Many people have asked me about my opinion of great astrologers, and I tell them HONESTLY that I don’t think that I am qualified. However, after many of my friends and clients insisted that I put up this list on my blog, I am going to do it.

This list is based upon my assessment of great astrologers in our times. If you have any experience with them or any other well known astrologer, feel free to write in comments below, would love to hear that and promise to respond to that.

This is a tough list to make. Hence, I am going to exclude foreigners like Jeffery Armstrong (a great master), and those who have passed away like Sh. BV Raman. I am also not going to include media darlings who are more “paid celebrity” than astrologers. I am also not going to include Kaipel Raaj, who rules YouTube astrology. While his contribution to astrology is immense, in terms of knowledge he doesn’t make the cut. But guess, what his Guru does. So let’s start

#10 Dr. Arjun Pai: A living legend. Founder of Pai Paddhati, an entire new system of astrology. He is a sweetheart and a very well read person, a student of Sunil John. His master is also in this list. Of course Sunil ranks much higher.

#9 AV Sundaram: A Master at par with any others. He is the master of the world famous Kaipel Raj of KRS (who sadly does not make it to the list, but is way more famous than any living Indian astrologer). However, AV Sundaram is the man who gave him the knowledge behind the phenomenon known as KRS.


#8 Pundit Sanjay Rath: The Maharathi of astrology. One of the most knowledgeable astrologers of all times. A little complex in approach but is a master at cracking complicated cases thanks to his knowledge of various streams of astrology.

#7 Arun Bansal: The man who practically invented computer based astrology. An ace computer engineer and an ace astrologer. This man invented Leo astrology software, which I personally use. His knowleget of divisional charts is amazing.


#6 KN Rao: The Bheesham Pitamah of Indian astrology. Not sure if he does personal consultations any more. His contribution to Indian astrology is second to none. He is the man who fought legal battle to make astrology a subject, and founded the most well known school of astrology.


#5 PVR Narasimha Rao: Another demi-god of astrology. Based out of US. His contribution to astrology is second to none. He invented Jagannatha Hora which is the favorite software of astrologers worldwide. He is a deeply spiritual man who used to teach astrology for free. We all are indebted to him for sharing his wisdom.

#4 Dharmesh Mehta: Amazing person, sweet spoken. Really cute and has an angelic smile. But there is immense depth in his knowledge and experience. If there is anyone who is a master at explaining complex topics in simple language, it is Dharmesh Mehta. I love his videos on youtube.

#3 Sunil John: Amazing teacher of astrology at Saptarishi. The Guru of Gurus. He says that he is an arrogant one, but I have met him personally, OMG he is a sweetheart. I was so starry eyed when I saw him at Jaipur airport. Like a bumbling fan in front of a super star, I rushed to him and asked for a selfie, which he graciously agreed to and contributed to it with his toothy smile. It remains my prized possession. Depth of his knowledge especially in BSP is awesome. The man rocks…!

#2 PRASHANT (PRASH) TRIVEDI: This man is GOD of astrology. He is my Guru Drona whom I have never met but I swear by him. He is a Master of Masters. He practically re-invented astrology with his books on Nakshatras. He loves nature and lives with nature. He has a few radical ideas and is an enlightened being. He is a vedic scholar and is out to spread the message of Vedas and vedic astrology to the worlds. He is the one I admire the most. Have written a whole blog post about him:

You can check out his website:

PS: I had the good fortune of Prash reading the article above, got a small appreciative message from him, that’s dearer to me than any kind of  appreciation i ever received. Thank you Prash, I am blessed….!

#1 YOUR HEART: This is the best astrologer that you have. He is always with you and doesn’t charge anything. This is one astrologer that knows your destiny well. LISTEN TO YOUR HEART. Best part, it is always available and doesn’t ever charge a penny. So listen to your heart.

Barring your heart, most of the above normally don’t take up personal consultations and those who do, charge in several thousands.

(I guess I have earned the right to put a word about myself after giving this lovely list.)

😀 Business is Business

You can try me out for a fraction of cost (599/- only) with a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

Where do I rank-Here is my assessment:


However, in terms of HONESTY, I would put myself second to none. 🙂

Now that’s being honest.

God Bless,

G. Vijay Kumar


In case you want to consult me, please call my assistant Shantunu @ 9564547485 


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    • Since I have not been exposed to their work, I cannot comment. However, approving your comment so that others can add if they have any experience.

  • Where in Delhi can I meet you for consultation ?
    Las 20 years I have been suffering & as of now I have become a pauper..No job since July’2013.
    Plz help.

