I have been asked many a time, how do I know who is my Ishta? I have myself wrestled with this question off and on. In a religion which has multitude of divine figures, this is a very difficult task. While many families have one “presiding” deity who his handed over from one generation to the other, this is not really the best method.

Being a Hindu, I find this religion a very liberating one. Hindus have had a much more relaxed and personalized approach to spirituality, and lot of Divine forms to choose from. 


You can have four different people worshipping four different deities. In my household, I am a Sai Bhakta, my wife is a Ganehsa worshipper, my elder son loves Krishna and my younger son is a Hanumaan devotee.

I have never tried to force my choice of the divine form over my children or wife. I think this freedom should be given to every individual. An Ishta Deva is a personal choice, the one form of the Divine that you love the most.

There are many methods, and I tried almost all of them right from the highest degree planet to the Navamansa technique. Special thanks to Sneha, who became like a little sister, only one in the world who calls me “Dada”. Coming from a science background she did the data analysis with a scientific precision, making my work very easy.

Using the data and working with the clients for several months, I finally found one thing which I have seen work consistently: Analysis of the NINTH HOUSE.

There are almost always solid hints about a person’s Ishta Deva if the 9th house has one or more planets. And if the sign matches up one can predict with stunning accuracy.  

I discovered this technique when I was doing a research on two planets combinations. This proved to be a landmark study for me, especially in finding out the Ishta Devta.  

After months of analysis I hit my Eureka moment when I was talking to a lady who had Saturn + Moon in Taurus in the 9th house. This was too strong a combination, and while this constituted a strong Vish Yoga, this also showed me strong chances of Shiva Bhakti. I just mumbled “I see very strong chances of Shiva Bhakti” and the lady chocked, overwhelmed with love, like a true Bhakta.

She said with a chocked throat “My life is all about Shiva, there is nothing to me in the world without Shiva…all I want is Shiva” She couldn’t speak any more. “You are a darling child of Shiva” I said and she burst into tears. EUREKA…! I thanked Sai (of course my Baba comes first for me) and I thanked Shiva for showing me the way.

Same thing happened with an NRI client who is a good friend now. He had Mercury + Ketu in the Sign of Gemini in the 9th house. I asked him “Are you a Ganehsa worshipper?” the result was same as above. “Ganesha loves you back” and he was thrilled.

Same happened with a man who had Rahu + Venus in the 9th house, he turned out to be a worshipper of Mother Divine and had many experiences to tell. He was born in a family which had built a Kaali temple behind their house and he spent his childhood playing with the Mother and Mother responded to him as well. Lucky man he is.

This became one of my favorite techniques and something that I added to my preliminary reading. This often thrilled the client and gave me a chance of connecting him or her with the form of Divine which loved them back.

As I always said that your HEART is the best source, trust it over anyone else, any astrologer in the world cannot compete with your chart. THE BEST WAY TO REACH YOUR ISHTA DEVATA IS TO FOLLOW YOUR HEART AND CONNECT TO THE ONE FOR WHOM YOU FEEL THE MOST LOVE.

However, if you are like most people and your heart’s voice has been drowned in the noise of the world, may be this article can help.

Here we go:

1.    Ganesha: Starting the list with the most auspicious of all gods who should be put on number one in all such lists, Lord Ganehsa.          Lord Ganesha has two planets representing him:

Ø Mercury: Mercury is the Right hand of Ganesha. This brings the wisdom, wits, smarts, profits, and sheer intellectual ability that Ganesha is famous for. Mercury periods are often the periods of great intellectual capabilities.  


Ø Ketu: Ketu is the left hand of Ganesha. This dear friend of mine represents the opposite end of the spectrum. While Mercury is the Genius of the Zodiac, Ketu is the “God’s Fool”. This planet is strong in the horoscopes of yogis, Sanyasis, ascetics and people who have normally given up the world. People undergoing Ketu Mahadasha often feel that they have “lost their head”. They become confused, foolish, have a lot of brain fog and barring spirituality, they do not succeed at almost anything.


Ketu and Mercury coming together create a very unusual mind, which is not really that good in usual sense, however, in the 9th house they give Ganesha’s grace.


With such a combination, you can safely tell that the person is destined to become a Ganesha devotee. Virgo and Gemini are two signs that boost this further.

2.    Shiva: The most loving at the same time the most terrible of all deities is Shiva himself. Lord Shiva has two planets representing him:

Ø Moon: Moon is the Right hand of Shiva. The planet of love, mind, motherhood, kids, and food, is the right hand of Shiva. Representing the innocence of “Bholenaath”. The planet of children and childhood, representing the “Aadi or Start” for a person. Moon periods are often periods of softness and innocence.


