Everyone wants to be successful. But what is success?

Seriously, how do you define success?

Well let me help you with the standard definition:


That’s why I have clients, especially the young ones asking me about how much money they would have and if they would get a government job, or an onsite posting. With a smile I answer their questions but give them some life advice as well.

You work your ass off in school, then you take some brutal exam, then you work your ass off in college, then you work your ass off in a job, and the one day you retire and then you wonder what happened. In short “Life sucks and then you die”

Is that all there is to life?  

We have made money and power the be all and end all of everything. Then we complain why we feel so hollow.

I have a news for you:


If I give you a billion dollar on the last day of your life, I can bet you would spend the entire day crying. Hey but you got a billion dollars, you got to be happy, no?

Welcome to the real world, let’s mess with the matrix. Who gave you this definition that MONEY = SUCCESS?

The media and corporate houses.

These two have brainwashed you into thinking that money and possessions are all that there is about success. You need to have a billionaire lifestyle, move in a fancy car, live in five star hotels, have millions if not billions of dollars.

Reason being, this rhetoric suits them.  You would work your ass off for your corporate, trying to buy that dream car, made by another corporate, and you would take a loan from the bank and mortgage your life to them. Welcome to lifelong slavery. Congratulations you are the main star of “25 Years A Slave” and no one is talking about it. Wonder why?

Government and politicians like this as well, serves their agenda and gets them the required taxes, and moreover the salaried slaves don’t have the time and guts to take on the system. The governments can do pretty much all that they want. In the world where Saudi Arabia gets elected to Women’s Rights Commission, you think you can trust media and organizations?

 The day I realized what’s going on, this was my reaction (sorry for the profanities, but at times they work well to express one’s emotions):


I used to earn decently as a corporate slave. Much more than I earn today, but was I happy? HELL NO…! Especially the last 3 years were hell on earth (Mind you, I was making the most money in those years). I was pushed into a role which needed at least four people and I was overwhelmed and stunned when my maniacal seniors questioned me about my “department being inefficient”  WTF there was no freaking department…it was one man running around madly. I had lost my peace of mind, my health, my confidence, my sleep. But hey, I had money…! Was I successful? HELL NO.

Today, I live on my terms, work my own time, do my own thing, and take no crap from anyone. I earn a lesser amount than my job, but I do what I love and I make money by helping people.


Am I successful? I feel I am much more successful and in control than before. I thank god day in and day out for this life.


And guys, I repeat:


If you are able to spend your time the way you want it, that’s true success.

I LIVE A WOLFLIFE (a term I came up with that term and would write a lot about it soon).

So guys, life is time and time is life, take control of your time. Spend your time wisely, and spend it doing what you love. Everything else would fall into place.

I would rather be a happy middle class person that be a miserable billionaire. Never mind the media rhetoric.

After all, life is not made of money, it is made of time.

God Bless,

G. Vijay Kumar




  • A great post but few comments with my limited knowledge ..
    If I give you a billion dollar on the last day of your life, I can bet you would spend the entire day crying. —>(Sometimes money becomes so important that value of life becomes negligible.. a relevant example of farmer committing suicide)

    LIFE IS NOT MADE OF MONEY, IT IS MADE OF TIME…! —>(Time is source , money is dynamics.. if go by vedas also..its “MahaKali” then “MahaLakshmi”.. only the sequence and priority matters).. Please rectify if you think otherwise.

    • You have the right to put your points ahead, and they are valid. Thus approving them, giving the readers a counter view and food for thought.

  • Wow article sir
    If you don’t mind sir
    I want to ask sir which planet in your horoscope make you such person who had so much understanding of life and planets

    • Thanks for your kind words Mayank. I guess it is all grace of Guru and God. I would rather not take the credit for anything. It is all grace.

  • brilliant thoughts.. i am in the exact same situation now.. but not sure what to do.. fear of the unknown is killing me

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