“If Guna Milan worked, there would be no divorces in Hindu arranged marriages”


Day after day after day I get calls from desperate people (mostly women) who are facing a divorce or are stuck in a bad marriage.


“Who the hell matched your horoscope and asked you to marry this guy?”


“Our Pundi Ji did and he told that this was as good match as there was a match of 25+ Gunas” is often the reply. I slap my forehead and launch into a monologue that makes my blood boil. It often starts with “If Guna Milan worked, there would be no divorces in Hindu arranged marriages”


While i love Indian astrology and owe a lot to it, there is one DEFECT that makes me go hopping mad, GUNA MILAN…!

Most of the “Match Making” in India is done on a totally FLAWED technique called Guna Milan.


Here is my experience: GUNA MILAN SUCKS…!


As an astrologer and a human being, i am totally against arranged marriage. That is unnatural and absurd.


Indian parents won’t let their sons and daughters to even go on a date or even talk to a member of opposite gender, however, they would happily send them to sleep with one talk about “Arranged Marriage”.


Don’t talk to strangers, better sleep with one…! Then we wonder why there is so much marital disharmony in India.


For those who say that our marriages stay longer, here is my reply: we are too chicken to file for a divorce.


The two people somehow tolerate each other and go through life full of regrets (read quora answers about regrets in marriage, Indian arranged marriage horror stories dominate this one).


Here is how it happens:


What “wise” indian parents do is take help of an astrologer who would punch the date of births in a software and tell them “There are 25+ Guna Match…this is good”…WTF…!


People might have read books on Guna milan, i have TRANSLATED them from Hindi to English and trust me, few things in Indian astrology are as badly flawed as Guna Milan.


For example, Guna Milan would tell you that a Cancer moon and Aries moon are a great match as the “Rasi Lords” Mars and Moon are great friends (which is true), hence these two would live in harmony. However, reality is that these two would EAT EACH OTHER ALIVE…!


The aries would rage for minutes hurting the sensitive crab and the cancerian would sob for hours making the ram miserable and both would bitterly ruin each others’ days and lives. Thank you Guna Milan….F**k you…!


Very few astrologers know the art of horoscope to horoscope compatibility. And yes, yours truly is one of them.


Here is my advice: Please go for a love marriage, if you can’t, DON’T rely on Guna Milan. Get horoscope to horoscope compatibility check done.


We charge only 501 for this service as this will bring long term happiness to many. After all, your life is worth it, and it is much cheaper than a divorce.


How i wish other astrologers knew this art, this would have saved millions of lives.

I am trying my best to help as many people as I can.

God Bless,

G. Vijay Kumar



  1. Every single event and every single slightest movement that happens in this universe is controlled by Lord Shiva. This world was created by the union of Shiva and Shakti. Six pointed star. In an experiment conducted by a Japanese scientist on water and emotions, look at the shape of the water crystal when saying Thank you/gratitude, it’s a six pointed star. Kubera tried to steal from Shiva’s temple in a previous kalpa/creation and he got the boon to be lord of wealth in this kalpa. Shiva knows the stories of every one from many different creations, the good, the bad and the ugly deeds of every one of us not from this creation, but from previous kalpas too. In fact we are like a puppet to Shiva, but our ego’s don’t accept that, ego is not ready to surrender to that bitter truth. In fact we are all Shiva, but that truth will rise only when we realize that without the ego. If we say “I AM SHIVA” with the ego, we will just stay a puppet. If we say “i am shiva” in a humble grateful way, then we will begin our journey to becoming shiva. Grateful here is that gratefulness that at least we know we are going to be one with Shiva or become him despite our current state. The ultimate journey has begun, the ultimate adventure that might even last many kalpas, like playing an adventure video game. We just have to keep at it and level up and level up until we are Shiva. If we are given an easy video game, would we like it ?. The most important point in worshipping Shiva is don’t have ego and don’t hate anyone, don’t judge anyone even if they do the worst thing ever for Shiva knows the worst thing we have done in our past lives. Don’t feel superior to anyone around you even if you are indeed superior in some skills. That’s the key to approach Shiva. There is a story of how Shiva locked Indra up inside a cave for being arrogant and he found four other previous indra’s there. The rule of physics and logic don’t apply to Shiva for he created this world through consciousness. He is addressed as consciousness itself in yoga vasishta. When a bad thing happens to you just think of Shiva and say okay i did some bad shit in some previous life for sure. 🙂

  2. I came across your website today for the first time. And I have to admit sir, I have been hooked since morning. I have read each and every article written by you. Each one more interesting than the other ! Your words blend logic , humour, wit and sarcasm. Never have I enjoyed Astrology articles like these before. The ‘Honest’ tag makes me truly believe in your words. Thoroughly enjoyed and relished your knowledge ! I myself am learning astrology ( going through the difficult Rahu-Saturn Dasha). I booked an appointment with you today ! (You hit bulls eye-‘ people come to astrologers in Rahu/Saturn dasha’ !) Thank you Sir ! You’re a gem. Keep up the good work !

  3. Omg THIS! This article has given words to my closely held belief about Guna Milan and the Ashtakoota system of matching horoscopes! It is indeed rubbish .. speaking from experience. My ex-husband and I had a 31 Guna match… we didn’t get along from the get go!

    1. Thank you for sharing this. I am sorry that you have been a victim of this. Before i die, I plan to do serious damage to this fake system so that future generations do not suffer.

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