Ø Saturn: Saturn is the Left hand of Shiva. The tough planet of justice, maturity, old age, death and darkness, Shani is the Left hand of Shiva, his “Dand Nayak” who punishes the wrong doers. This presents the “Anth or ending” of life. Hence Shiva is considered the supreme Lord as he rules from the start to the end. Saturn periods are often the harsh periods of scarcity and pain.  



While the combination of these two is not considered good, as they represent the dreaded Vish (poison) Yoga. However, in the 9th house together they create Neelkanth, the form of Shiva that swallowed the poison of the world. In the 9th house they give the grace of Shiva, especially in the signs of Cancer and Taurus.  


3.    Mother Divine-Kaali: The Mother has again two planets representing her and when they come together, they show the grace of Mother Divine. She is a complicated one, her forms range from Lakshmi to Durga, to Kaali.


Ø Venus: Venus is the Right hand of Mother Divine. The planet of love, affection, prosperity, luxury, sex, art and all things nice, Venus is the happy go lucky planet. Venus periods are remembered for ease and luxury.


Ø Rahu: Rahu is the Left hand of Mother Divine. The planet of desperation, crime, obsession and deceit, is the Left hand of Mother Divine. This dark and dangerous planet represents the dark uncontrolled side of nature. Rahu periods are often periods of desperation, pain, illusions, and passion.


As usual Rahu and Venus coming together doesn’t give good results in most houses, however, in the 9th house they give one the grace of Mother Divine.

So while the above are sure short, here are some combinations that I have seen work with remarkable consistency:



Barring the above mentioned sure shots, there are one planet deities that can give indication:

Sun: Normally indicates to Vishnu or Ram

Moon: In most cases I have seen Shiva bhakti  

Mars: One can worship a warrior diety, normally it is Hanumaan at times it is Durga or Kartikeya.

Mercury: Mostly it is Ganesha.

Jupiter: A person can have a Guru or a Saint whom he/she worships.

Venus: Normally a female deity like Lakshami or Mother Divine  

Saturn: A dark and off beat deity like Shiva or Kaali, at times Sai

Rahu: A dark and off beat deity like Shiva or Kaali, at times Sai

Ketu: This makes a person a strong devotee. Could be anyone, but chances are that it is Ganesha or even a formless Divine.

 Reference: https://honestastrologer.com/2018/03/02/real-rulers-of-planets/


So hope the above would be helpful in guiding you to your Divine protector. Please share in the comments below.

If you are still confused, feel free to ask in the comments section and mention which planets are sitting in or impacting the 9th house. I would be happy to guide you.

Again, LISTEN TO YOUR HEART and have faith, some day your Ishta would summon you (like Sai summoned me).

God Bless,

 G. Vijay Kumar


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71 Comments on “HOW TO KNOW YOUR ISHTA

  1. Dear Guruji,

    Thank you for this very informative post.

    I have one query. If the 9th house is empty then how do we go about identifying the isht dev?

    Best Regards,


  2. Hello sir, I am a cancer ascendant with leo sun and virgo moon. There are no planets in my 9th house. Can you please help me with determining my Isht Dev. Looking forward to your response. Thanks.

  3. Hello Sir, I am Pisces ascendant and vacant 9th house. In lagna chart, Saturn’s third aspect is on 9th house and L 9 Mars occupy eighth house. But in Bhav Chalit Kundali, there is no aspect on 9th house but it gets occupied by Moon. Whos my isht?

  4. Kark lagn
    3 house – moon-0 degree
    7 house – ketu +shani
    9house- Jupiter +Venus
    10 house – sun
    Hell like situation right from my childhood,

  5. Hello Sir,

    I have Jupiter+ ketu in the 9th house in the sign of cancer. I spoke to you once and you told me that I have the blessings of Sai Baba 🙂

    Talking to you gave me hope. Currently going through Rahu Mahadasha and Moon antardasha.

  6. Dear Sir,
    Good article with logical insights. I’m Scorpio ascendant with Sun and Mars in 9th in Cancer. What would be my ishta devata to worship for life.

  7. Dear Sir,
    Thank you for this wonderful article.
    I have rahu and moon in 9th house, with Scorpio ascendant and I also have kalasarp dosh.
    Venus- 1st, Ketu-3rd, Mars-10th, Jupiter,Saturn and Mercury-11th, Sun-12th
    Can you please suggest the Ishta?

