DISCLAIMER: This is not going to be an article related to astrological techniques. This would be more of an ethical rant. So please bear with me.

I normally don’t write a lot nowadays, not on Quora, not even on my own blog. I am busy with my book and enjoy my leisure time more. Ever since my article on Ketu Mahadasha went viral and landed on the first page of Google Search for “Ketu Mahadasha”, my assistant has been considerably busy.

Thanks to the grace of God and love of my clients, I am usually booked for weeks in advance now. In fact, I am actively trying to curb the number of hours I spend in consultation. I am focusing more on my book and want some time out for my personal learning and meditation. However, two things happened last week that made me mad enough to write this article. I was appalled by stupidity and greed of astrologers.

One was a remedy which would have caused a real disaster and second was a shameless display of greed and deceit by an astrologer. So let start with case one.

CASE 1: THE BAD KARMA REMEDY: I got a call from a young man and he was worried about the future of his married life. There were a few yogas and I told him that first marriage can be troublesome. Then as usual he asked for a remedy and I told him to marry the same person twice. He sounded very relieved was almost chocked with emotions. I asked the reason for this reaction, and he told me that some other astrologer had told him that he would have a bad first marriage (so far so good) but the remedy he suggested was: To get engage to a girl and then break the engagement and then marry some other girl…! I was livid. Had I been a decade younger I would have asked for the astrologer’s address, and would have left with my baseball bat and car keys (I am a Punjabi with Sun in 1st house and Saturn in 9th injustice makes me maaaaad…!)

The weak old me started off on a 15-minute rant about karma and its side effects. This was an utterly stupid remedy which would ruined many lives. The sheer amount of Bad Karma created by breaking the engagement of a poor faultless girl would have ruined many lives. Who the hell gave you the right to do this? That too in the name of astrology? My BP still shoots when I think of it.

My advice to all astrologers and general people: KARMA IS NOT YOUR USUAL BITCH, IT IS BLOODHOUND…! It will come after you no matter how far you run and would bite you where it hurts the most. An astrologer who would put another person’s daughter as a sacrificial lamb in a remedy would have hell to pay. Hell he might have a daughter himself.

CASE 2: THE GREED FEST-LOOT ALL YOU CAN: Within three days of this, I got another call from a client in Singapore, she was in panic. She lives in Singapore and has been in contact with me for a few months. She asked for an emergency appointment. When I talked to her, she told me about an astrologer who had been hounding her to get a Pooja done for her daughter. He had told her that her daughter can get into real trouble if this pooja wasn’t done. I looked at the daughter’s chart and she was going through a good dasha. I asked her the given reason for his insisting on the Pooja? The answer made me laugh and curse at the same time.

He told her that since Jupiter is becoming retrograde, it would badly hamper her daughter’s life. He was sending her continuous messages on WhatsApp scaring her. Now this was bloody too much. I told her that a retrograde Jupiter would go retrograde for all seven billion human beings, not just for her daughter alone. I asked her the amount that the astrologer was demanding, and it was mind blowing….45,000 rupees…! (Seriously, at times feel I like a poor fool…may be time to add Girlfriend and Government Puja to my bucket list…ah my ethics won’t allow but just think…)

I knew that the man had tasted blood already, and asked her how much she had paid him in the past. The answer was 2 lakhs. I laughed my guts off and I told her that she was being scammed. He has got a taste of this and he won’t let go that easily. I told her that her daughter would be ok and there was no need to burn up money.
The above two cases made me angry. And this anger is what I wanted to share how shallow have we become, how steep can we fall? As astrologers have we forgotten the law of the Universe, the Law of Karma…!

Here is a tip for all the astrologers or people who want to study astrology: We astrologers have every right to make money using our skills and knowledge and intelligence. However an astrologer should be always MORE ethical than a common man as he knows the power of Karma and planets. If a common man does something bad, one or two planets go bad, if an astrologer goes unethical all 9 of your planets go bad on you, and trust me you wouldn’t wish that upon your worst enemy.



God Bless,
G. Vijay Kumar


  • Wonderful sir. My doubt is, when i checked my Horoscope with an astrologer, he told like once Ketu Dasha overs (by October) good things will start happen, but for me still bad only . When i checked with you, you told like still 9 months more for Dasha Shanthi, actually what Dasha Shanthi means sir and would the coming 9 months also as terrible as 7 years of Ketu or improvement progress will be there step by step, Kindly reply sir.

  • Ever since I had appointment with you I feel good about how I landed to my first astrologer so well in time….Your laymen writing with so much conceptuals in it make me feel more excited for your upcoming book.

    Let me know when it’s done ,excited for your book.Kudos .

  • I’ve come across one astrologer claiming that the effects of one’s bad karmas can be nullified and your slate is cleared by some special rituals and mantras and till such time one doesn’t make fresh bad karmas, no bad results for those earlier bad karmas. So do you think such powerful mantras are available?

    • I am not aware of any such mantra even greats like Ramana Maharishi and Rama Krishna Paramahansa suffered on the account of Karma. I don’t think such a mantra exists. If it does, please share with me would be happy to share with all through my website.

  • I happened to be at the receiving end of one such person. I had not reached out to him for astrological advice, but for mantra deeksha instead. Under the premise of looking at my chart for spiritual advice, he dragged me deep into a mess of never ending “remedies”. It took me a couple of months to see through his scheme, but my pocket was significantly lighter by then.

    I was very angry at him, but in the interest of not tainting my sadhana and dragging it down, I let the whole thing go. It taught me a very valuable lesson though.

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