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Honest confession: I have been a self help junkie for a very long time, almost two decades, till the time I realized what bullshit was being pedaled in the name of self improvement.

This is my first article on Life Coaching, and I have decided to help people escape the “self-help” bullshit. I know many suffer from it and it is an epidemic in our times. The US started this (like most things) and it spread through the world and is now tormenting India.

All that “positive thinking” is killing an entire generation which is smoking weed and pursuing “The Secret” waiting for the cheques to materialize from thin air.

So have you ever heard the following:

  • You can do anything that you want to
  • If you can dream it then you can do it
  • No one is smarter than you are
  • Positive thinking will make you achieve anything
  • Hard work can beat talent any given day
  • The Secret


Sorry to prick the bubble, but the above is a bunch of LIES and you need to forget it and re-program yourself.

Nowadays if I come across any of the above lines in any self improvement book, I just toss it away and never pick it back. Most of the self-help gurus are helping themselves to your money.

The denial of reality can never make anyone a success.



  • You can do anything that you want to: Everyone wants to be a billionaire with a six pack. Why on earth are there only 2000 billionaire in the world and most don’t have a six pack?


  • If you can dream it then you can do it: Do you even know the number of IAS and IIT aspirants who live eat and breathe their dream? Most of them fail. Many go into depression and some even commit suicide. Don’t you dare tell me that they weren’t committed. Hell they were committed enough to commit suicide.


  • No one is smarter than you are: Oh yeah that means, you, I, Bill Gates and your janitor all have the same level if IQ. Only a low IQ person would agree to this one, many actually do.


  • Positive thinking will make impossible possible: Yeah can you stand in the ring with Mike Tyson for 10 minutes without getting killed? You have 3 days to think positive.


  • Hard work can beat talent any given day: Here is a counter argument: Why do we suck the most at one subject e.g. Math, and despite trying hardest in that subject, devoting maximum time and effort and taking tuitions, still suck at it? Here is the truth: TALENT KICKS ASS NO MATTER HOW HARD YOU WORK…!


  • The Secret: People who yell from the roof tops that astrology is fake …would swear by the boatload of crap called “The Secret”. For the sake of God, Astrology is real and “The Secret” to “The Secret” is that it doesn’t work.

Day in and day out I see horoscopes and see the dance of talent indicated by stars. People with Bhandra Yoga and Hans Yoga take the cake in academics. Virgo ascendants dominate accounting department while Scorpios rule the medical sciences. And dare people tell me that astrology is fake.  (yeah right)

I often tell parents, leave your kids alone, they will find out their own stream. But they wouldn’t be Indian parents if they didn’t push their children into science stream and government job preparation. (Then we wonder why the youth are so frustrated)

Nature made you a certain way and that’s how you would remain for life. As an astrologers, I see Virgo ascendants rule the accounting departments while Scorpio ascendants dominate the medical field, is it an accident? Hell no…NATURE made them that way and they always enjoyed it.


It is best to realize your destiny and follow it instead of following dreams of someone else, or chasing after unrealistic expectations (e.g. getting a government job if you are a person from a General Category).

Throw “The Secret” in garbage bin and start working on the one thing that you really enjoy, make a career out of it, nature would help you.

God Bless,

G. Vijay Kumar




  1. Just Wow! You said the real truth but Alas ! some people are yet to wake up from their dreams. Your articles really motivates me and gives me a ray of hope in trouble. Thank you so much!

  2. Amazing. It seemed you are the Tyson in the article and pretty much every self help guru came in one after one. Left them battered and bruised. But someone had to say it…You did…Say more

  3. I couldn’t agree more. I have had lot of heated arguments trying to make americanised people see the crap of self help. But fad takes time to wear out. Feels nice to be validated by a wise person like you.
    And I really like the straight from the hip shooting style of the article. People need more of this.

  4. Finally someone said it! One is just branded as a pessimist when they counter these positive thinking arguments. Life sucks sometimes and it’s okay to accept that you can’t help it.

  5. Very daring, encouraging n true words. Really impressed n liked the topic. You show practical aspects which a layman like us think but dare not speak up our thoughts out! Many a times…….

  6. From my schooling of 18 years in ‘Rahu University of Illusions’, I can confirm that every word written in this article is true. Point number 1,2 and 4 are sometimes collectively referred as ‘The law of attraction’ all over the internet, stay away from that western bulls**t !

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