  • Now a days astrologers hav become money minded. They guide a person after taking hefty charges else not. I very well know that energy exchange is important but hardly there are genuine ppl who tend to guide people…

    • We need to understand that astrologers are humans as well. They have bills to pay and mouths to feed. They spend years and years in research and reading and are only then able to give correct predictions and readings. Hence “energy exchange” is necessary. There are many astrologers who unfortunately indulge in malpractices, however, many others are very genuine. We need to make out which person to trust.

  • This list is a JOKE. Prashant Trivedi is the biggest fraud astrologer out there. He calls himself as maha avatar. Dharmeshji and Arjun Pai should be on top. Please don’t spread such bull shit.

    • You have the right to disagree and I am approving your comment respecting that right. While some people have issues with him calling himself an avatar, I respect his knowledge and think he is very well informed. Criticizing a person without knowing about him is not fair. I have read every book that Prash has ever written and he will remain at the top of the list. You can create your own list, you have the right to do it.

    • I think Sir K N RAO shud be on top. After seeing some of his videos (i am a layman in astrology) , i feel that shud be the way . What he says is lije a pearl, divine and genuine.

      • He is Great but Prash is at a different level…i have read both of them and have learned a lot from both. But any given day Prash is at a higher level

  • Though I ageee with your choice of astrologers I beg to differ in the ranking done by you.Sanjay Rath sjould be ahead of few astrologers what about komilla and vp goel they don’t figure in your list??

    • Well this is not an objective rating, this is highly subjective and based upon my personal understanding. I haven’t been exposed to Komilla and VP’s work a lot. Did see one or two interviews but wasn’t bowled over like I did for Sunil John and Prash Trivedi. Would be happy to do If you can recommend some books/interviews related to them.

      • Hello Vijay ji ,Komilla sutton has written many books and most famous is Nakshatras-stars beyond the zodiac and Shri V P Goel as retired army man ,who has done tremendous works on divisional charts,and I completely agree with your listings as its based on your experience ,but my choice would definitely not KRS and Sunil John -coz KRS is still very raw even after so many years of being astrology ,he just calls ppl to his channel which is a great thing ,but he cant be a astrologer who should be approached for consultations,and Sunil John the most controversial man,he copies from others and gives his name as a credit ,he has many times copied arjun pai works ,like KRS even he is not good for consultation,there are other good astrologers Like Vishal Saxena,Alok Jagawat,Jony Paltry,Urmila Revankar,

  • Been in delusion( for lack of better word) for couple of years.Basically just being totally demotivated intrinsically to do anything / work.Therefore like to know from you , why n what is instored in my life n how to move along …in what direction.

  • Hi,
    my rahu is in 6th house and i am a born on 13/7 (number 4 in numerology) , can i wear a Gomedh right now im wearing a moonstone ,

  • One good check for any layman can be that astrologers who are genuine usually do not charge that much – say 100 or 500 or max 1100. Its the fraudsters who recommend illogical totkas of red book, black book etc who charge 4000,5000 etc. Coming to list, K N Rao should be at top. Also I dont think Sunil John is an astrologer himself – I think he owns the channel and only have sessions with other astrologers.

  • If for a native 9 the Lord is debilitated then
    Is it a fact that astrologers should not comment on such horoscope? Pls explain if it is a fact.

  • If Venus situated at gemini for a cancer ascendent then how it will be granted as 3rd house(parakram) or 12th house(bayaa)? Please answer.

  • Only a person genuinely committed to the advancement of the Astrology, could have written this list (subjective as it may be, but which list of this kind will not be, unless published by recognised and genuine Association of Astrologers, by consensus (notwithstanding the inevitable resultant disgruntle objections)! How many astrologers (even if they were once disciple’s), have recognised/endorsed other deserving specialists? Kudos to you and Thank You.

    I need full life written detailed (year by year) horoscopes (ideally not computer generated (or if computer generated, then supplemented by astrologer’s summary of important deductions) in plain English with minimal astro jargon) from Honest and above average accurate practitioner (Sorry, but your self admitted 80% is not fully satisfactory (That’s being honest, just like you). Can you kindly recommend at least two in India, just in case one may be too busy? If you wish to advise this on phone, please let me know. Thank you in advance.

  • I am thankful for putting in on the net about the genuine astrologers . Though by profession I am a doctor but
    I have keen interest in astrology and know bit of it by now. As I have reach to retiring age , I would like to spend
    my time more on astrology. Pl let me know what books with authors names I should buy to extend my such knowladge
    and where could I get them?

