Edit: Based upon my research and feedback, I decided to make it 5 in stead of 4 (Might make it 6 soon)


I have seen my clients get amazed when I tell them that there are 90% chances that they are calling me during a Rahu-Ketu or a Saturn period.

Some end up laughing, some as shocked, some burst into tears. Most end up asking, “How did you know?”

Well being an astrologer, it is my job to know.

Let me share another secret: Out of remaining 10% half are either Pisces/Sagittarius ascendant people undergoing a Venus period or Libra/Taurus ascendant natives undergoing a Jupiter period. Looks like even the two foremost of benefices have a dark side. Will dedicate an entire chapter to this soon.

However, today I want to talk about 4 dashas which scare the hell out of me. And yes they all involve at least one of the BIG 3 Saturn, Rahu and Ketu.

For the record I have been through three of these periods and I hope I won’t be alive to witness the fourth one. So you see, I know them inside out and man I am scared.


  1. Ketu Mahadasha-Venus Antardasha: Hell on Earth: This is what I have called the “Hell on Earth” phase. If there is one Antardasha (minor period) that scares the hell out of me, then it is Ketu-Venus period. This is my number one pick for the most horrible dasha one can go through. Venus is the real “King of good times” all love, luxury, material comforts, and fun in life is brought to one by Venus. Ketu the ascetic is the biggest and harshest enemy of Venus and brutally blocks all things that Venus signifies. Ketu thus denying all good things in life.


I have often seen the natives being tormented by females during this period, may be this is the sign of Venus going bad on you. Barring a few exceptions, everyone has reported this as the most horrible times, especially the people with a good Venus in their chart.  Thankfully Ketu antardasha in Venus Mahadasha isn’t all that bad. But if it is Ketu Mahadasha and Venus Antardasha, brace yourself.

  1. Rahu Mahadasha – Moon Antardasha: The horror movie: Haunting, fear, and depression:If anything scares me after Ketu-Venus, it is the period of Rahu-Moon. It doesn’t matter if it is Rahu Mahadasha and Moon Antardasha or Moon Mahadasha and Rahu Antardasha, either way the native is haunted by a lot of fears.

Rahu hates Moon with a menacing vengeance and Moon, the softest of all planets which is the Karaka of mind is scared to insanity. Funny part is that most of the things one is afraid of during these times never happen. However, this period can scare the native to death, like people watching a horror movies can die of a heart attack. This is a time of suicide attempts and depression for many people. However, they just need to realize that most of what they fear will never happen. There is hope.

  1. Ketu Mahadasha – Rahu Antardasha – The train wreck: After Ketu-Venus and Rahu-Moon period it is the Ketu-Rahu period that is on my list. Be it Rahu Mahadasha and Ketu Antardasha or Ketu Mahadasha and Rahu Antardasha, it is like a train wreck which gives similar results. Guess this explains why I am so afraid of the Ketu Mahadasha, it contains two worst periods anyone can go through in life. This has been called the period of “Karmic Retribution” and it is believed that free will of a person is at its minimum during this period and the hand of destiny takes over. There is only one guarantee, whatever one has planned will not happen. Even the best laid plans backfire.

Normally the fall out is akin to a train wreck. Like a train that has been derailed, a man goes too differently than what he had planned and is dragged off the comfort and security of his train tracks and falls into rough and tumble of something else.  This period marks some kind of a completion as Rahu and Ketu come together to form one body. This is normally seen to put the man on the path of his destiny, albeit in a typical brutal Ketu manner. It is better to lie low and let the storm pass over, most importantly, to cooperate with the inevitable.

4. Rahu Mahadasha-Saturn Antardasha: Desperate Times: Denials and Frustration: This period of these two malefics can be a period of frustration and limitations. When a gangster meets a tough cop, the results cannot be a happy one.  Rahu, the outlaw runs amuck during Rahu-Jupiter and gets what he wants but the party ends as Saturn enters. Saturn, the Boss of Kaliyuga is here to teach a lesson to the rebellious Rahu. While Rahu wants everything “right now” and wants to break every rule in the book. Saturn shoves his rule book down the throat of Rahu and delays everything as everything happens in a s-l-o-w Saturn manner. This is one of the most frustrating times for the native. Especially if you have a tough Saturn or Rahu placement in the chart. Many people get into “desperation” and often try “desperate measure” which can further deepen their problems. Often one has to pay for excesses done during Rahu-Rahu and Rahu-Jupiter period as Judge Shani pronounces his sentence. Saturn locks up the rebellious Rahu in the jail of social norms. Often people go to jail/get punished during this period for frauds and excesses done during Rahu-Rahu and Rahu-Jupiter. Saturn will teach the native that rules have to be followed. Rahu the rebel feels frustrated during this time as he does not have patience to wait, while Saturn is here to give him a lesson in patience. It would do well for a person to have patience and follow his spiritual remedies. “Desperate measures” are sure to backfire. Keeping patiences and focus is strongly recommended.

