Disclaimer: This is not an astrology related article. Just an emotional rant of gratitude.

“Why do you do this?” Asked my client. I had just talked to her for 45 minutes, with my car parked on the side of the road at 9.30 p.m. I normally don’t do this, but she was in tears about her marital issues, so I made an exception. I counseled her, told her to wait till a particular date, advised her to read some scriptures, gave some tips on husband management (I happen to be a husband) and advised her to see a doctor for a possible depression.

Then in order make her laugh, I told her a few jokes. (An astrologer should not be a mere fortune teller but a spiritual friend philosopher guide-and an occasional joker). By the end, she was in splits with my husband-wife jokes (I am a good joker). Happy to have elevated her mood, I was about to end the call, with my usual “Don’t worry acchey din aaney waley hain” rant, when she asked,

“Why do you do this?”

“You are my client. You paid me.” I quipped.

“I paid you for one consultation and you gave it to me three days ago. You don’t owe me anything now. You need not have talked to me at all after that. Why do you do this?”

In reply, I said something which surprised her, and myself, “BECAUSE MY CLIENTS COME BEFORE MY FAMILY.”

She was kind of overwhelmed with emotion, and so was I. For the first time I realized how important my clients had become.

Honest confession: I am an accidental astrologer, and despite my father’s legacy, I had no plans to take up astrology as a career. I had an MBA and a reasonably good corporate career I was in a well-paid senior management position. However, during Ketu period, my corporate career ended with a disaster (Ketu does that). Due to over work and over stress, I was taken to a hospital from my office. (Who said hard work can’t kill anyone, it damn near killed me).

Fast forward a few weeks, I was back in my hometown, struggling to manage my start ups and my health. Business was slippery, earnings unpredictable and finances shaky. I was still doing astrology for charity and enjoying it, and had no plans to go pro. But as my popularity as an astrologer grew, so did my business losses.

I was overwhelmed with astrological volumes and business losses and finally checked with my spirit guide, who spared no words. “You are a fool. This is not sustainable. Either you start charging or stop doing astrology altogether.” She said bluntly.

“I don’t want to be one of those mercenary greedy astrologers.” I protested.

“You can’t be greedy it is against your nature. Astrology is your destiny. Do it with all honesty. You would earn both money and blessings.” She said with an air of certainty. And thanks to her, I reluctantly went pro.

I was expecting that going pro would reduce the volumes. I could not have been more wrong, the volumes increased, so did the love. My clients rocked my life and became dearer than my own family. Whatever I have I owe it to my clients. I don’t think I deserve the kind of love that I get from my clients.

I do get an occasional client who is rude, mean, psychotic, arrogant or hateful. However, such people are a tiny minority say 10%. I thankfully have a money back guarantee in place (my favorite business policy). If a client misbehaves, I just send them a refund and get rid of them, and then block them permanently. (If I was okay taking crap, I would have still been in my job-it paid well.)

However, 80% of my clients are real sweethearts and many have become great friends. I often feel that my guardian angels came to support me in form of my clients.

Unbeknown to me, some of them launched a campaign to promote me. They wrote rave reviews here and there (I still don’t know who all did that, and on which platforms, but those who did, thank you). Many clients referred so many people that my schedule was booked several days in advance.

A small whatsapp group of highly intelligent clients organically evolved and they became my board of directors, my management consultants, my friends, philosophers, guides, and my extended family. Their amazing inputs changed my business and me for the better. Within months, I reached a level where I had to hire an assistant. (He does a much better job of managing my schedule, I was horrible.) This all was powered by the love and support of my clients.

When I say my clients mean more than my family, I mean it.

In all honesty, family is a liability. While they are dear to you, they keep you tied to Sansaar. You need to provide for them every day. Pay their bills, buy cars, houses, and what not. This cycle goes on till the time you are too old to notice where your life went. Your spirit dies decades before your body, so much for the benefits of family, despite all the love, family is, for the lack of better words, a liability.

My clients are my real assets, my guardian angels, my providers, my liberators, my caretakers, and my real family.

I remind myself regularly how thankful I am for my clients.

Here are a few things I need to thank my clients for:

  • Thanks to my clients, I can feed my family (See why clients are more important than family)


  • Thanks to my clients, I got a second lease of life during my worst period. (I was in hell before my clients pulled me back)


  • Thanks to my clients I have a new career, which I enjoy so much (Rahu is so much more fun than say annual attrition numbers)



  • Thanks to my clients, I remain liberated from corporate slavery (I would rather take a bullet than an appointment letter. Death before a job is my new motto.)


  • Thanks to my clients, I can do small acts of charity and many of them even donate and contribute to my charity initiatives. (Without my clients I might have been at the receiving end of charity :D)


  • Thanks to my clients, I have regained my peace of mind and health to a great degree (Depression, what’s that?)


