband has Rahu moon Jupiter conjunction in 4th house and Kanya Lagna. Have been quite confusing as it is mixture of Gaj kesari, Grahan yoga and guru Chandal yoga. Is in Rahu Saturn period and is not what he was before Rahu dasha started.

  2. Sir, my 18 years old son has Sun (08:45:17 degrees), Guru (01:51:13 degrees), Rahu (12:35:57 degrees) in first house in Mithun Lagna (23:31:37 degrees). Lagnesh Budh (28:03:12R degrees) is in 12th house with Saturn (14:15:14 degrees). He is going through Budh Mahadasha, Guru’s antardasha, Shukra’s pratyantar dasha.
    Is it really bad combination as some says? Please tell me.

        1. houses matter the MOST but what i wanted to through this article was to dispel the myth surrounding Guru-Chandal yoga it is a good yoga indeed

  3. sir, In 2nd house, I have guru chandal yog and angarak yog.. Guru+Rahu+Mars. But I have observed that Gomed helps me from enemies but Yellow Sapphire doesnt suits me. Kindly share your views

    1. Sir I have Guruchandali yoga(3rd house of pisces) and kaal sarp dosh happening at Capricorn ascendents. Any affects for this conjunction.Thanks in advance your attention.

  4. Thanks for writing this. The Guru Chandal Yoga can seem ominous and I have it with the Sun in conjunction as well, the greatest separation is less than 6 degrees. Rahu and Sun in Revati and Jupiter in Uttara Bhadrapada, so all Pisces and in the 5th house. I appreciate your perspective on it given our state in these modern times in which it restores a sense of dignity and purpose to an otherwise debilitating situation. It also illuminates the nature of my path as I march through my thirties. I expect with the placement in Pisces, the direction is toward a spiritual reformation, bucking the trend of our materialistic worldview. What are your thoughts?

  5. November 3,1987. 12:40PM
    Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom

    I’m a Sagittarius Ascendant with Jupiter, Moon and Rahu in the 4th.

    Actually, I want to wear gemstones but I am not totally sure what to wear. Is it ok to wear Yellow Sapphire or will it increase malefic effects?
    Red Coral also? Mars in 10th with Ketu.

    Also, would red coral harm my health if Mars is in 7th from Moon ? Or is Moon chart Mind only and not physical?

    I have heard all kinds of recommendations! Yellow sapphire and red coral… ruby… emerald…

    I’m looking to stabilize my teeth health, as this is where my health problems lie. (I think because 6th Lord combines with 2nd Lord in 12th)

  6. Sir
    I have guru chandal yoga in 10th house from lagna(midhun lagna). Guru is placed in own house and gulik is also there in 10th house ie guru+rahu+ gulik.plz comment

  7. My birthdate is Nov. 3, 1987 at 12:40PM
    Place: Aberdeen, Scotland.

    Would you recommend any gemstones? I have guru and rahu as you will see

  8. I have this Chandal yoga(Guru-Rahu) in lagna gruha in Vrishubh rashi. Every body said it is very bad yoga until now. This is the first time I have come across somebody who has explained it so nicely, and I have found every word of it to be true. Now I am proud that my son also has it in his kundali.
    Great article, thank you very much.

  9. Hi Guruji,
    This was a very good read, i myself have rahu,mercury,jupiter at 17degrees of Pisces in the 5th house. All three planets are within 1 degrees of eachother. Is this a good guru chandal yoga?

  10. My son has Rahu , Jupiter, moon in 2nd house in his birth chart. His Laguna is Rishaba, birth star is Thirugnam. We are very much concerned about his attitude, temperament.
    Is that because of Guru chandal Yoga? Can you suggest any remedies

  11. Hi,
    I am having Guru Chandal Yoga in 10th house in Libra in my natal chart.I am facing removal from jobs.What should i do?
    Thanks in advance.

  12. Hello! Thanks for the article.
    I have Guru Chandal, Jupiter and Rahu in House#2 (Sagittarius)… And, although, in the first approximation of my astrological chart, I was told that it was a bad combination… I also consider being a rebel in a world turned upside down and corrupted to the bone in all areas… It is an excellent opportunity! very grateful for your analysis.
    (Paola Marini. Born: 14-11-1972 – 6.50 AM – Buenos Aires, Argentina)

  13. Thank god its not bad.. i have this yoga in 3rd house and i get in trouble mostly for my “standing up against injustice” attitude 😐

      1. Hi, I’ve been trying to get my hands on Astrology, spiritualism etc.. I’ve figured, my guru-chandal yoga is in D9 Navamsa chart in the 10th house. Is this good or bad?

  14. Yes that’s the truth system is very corrupt,,you don’t know what to do about get misguided most of the times. Even if everyone know that management or system is working wrong ,,nobody takes initiative and just follow and support wrong people blindly.So being rebel person is the first step to transformation.

  15. HI thanks for this. Perhaps the only intelligent take on Guru chandal yog i have read. I have mine in 12 house, Jupiter 29 degrees and rahu at 14 degrees. do the degrees matter? and the placement in the 12 house? Thanks again 🙂

  16. Thank you very much. I appreciate your critical thinking. I have Rahu and Jupiter in Revati, but also the moon and venus too haha and i felt great relief reading your article.
    From my perspective i do feel like an intellectual rebel. But it’s just because i take a lot of time to think about it (in 3rd house) when i come to a rational conclusion like you, i want to share it with the world.
    Keep your awesome work! 🙂

  17. Sir can you give information about Graham yoga? I have Sun, Rahu and Mars in 3rd house of Capricorn lagna.

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  19. what careers are suitable for Guru-Rahu in the 7th house, DOB-18/7/65, 14:30, Gorakhpur, UP, any other findings will be greatly appreciated

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  21. That gave me goosebumps. I have guru chandal in the second house in pisces. how will i save the world? This is in my D10 and with saturn and sun aquarius in ascendant.

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  23. Rahu is at 27 degrees and Guru is at 10 degrees conjunct in the second house. Do we still say Guru Chandal Yoga is present ? because any YOGA to have its effect must have 7 degrees or less between the two planets. In this case its 17 degrees. So do u think Guru Chandal Yoga is present ?

  24. Rahu is at 27 degrees and Guru is at 10 degrees. They are 17 degrees apart. For any yoga is feel the effect the planets have to be less than 7 degrees apart, but in this case its 17 degress. Do we still say Guru Chandal Yoga is present ? Please answer sir !

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