 5. Venus Mahadasha – Saturn Antardahsa: The Locust Attack: At number four is the Venus-Saturn period. Most of the Venus periods are like a party, unless you hit a Ketu or a Saturn Antardasha.

I often get questioned why do these two best friends, Venus and Saturn bring such havoc to a person.

It’s complicated but let me try to explain using one of my favorite movies, the Godfather-2 (I am a Saturn child, you can’t expect me to like Hum Aap Ke Hain Kaun??) For some reason, Saturn always brings to my mind the movie Godfather. Marlon Brando played Don Corleone -Who was a typical-typical Saturn ruled Capricorn and Michael Corleone – Who was a typical Scorpio with a strong Saturn.) Anyway, I digress.

Let’s go ahead with Godfather-2. And understand a scene where two brothers Frodo and Michael meet. From a party it turns into a grim and tense business scene.

Venus is the sweetheart easygoing King of good times. (Just like Fredo)

Saturn is the grim no-nonsense boss. (Just like Michael)


Saturn likes Venus, but does not approve of the funny easygoing ways.


Remember that scene in Godfather-2 when the well dressed dandy Fredo, (typical Venus) welcomes his brother, the no-nonsense boss Michael (typical Saturn) to a party, the first thing Michael does is that he orders the party girls out, and starts talking business immediately while Fredo sits behind him sheepishly.

That’s what Saturn does when he enters the Venus party. He orders the fun stuff out and gets down to business-typical Saturn thing.

In Venus-Saturn, the native is presented with problems, which are both business, problems as well as personal problems. Women again can become a source of trouble. However, intensity is  not the type that would eat him alive like in a Ketu-Venus period. Rather Saturn brings the slow grind and keeps adding burden slowly but surely. There is never one big problem but multitude of problems that he gets to face. Thus I call this the Locust attack.

Fortunately Saturn leaves his friend on a happy note as Mercury takes over and party re-starts. But he has given the native the much needed backbone.

So if you are going through any one of the above, you have my empathies. Feel free to get in touch and don’t forget to do your remedies.

God Bless,

G. Vijay Kumar



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  • fantastic, however you forgot to mention Saturn-Saturn and Saturn-Ketu periods.. for me these two are on the top of the list.

        • Sir, Earlier I had read on your blogs that Venus MD – Rahu AD is also one of the first period. It was an article about top 3 worst periods. I am not able to find that now? Kindly advise. Thank you

          • Venus Rahu is not bad. guess you missed on something. Ketu Rahu and Venus Shani are bad.

        • Apurva Ji the “Foolish Author” Has undergone Shani Rahu himself. Wasn’t fun but any given day better than Ketu-Shukra or Ketu-Rahu.

        • I’m in Rahu Saturn (sag ascendent; Rahu in cancer, Saturn in Virgo in 10th) i have lost everything. I mean i have no family. Those who haven’t died have caused egotistical arguments so there is no relationship. I’ve been defamed. Have had ALL JOBS BLOCKED. I seriously can barely make over minimum wage ($7.25) and i have 2 masters degrees. But glitches cause grave setbacks. Every thing that can be judged against me, is. All that can take advantage, do. Jailed unjustly. Accused unjustly. Stolen from, lied to. No sex, no husband. I have poor living conditions. Lost my home. Live in parents home but don’t dare put that in my name. I have Ketu in 2nd so I’m separated from family. Who live 3000 miles away. My daughter moved away, my ex husband controls me with our son and has a grip down to the very second for time with our son. I’ve been abused. Neglected. I was falsely accused, went to jail for the first time in my life, for the lowest crime imaginable yet left in jail with a murderer, only to finally get out way beyond normal just bc of glitches only to be slapped with an audit. Fortunately i hadn’t lived wrong or Saturn would have given me much karma for that. It’s been torture. Hell on earth. I have had two deaths close to me (who were replacements for my non existent family) just in the past 3 months. 5 years ago at the beginning of my Rahu . Both my parents died, my husband left me AND i was tied to not complete my certification for my masters program thus granting my 8 years of college useless!!! Rahu ain’t no joke. And Saturn now as AD. I can’t even imagine anything worse. How can anything be worse than Saturn? It is put in to place PURPOSELY to show you who’s boss. And it’s sitting in my ascendent. I’ve never gone through Ketu and won’t have to. But i still have Rahu moon and Rahu Ketu to go. My Rahu being in cancer is liable and my moon in the dramatic sign of Leo. Who knows what will happen?