  8. Namaste. I have Jupiter in ninth house. But i have also Sun-Mercury-Ketu conjunction and Mercury is my Atma Karaka and Virgo is in my Lagna. Should I worship Ganesh or Guru?

  9. Guru jee, My birth date is 22/3/1959 Sunday at 9 o’clock in the morning at Calcutta West Bengal ,India. I want to know my Ista deva, I would feel blessed if you can provide me.

  10. My 9th house is empty with no aspect of any planet there. Ninth lord debilitated in lagna with aspects from Jupiter and saturn. In bhava chart 9th is occupied by sun. Which planet will qualify ?

  11. Sir I have mars in 9th house in Aries in krittika nakshatra. I am a Leo ascendant. No planet is aspecting mars. Who is my ishta devta?

  12. Pranaam, sir,
    Lagna is Tula. From rasi chart my 9th house has Jupiter and Mars while from Chalit/Bhav my 9th house has Venus. Who is my Ishta?

  13. Hi sir,
    I have aquarius लगना. So libra in 9th house with sun, combust and retrograde mercury and venus in 9th house. Please suggest something.

  14. Sir,
    My rashi is scorpio, ascendant is also scorpio. I have Mercury in ninth house which is aspected by Jupiter(Jupiter is in third house of my horoscope)
    Birth date and time: 29:06:85, 17:35

  15. Hi sir,

    As per my Rashi chart, I have Jupiter in 9th house, my DOB is 14/08/1984 6.30 am . I don’t know how to find aspect or which sign it is in. Please let me know my ishta devata.


    1. jupiter in 9th often gives a Guru or a Guru like deity. You can try visitng a Gurudwara or Praying to Sai Baba of Shirdi

  16. Gemini Lagna – ardra pada 1
    Ketu in 1st house in ardra pada 2.
    Jupiter in 3rd house leo in p.phalguni pada 1.
    Sun in 9th house Aquarius in p.bhadrapada 2.
    Rahu in 7th sag. Moola pada 4.
    Saturn in 8th cap. Shravana pada 3
    Mars in 8th cap. Shravana pada 4
    Venus in 8th cap. Dhanista pada 2.
    Mer in 10th pisces. Utt.bhdrpda pada 3
    Moon in 11th aries. Ashwini pada 3

    D-9 lagna Sagittarius.
    D-9 venus(atmakaraka) in virgo 10th house.
    D9 Leo contains jupiter.
    D9 gemini has Saturn+moon

    Could you please tell me about my ishta devta?

  17. Namaste Sir,

    I have no planets in 9th House, My DOB : 1981.March.07; TOB: 20:57; POB: Bangalore. Can you please tell me about my Istha devatha?


  18. Namaste Guruji,

    Date of Birth : 07/03/1981
    Time of Birth: 20:57
    Place of Birth: Bangalore

    Below is Rasi kundali. Please suggest my Istha devata. Pranamas _/\_

    Planet Sign House
    Sun 23 Aqu 23′ 07″ 5
    Moon 09 Pis 53′ 13″ 6
    Mercury 27 Cap 40′ 05″ 4
    Venus 15 Aqu 38′ 14″ 5
    Mars 29 Aqu 01′ 00″ 5
    Jupiter 14 Vir 12′ 03″ R 12
    Saturn 14 Vir 19′ 14″ R 12
    Uranus 06 Sco 31′ 06″ R 2
    Neptune 01 Sag 09′ 38″ 3
    Pluto 00 Lib 18′ 32″ R 1
    Chiron 20 Ari 46′ 49″ 7
    Lilith 13 Lib 58′ 52″ 1
    True Node 16 Can 51′ 08″ R 10
    P. of Fortune 14 Vir 06′ 40″ 12
    Vertex 11 Aqu 25′ 54″ 5
    Ascendant 00 Lib 36′ 46″ 1
    Midheaven 29 Gem 11′ 14″ 9

  19. Dear Honest Astrologer. Here’s part of my natal chart. I’m going through Shani Sade Sati period now.
    “The Sun is in the 10th house, in Gemini.
    Mercury is in the 10th house, in Gemini. Jupiter is in the 9th house, in Taurus.
    Rahu is in the 9th house, in Taurus.”
    Who would be my Ishta Devata?
    Thank you so much

  20. Namaste Sir,

    I have 9th House empty ( Pieces sign ), but there is 7th aspect of Mars and Saturn ( both in 3rd house of Virgo ) on it.
    Can you let me know who is my Ishta Devata?

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