  • One of the best astrologer is S Gopalakrishnan from Tamilnadu. SInce all of his valuable works are in Tamil only and teaches only in tamil, he is known only to limited circle. But after searching for last 15 years, meeting various astrologers, books, etc., I finally found the best. If only he translates his work into tamil or teaches in English, he will be revered like BV Raman.

  • Does showing out natal chart to every other astrologer or getting our chart read by every other astrologer bad for us?? Does it affect our energy ??

  • Thank you for your compilation. Would like to get your thoughts on two astrologers – Santosh Vashistha, Nepal & Pandit Dakshinamoorthi, Chennai? In general, do astrologers have clairvoyance or extra sensory powers? Any insight would be great.

    • While we do have a honed and strong intuition while looking at charts, there is nothing super human about it. It is like a doctor who can just look at a patient and tell what’s wrong with her. Sheer experience and a little divine help.

  • Prash Trivedi is a champion . Probably the greatest out there. Even Astronomer Togi and Doctor Kanholi Santheep are at the top of the game. I rate Kapiel Raaj high as well not coz he is famous but bcoz he is open to ideas and listens to everybody. Dr. David Frawley and Marc Bony (jaimini sutram) are another top ones.

      • even the best of us go wrong. I have to given one refund every week on average. This art is mysterious. You need the blessings of Divine to be a good astrologer and still at times you won’t hit the mark.

      • Then your time of birth would have been wrong. Astrology is very scientific it can never be wrong and i can challenge . If the time of birth is correct and person knows how to read spatial matrix and Ashtagvarga he can never get it wrong. KRS is a Astrologer he runs his own MAGHA Vedic Astrology school mam. He is in fact poised to become one of the greats if not the greatest coz he takes lessons from all top Astrologers and then put it in practice.

        • yes that is possible that birth time is wrong. In my view KRS would be known for taking astrology mainstream the greatest mouthpiece of modern day astrology. However, as an astrologer, he is not a part of my top 10

      • I have consulted KRS his knowledge is very bookish. When he can’t give right answer he will say the time of birth may not b correct. Some astrologers do this trick . KRS is very dramatic character & childish too.

        • He is a good movie maker and his contribution to spread of jyotish is priceless. However, he is. not a great astrologer as per my books.

  • Hi. Good work. It takes guts and shows your honesty. Could you please help with a affordable astrologer in Bangalore. Child has a rare disease and dr are confusing for surgery time.

  • That’s a good list but no women in the list! Well so what if Dr. BV Raman isn’t with us, his daughter Gayathri devi vasudev deserves to be on the list..

    • I have written about the ones that I know. Also, since it had to take only the LIVING masters, hence BV Raman sir was excluded.

  • Sir- Please add Deepanshu giri to your list- He is a gem of a person when it comes to knowledge and prediction.

      • Sir- Please watch his videos on youtube- His knowledge is going to astonish you in one lecture- I learned under some of the big names but was never able to predict but trust me -He is one man you can vouge for techniques and moreover his style of teaching -always bang on. Lunarastro is name of his channel

  • Hello, sir! I’m new in Jyotish but I ‘m deeply intrigued by Visti Larsen. All his videos are a gem of wisdom for me, I listen to him hypnotised. Dr. Darmesh is also great and such a sweet person!! I totally agree on VP Goel, he really deserves being in Top 10 astrologers. Thank you for spreading this knowledge and sharing with us!! With all due respect sir!

  • Have you heard of Shri S.P Khullar ji ? He is the founder of Cuspal Interlinks Theory Khullar Padhati (KCIL) that goes beyond K.P astrology. In many of international challenges with blind charts he has amazingly predicted the events.

  • Dear Sir,
    If we ask one question. The predictions are free or any fees. What is the fee for one question how much fees in INR.

  • Kn rao sir should be at the top. In today’s time he is the best astrologer India can have. He has taught so many students and he is of satvik nature. He is at a whole different level and at a very high level in comparison to any other astrologer. Dr dharmesh mehta is also a very good astrologer. In my personal opinion one should consult him as well.

    • I have a lot of repsect for Rao Saab, he is the Bheeshma Pitamah of Indian astrology. PRASH TRIVEDI MIGHT BE YOUNG…BUT HE IS THE BEST…KRISHNA WAS ALWAYS GREATER THAN BHEESHMA…

  • This is the view shared by many of his students who have gone through all types of astrological systems in vogue for more than 4 decades.I am yet a student of astrology since 5 decades and yet I do not claim that I now the divine science.It is only an hobby to me.

  • Great. You have put it all in your impeccable style. When I found that PRASH JI is second then I wondered who would be having the honour of being the FIRST. LO. Our own heart is at number ONE. You only are capable of doing this.

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