        • He says he has undergpne shani-rahu but what about rahu-shani? Look at Christinas comment as well as the others who after undergoing are saying it deserves to be on the list—anybody who has experienced it knows that it is definitely bad enough to be on this list.

      • I am fully agree with you . I have in my kethu dasa with moon anthardasha. During kethu Venus period I struggled a lot faced death due to one close women relatives black magic revenge. Issues of headsache are still going on. Jobless now and could not enjoy family life. One thing seems to be beneficial i am building up my spiritualism.

  • I am undergoing Jupiter Mahadasha with Rahu Antardasha & these will end in the year 2019 29/08/2019.
    What will happen to me in this period ??

  • Currently I’m going through Rahu Mahadasha-Venus Antardasha (01/08/2015-31/07/2018), followed by Rahu-Sun(31/07/2018-25/06/2019), then Rahu-Moon(25/06/2019-24/12/2020), then Rahu-Mars(24/12/2020-12/01/2022). After these the Rahu Mahadasha ends. Can you tell me what are the probable things that may happen during these phases ??


  • You still need to decode why I am undergoing a tough time – I don’t fall into either of your categorisation 😛 Maybe I was destined to trouble you 😀

  • I am surprised at all the negative comments on Keta mahadasha. I am currently running Ketu-Merucry and will end in Dec-2018 roughly. Since 2011, when my Ketu mahadasha began, my life has been very stable and infact I accumulated wealth. My most harrowing period was in Mercury mahadasha under sade-sati. Given all the negativity around Ketu mahadasha and all the positivity under Mercury mahadasha (both were opposite for me – Mercury madhadasha/sade-sati lost job, which I gained back at the beg of Ketu mahadasha). I am not wondering if my venus mahadasha will also be opposite for me (I.e. bad). My dob is feb 20 1978; time 9.30am, born in chennai. Is it possible I have better karma accumulated that helped me during Ketu mahadasha?

      • But my dob and timing is correct – and I checked a couple of sites – they pull the same charts and dashas for me. Are you getting different ones? How do we verify this? I even have my chart made by an astrologer in Chennai post a few years of birth – same thing. Wonder what is causing all different realities for me. I am so afraid now that my Venus MD (if correct) will be all screwed up! I was hoping for a chance to get out of stagnation mode and supercharging all that was long-due.

    • If you change time to 9am
      You Lagna changes to Pisces
      Or even if 9:30 am
      You got Aries
      Ketu Mahadasha most of the time good for Aries ascendant
      If we take Pisces Ketu in first house
      I believe shadow planet give good results in Kendra and Trikon a

    • There are a few reasons why your Dasha results did not match for you :
      1. Ketu is in our 12th house and in its Mooltrikona Pisces in D1 and in its own house Scorpio in D9 – and it gave good results
      2. If Ketu dasha happens to occur in a odd numbered dasha, it is not at all negative. In you case it would be the 3rd dasha,
      3. However the most important reasons is this: You have a vargottama Lagna and in such cases the best conditional dasha to be used is Satabdika Dasha; Vimsottari doesnt work very well in this case. If you apply Sataabdika dasha , the Vimsottari Ketu dasha period you are imagining is actually Jupiter Satabdika dasha.
      With Jupiter aspecting its Mooltrikona and in a Raja yoga due to its conjunction with Lagna lord Mars, this period must have been good for you.
      Also you have a Bhagavadgita Yoga blessing in D9 – which means you must be reciting or have a strong association with the Gita or some form of Vishnu !

  • DOB 18/12/1984 21:45 mumbai
    I am currently separated from my wife and son due to her misunderstanding.her DOB is 20/08/1986 16:20 mahad
    Will my wife give me divorce. If yes then will my second marriage be successful?

  • Sai Ram

    I was reflecting on the narration of Godfather in Venus-Saturn period..fits very aptly. However will it be still true in Saturn (Maha) and Venus (Antra). To my limited experience, I can think that when Saturn is running there has been austerity and Venus will get frustrated..will not be able to go to party, but the ongoing party will not be pooped as it would possibly in Saturn -Venus.

