Disclaimer: This has nothing to do with astrology. I am just venting out my frustration. You are still welcome to read and leave your comments/suggestions below.  

It is not easy to be honest. Really, I feel like a fool at times.

There is so much money that I lose DAILY, thanks to my oath of honesty. And guess what, on a weekly basis I face insults and hate because of my honesty. Here is what happens to me:


  1. I do all consultations myself: While many big names have teams of junior astrologers who impersonate them over the phones, poor me, I am exhausting myself. I could have made my revenues 20x if I would have followed this thing. Maybe, it is time to set up a call center…say what?



  1. I don’t sell stones for Rahu, Ketu and Saturn-And get accused of “selling Yantras”: 90% of the people who call me are undergoing a Rahu-Ketu or a Saturn period. I DO NOT sell gemstones of these Planets as I know their repercussions and side effects. That’s why I stick to yantras. I sell SLIVER yantras for 300 and get accused of “pushing” them. Guys do the bloody math, on average gemstones for these three would cost 10-20000 I could have made thousands daily. Anyone who accuses me of “profiteering from yantra” should learn math first. What the hell, I could sell just one per week, just one for each Rahu, Ketu and Saturn, let the people meet with accidents, I need a new car…!


  1. I don’t import tin from China: People selling yantras on the websites for 399 import them from China (surprise). They are made of tin and the makers don’t even know the specified dimensions, let alone follow it. Do you know a sliver yantra made in India costs 10x the cost of a piece of tin imported from China? May be I should do the same, Alibaba where are you?


  1. I discourage people from applying for government jobs: Especially the general category aspirants. I tell them bluntly that if you are a general category candidate, it is easy to marry an Arab princess than become an IAS. They lash out, send hate mails, promise to “show me” when they would become. Till date I am waiting for a single one to “show me”. I think I should follow other astrologers, and sell some pooja worth 51000 that would help them get a government job. Humm…we haven’t take a foreign vacation till date. How about a “Sarkari Naukri Prapti Pooja…?”


  1. I don’t help people get their lost love back: I sit getting hate and insult from people who want to “get their love back” and I tell them to respect the other person’s free will and move on. While the “Vashikaran Mafia” is out making millions of rupees a day. All I get in turn of an honest advice is insults and abuses from women scorned (most of them are women looking to get their boyfriends back). May be I can do a “Prem Prapti Vashikaran Pooja” done by 21 brahmins…21000 is the least the vishikaran mafia Well I’d do it for 11000, a huge discount. In reality no one does nothing, but hey I would get money instead of insults. Wouldn’t that be nice.

So you see what all I lose. Remain a poor man getting insults and abuses and making less money.

But all I get is invaluable, peace of mind and grace in heart. I am under oath to be ethical and will never sell my soul, (the above ideas were more frustration and sarcasm). However, I wish it were easy for me to be honest.

God Bless,

G. Vijay Kumar





  1. Please do also count the genuine blessing you get as reward, even if it is rare and few it makes a hugh difference in your balance of life and will surely encash itself in the long run, Stay Blessed

  2. Sir you are doing good job
    Many people in india are saying bad things to many good peoples who are doing good for them but does this affect the good people
    Your good karms will help you to achieve what you want in this life
    I was thinking what will happen to those who are looting money in the name of pooja and all this ..God is watching all this
    And you are true honest astrologer
    Some lines for you

    एक प्यारी सी सोच:
    किसी से उम्मीद किए बिना उसका
    अच्छा करो, क्योकि किसी ने कहा है,
    “कि जो लोग फूल बेचते हैं उनके हाथ में खुशबू अक्सर रह जाती है।”

  3. Though i havent taken up the consultation from you yet ( its on May 8th and i am counting)
    I believe being straight forward is absolutely necessary in the case of Astrology. the same person if goes to a doctor and the doctor gives wrong prescription then he will be sued, i think sir, you are not wrong at all, also consider the people who has given you their blessings and positive energy after you have talked to them, many astrologers tend to take up a role of counselor and they sugar coat the readings, which is of no use to the native , please continue this beautiful path of astrology in your unique way
    Sabka Bhala Ho !


  4. सर, आप जो कर रहे हो वहि सही है, आप लोगोकी तरफ ध्यान न दे और इमानदारी कायम रखे, इसका फल आपको मिलनाही है

  5. Fabulous article. I think you are doing a stellar job by educating people about astrology as a guide to Life. My mother was an astrologer and I could relate your thoughts with your articles.
    Marry an Arab princess, show me, no reversal of loves’ labour lost made me laugh my guts out.
    Sir, you are not only honest but practical too.

  6. Honestly, the more you believe in it the worse it gets because it is in your head. I didn’t even bother reading the whole article irrespective of how true it maybe. You are instilling fear into people’s heads. Regardless of the dasha, if you are able to control your mind and keep calm. You are good. That’s the whole point. And that’s what I’ve learnt. Am 26 and in the 17th year of saturn mahadasha currently under Rahu antardasha. God knows, i cant wait for Mercury Mahadasha but i also want to feel calm during this time. Its all in the mind.

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