  • Thanks to my clients, I spend my day reading and writing instead of filling stupid data in useless spreadsheets (MS Excel can go straight to hell…and take all the “data driven” bosses along with it…!)


  • Thanks to my clients, I can retire without having to depend on anyone in my old age. (Old astrologers never die, they just transit to the next house :D).


Thanks to my clients, I have so much love and so many blessings that I can cry with gratitude. Whatever I can do in order to help them is my privilege.

On my part, I always keep my client’s interest supreme in my mind. I am under oath of honesty, I do my work with all sincerity . I do my research and reading rigorously. I keep my rates reasonable in order to remain affordable. I suggest only those remedies which are absolutely necessary. And I provide authentic gems/yantras etc. at a very reasonable rate. For me, my clients’ well being is my first and only aim, as taught by my Guru.

All the same, I honestly think that the love, popularity, blessings, and volumes I get are much-much more than I deserve. I think I am the luckiest man alive in terms of clientele.

Whatever I am today, it is because grace of God and love of my clients.

Thank you God, and thank you clients-you come before family-and I mean it….!

God Bless,

G. Vijay Kumar



  • You are amazing. guide Vijay when it comes to counselling. Agree with every word that you have written and NO readers I am NOT a PAID reviewer.

  • You are an absolute Star Vijay ji! There is a lot of “heart” in every interaction with you and you truly care about your clients.
    We are blessed to be associated with you, not the other way round. ??

    • Thank You Navinder. In fact i firmly believe that the pleasure and privilege is all mine. Thank you for being with me.

  • You really are the kind of astrologer people need. You make things look so non threatening and fun! Finally an astrologer who gets us and speaks our language.

  • Hello Vijay,

    You need to tell us more about yourself and post a picture or two. These days there are a lot of internet astrologers tapping a huge market.Anyone can learn basics of astrology, throw some buzz words like ashtakavarga , karaka, yuti, yoga, tithi etc. Its very difficult to trust.

    • Ha ha, I get the sarcasm. Thank you for the support and an inverse compliment.
      I will be happy to answer all kinds of questions. I am a boring old middle aged man from Jaipur two kids one wife, so no juicy details 😀 .
      However, I am not going to post a picture. I am a very private person and don’t want any kind of fame . I enjoy my freedom, going anywhere sitting anywhere and people not recognizing me. (Ketu dasha you see).

  • This is great as I have taken the consultation from you Yes I agree you treated me in very honest & nice Way.

    Astrologers are everywhere but not like you ,Really thankful to God who connected with you .

    Since with his grace only you with such kind of person

  • Sirji, i had an instant connect with you the moment i first talked to you over the phone! Kaash aap pehle mile hote meri Ketu Dasha mein….The way you keep rates so low of gour consultations and gemstones and other remedies, sometimes i feel that u do charity work only..Anyways sir, as i told u over phone also that i will keep calling u once in a month! Thanks my guide/phliosopher and more importantly my FRIEND!

  • Great approach towards astrology , soon I’m going to consult you sir because facing the wrath of Rahu mahadasha since 2014 and none of the astrologers i consulted so far could resolve my issues and lot of money gone !

    • thank you for your trust. Hope i would be able to help you…if i am not able to read the chart with 80% accuracy, i give a at least your money is safe 😀

  • It was really amazing speaking to a guy who knew his thing well
    The first guy who was more interested in guiding me rather then selling me stones and Yantra’s
    Just loved interacting with him and have promised to eat his head again and again ! You took my fear of shani and Rahu to an extent

  • Sir i am bit worried when you mentioned that you got Hospitalized because of working hard. You analyzed my charts my both moon and sun sign are Capricorn. When I talked to you i felt like we are very similar, we both are empaths and practical hope I also don’t end up in the same way.
    I am also preparing for mba.

  • Vijay’ji

    Am in the Ketu Dasha (22 months to go), was a non believer till about a few years ago, but things started going wrong, then terribly wrong. That’s when got an online horoscope done – just read the English portion (as all charts did not make any sense). Things continued to go wrong still, did not understand what was happening. Started some reading, when I chanced upon Your Quora article on Ketu. Got me interested, read some other articles as well of other astrologers- as when faith was being bestowed by his lordship, was MIA. Revisited the your article and your site. In the meantime got kicked in the gut from all possible angles, everything was so smooth in Mercury Dasha turned to gold, but the smeltering heat that Ketu generated was turning everything to ashes.

    Near ones rallied around and your articles kept the hope going, waiting for the light at the end of the tunnel.

    Non believer now started believing, that everything is not in my control, now not even my thoughts (which wanders, and I am the one who is lost – Toliken words, with a different meaning)

    Booked the appointment with your good self, waiting for the same.


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