Stock Market and Astrology

Stock Market and Astrology

At least once a week I get a call from a client who is all ready to go big on the stock market, to become the next Warren Buffett. May be he has seen a movie (Wall Street perhaps), watched CNBC, read a book or two and in all probability has even taken a course on share market and he is raring to go.

I hear the alarm bells ringing because…

At least three times a week, I get a call from someone who has lost all his money in the stocks, is facing debt and depression and is staring at bankruptcy. And most of them are middle aged men.

Imagine my panic when I listen to 20-year olds who think that they can “game” the market and become a billionaire (“Millionaire” is so down market). I advise them strongly NOT to invest in stocks. And there are plenty of reasons for this.

There are LOGICAL as well as ASTROLOGICAL reasons.

Let’s start with astrology:

THE RULER OF STOCK MARKETS: No matter how many people tell you that finance is ruled by Jupiter, let me tell you stock markets are not a part of Jupiter’s domain.



In my entire astrological career, I have told only two people to go ahead with stocks. For the records, both of them were CAs and had ridiculously good charts, with a well placed RAHU. They knew what they were doing. Both had an insider’s view to the share market and enough money to back them up in case they lost 100% of the amount invested.

Rest all of them, I have told not to mess with stocks (understandably many were unhappy but some later called and thanked me) because…. RAHU CARES FOR NOBODY.

Rahu is homeless, he has no sign of his own and has no loyalty to anyone. He managed to trick Vishnu himself, you think you can outwit him? Not a chance. All those people in the casinos are under the spell of Rahu which gives them illusion of winning and then makes them lose their shirt.


But Warren Buffett did it? Really?

Warren Buffett did it NOT do it the Rahu way but he did it the Saturn way: For the record, Warren Buffett has a second house Saturn and he got rich the “Slow and steady” way, because he has a second house Saturn and an exalted mercury in 11th house. He made his billions by carefully studying companies and investing LONG TERM. Not by day trading on a DMAT account. That’s why he is a legend, not a passing fad.


The house always wins: While people win and lose on his property, the owner of the casino would never be found gambling. He is a Saturn type who owns the casino, no way that man is going down.  Remember, just like Saturn, the house always wins in the end, slowly but surely. Who would you rather be?

Rahu gives tragic endings-especially in stock market: Those who live by Rahu’s way, die by it. Just like pyramid schemes, very-very few make money in the long term, however, countless have been ruined by the beast called stock market. Barring a casino and a stock market (both ruled by Rahu) there are very few places on earth where you can lose all your money in one day.

This has happened to men of great acumen and intelligence, like Harshad Mehta who were taken to dizzying heights by the stock markets and then completely destroyed by it. That’s Rahu for you. I don’t want my clients to have that kind of ending.


RIDICULOUSLY BAD ODDS: Stock markets are the worst kind of gamble that you can play, funny sports betting is illegal, where you have a 50% chance of winning but stock market is legal where there are a million variables and all are out of your control. You can go bust right from anything from a stronger competition to a new government ruling, and of course insider trading.


YOU ARE THE PREY: Stock markets are nothing but a bunch of parties betting against each other, it is a zero sum game one can win only if the other loses. Ever wondered why DMAT accounts and credit cards are so aggressively sold to the consumers? Because the banks win and you lose. You think you equipped with your copy of Business Today, a Jio WiFi, and an i3 PC can beat the Investment Banks and Mutual Fund managers armed with super computers and high frequency trading machines and “Inside Information”? Not a chance in hell.


Lions can’t eat lions, they need lambs to feed the pride. You are the little lamb that too without your Mary. Fund managers and bankers are like rival prides of lions, they can’t eat each other up, they are more or less equally matched. However, they need the lambs aka the “small investors”. In case you haven’t realized, they are the ones who are going to feast on you, your loss is their gain, the free DMAT is just to lure you in. Scream and Run…!


STILL IF YOU WANT TO GO AHEAD: I am totally against investing in share markets. However, here is my final advice, if you want to invest, INVEST IN MUTUAL FUNDS. That way you are secure as someone riding an elephant. You are riding the beast called Mutual Fund, with the fund manager’s resources protecting you from other fund managers. Just like one riding an elephant is protected by size and power of the elephant, you might go slow, but at least you won’t get eaten up.

If still you haven’t given up the idea of investing in stocks, ask yourself, can you trust a guy like this:

To know more about Rahu:

God Bless,

G. Vijay Kumar





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  1. Hello,
    I got Rahu in 6th place along with sun. I have lost all my capital which I earned for years. Will saturn help me in any means as it is located in 10th house of birth chart on libra. Please advice what should I do.

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