    Same logic in Ketu-Venus (which goes opposite to your experience).

    Where I am erring?? Request your guidance please.


  • I am no expert on astrology. But I think you have a strong Mercury. Or may be Atmakaraka Mercury? You have a way with words. Connecting the difficult subject with ease to your readers.

  • Hey man, u have scared the shit out of me now. I am currently going through ketu-saturn and was eagerly waiting for my Venus but now i am Pisces ascendent and Venus is in Sagittarius. As u said ur 10% clients are kind off my case guide me man.

      • Hey man, this is really scary now. Thank god for my troubles??? I have already been through a lot. I have venus in dhanu rashi in his own nakshatra. I am a amarture astrologer. My D-9 show venus in own sign of libra. Since it is improving in D-9 still troubles??? Can we have a word on phone. Kind of one astrologer to another. By the way my age is 26. My no. is 8888099800. Just give me a call if you can. I have no money to give you due to ketu dasha. Help me out mate.

  • I’m in my last 5 months of Rahu-Mars period. There were hardly any days I spent without crying during my Rahu-Moon phase. But my problem is Rahu Mars isn’t that comforting for me neither, I’m still scared to my core. Help!!

  • Please write something on saturn-venus and Saturn-ketu periods so that some suffering souls find the insight of what is going on astrologically.

  • I am currently in rahu Saturn moon and Jupiter in my 12th house at the moment. And ketu and rahu just left my natal spots of Ketu in cap in the 2nd and rahu in cancer in the 8th.. plus KAL Sarp I lost control of my mind at times. I was suicidal at times. I went to jail for the first time in my life. NO MATTER HOW MUCH i tried, i could not get vindication from an evil man i worked with. And eventually Lost my job, home, friends, have no husband. Got audited by the Government. I am so tense because anything that can go wrong has except for with common transits. They are just enough to get me through. But I’ve learned patience and centered clarity. I learn to block out the hardship. I see why gurus go to Ashrams now and live alone. To avoid dashas like this. It could get worse, but i am near homelessness. As i haven’t been able to find a job in 5 months. Supposedly i will do better after marriage and marriage comes up next year, but I’ve been isolated from everyone for nearly 6 months as it is. So idk how im gonna meet him?

    • Have patience. You don’t have to have a husband to be happy. Happiness comes from within…don’t wait for your husband to save you. Pray to the Lord and serve the Lord. He will give you strength.

      • Is it true that Venus AD (Mercury MD) for Sagi ascendent will also be bad? Having one of the worst time of my life.!!

      • Sir, when will that day come when you write about Venus and Jupiter creating havoc for each other’s ascendants? I’ve heard about it, undergoing Venus Dasha (I’m Pisces ascendant and Venus is conjunct debilitated Moon) so experiencing it too. It’s high time you write these chapters along with Saturn Dasha Please!!!!

  • I currently have Moon Mahadasha and Rahu Antardasha since January 2019 and will end on 25th July 2020. Does it cause loss in business or it just gives you fear or mental agony? Is wealth loss also on the cards?

  • Very true I am in Rahu mahadasha and ketu antardasha presently. I think it is my worst period tried many things to control situation everything gone futile. Was about to suicide but spirituality helped me now waiting for strom to passover.

  • If ketu is in the 12th house for a gemini ascedent and venus is in the 10th house of pisces exhalted will ketu inject its negative effects into venus during venus maha dasha?

  • Sir,
    Please Explain:-

    Case- 1
    Ketu – Venus…..
    Husband having Rahu-Venus, wife having Ketu-venus

    Rahu- Moon…..
    Husband having Rahu-Moon, Wife having Ketu-Moon

    Husband having Rahu-Moon, Wife having Ketu-Rahu

    All the cases are mine and you have my details.

      • Sir,
        Yes above questions raised in my mind as all three conditions are connected with my personal life .
        Can you mail me your comments, you have my e-mail id.
        With regards

  • Sir nice information
    Currently undergoing venus-,Saturn
    No jobs since ,5 years, enmity arising , big change in mood and physically.
    Help me out. You can use my email I’d for any suggestions also. Thanks

    Dob ,27/11/1980
    Time 9:37 a.m

  • Does sade sati with Venus Maha Dasha with rahu bhukthi cause very serious troubles for a Vishaka star vrichika raasi person?What’s the remedy?

  • Is Rahu-Ketu dasha good to get married? I’m Libra Ascendant and have Rahu-Ketu on 3/9 Axis. Scorpio D9. Ketu conjuncts Mars in D1 and Rahu conjuncts moon in D9. Rahu-Ketu is 6/12 axis in D9. Please guide me. I need to know.

  • I have rahu moon Conjuncted in 6thH in D9(Scorpio D9 Asc) and in D1 ketu conjuncts Mars and Rahu-Ketu is on 3/9 axis as Libra asc. Could you tell me something about it? I’m currently running Rahu ketu Dasha and getting married

  • Actually Venus/Saturn was the best time of my life. On the top of it, it was Sadhe-Sati. I am not much of a Venus type, parties bore me, so Saturn antardasa was a breath of fresh air.
    Sun/Rahu was the toughest, especially the first 3 months of it.
    Now I am going through Moon/Rahu. Not an easy one, as I’d expected after Sun/Rahu.

    All Rahu antardasas share same features: dramatic, eventful, induce fear, a lot of weird coincidences happen. Rahu is a great illusionist, and it does feel like everything is staged. On the other hand, Rahu antardasas are the easiest for one who is open for change.

  • Hello. I have a virgo debilitation in 9th house. Life certainly isn’t a parry for me.
    Started with saturn antar. I thought life would improve slightly as its my lagan lord. But i can aee its not to be

  • Sir, when will that day come when you write about Venus and Jupiter creating havoc for each other’s ascendants? I’ve heard about it, undergoing Venus Dasha (I’m Pisces ascendant and Venus is conjunct debilitated Moon) so experiencing it too. It’s high time you write these chapters along with Saturn Dasha Please!!!!

  • I can vouch for the Ketu- Venus, Ketu-Rahu. My Ketu dasha was horrible, which was in the fresh young age of 23 through 30, when life should be taking off for a lot of people. At least I can say that the Ketu period is behind me, but I feel like I’ve been scarred for life and can’t mentally overcome some of the hell I endured during Ketu period.
    Venus-Saturn, went through that and all I can say is YEP.
    Now I’m in Venus-Ketu and holding on to the saddle tight because things are about to get a little rough.

  • Superb Article. I have gone through Rahu Moon, Absolute disaster. If Rahu transit was great, nothing happens and once the transit turns bad for the native, hell breaks loose. Every day is a nightmare. Particularly during the newmoon and full moon days.

  • Execellent!!
    There are the dashas where ‘Free will at its minimum’.
    I can feel this, i went through Rahu Saturn, and undergoing Rahu Ketu.
    Would also appreciate some remedies. 🙂

  • I think Mercury-Saturn is also a bad phase of life. It is very depressing. I found Mercury-Saturn period to be more harsh, lonely and depressing than Ketu-Venus. In ketu, I feel detached but I also feel more sure about myself and about life.

  • sir Pranam,
    I am going through the last phase of Rahu mahadasha that is Rahu M.D. and Mars A.D. My question is that I am a person of Capricorn ascendent How is Guru Mahadasha for Capricorn Ascendant . Because Guru is karak of 12th house and 3rd house in capricorn ascendant. I have read that You are also capricorn Ascendant please guide.

  • Hi Sir,

    After going through your articles and analysis of Ketu dasha and various antardashas. I would like to share my experience which would differ a little.

    For me Ketu-Ketu was little easy going

    Ketu- Venus was little bad….. But not worse

    Ketu- Sun was Nightmare….. Worst period

    Ketu-Moon period of depression after all that happened in Ketu-Sun

    Ketu-Mars After long time felt that something good is happening. Still insecure because of everything happened before.

    Ketu- Rahu Good period, happy times, best one in all the ketu antardashas till now.

    Ketu- Jupiter So far fine.

  • I’m entering Ra-Ke soon and dispositors of Ra and Ke are conjunct in my D1,D9,10. How would this conjunction affect the results of this one year? Would it make it worse or..?

  • Excellent Article Sir. Can you please elaborate on Venus dasha being bad for Sagitarious/ pieces and Jupiter being bad for 2/7 rahis?? Why so?

    • You can’t have all the fun Saturn and Jupiter.

      While Saturn loves you, Jupiter doesn’t like Venus. The Gurus are hard on each other’s children.

  • I’m going through Venus – Saturn and can tell you one things that it’s a rich to rag story. Don’t know how to survive this period.

    • this is a very difficult period. keep soldiering on…you have to become like a sanyasi if you wana survive this.

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