Mantras work.

I know their power as I have myself been a beneficiary. Mantras are one of the most powerful remedies ever. I would not waste time in explaining how they work. I have written enough about the remedies.

Also, please remember doing Mantra Sadhana yourself will do wonders, please don’t outsource it to anyone else. Doing these yourself brings you the blessings of the planet and brings you towards better understanding and reaching higher principle of the planet.

The aim of this article is to help my readers and clients help the Mantra Sadhanas.

A Mantra Sadhna is spiritual practice of chanting a mantra a specified number of times within a specified number of days. The number of days can be 40 or less (you can do even in one or two days if possible for you).

WARNING: DO ONLY ONE PLANET’S MANTRA SADHANA AT A TIME. NEVER do sadhana for 2 planets on the same day. 

E.g. If you are suggested to do Rahu and Ketu, FINISH all 18000 for Rahu before beginning with Ketu. E.g. if you finished Rahu sadhana on Monday, start Ketu only on Tuesday.

Rules to Follow: Physical purity

  • You must remain pure while chanting Mantras
  • Do the chants preferably in morning after taking a bath
  • Burn incense while you do them
  • Do it in your home temple or personal sacred space
  • If you have to visit the washroom in between, take a bath after that or at least wash your hands, face, and mouth

During these 40 days (or a shorter period during which you should complete the charts) one has to maintain purity:

  • No liquor
  • No Non Veg
  • No sex

Women undergoing periods should stop sadhana and resume from where they left once their periods are over. 



  • The Mantras have to be recited over a period of 40 days or less.
  • Preferably be on a sattwick diet (mostly fruits as much as possible)
  • Remember you can INCREASE the daily Mantra count, but can NEVER decrease. E.g. if you changed 1000 on day 1 on day 2 you can do 1001 but not 999

You can complete the Sadhana even in one or two days, but please do NOT compromise on the rules of purity.

I have given simple mantras and recommended schedule as per my experience and logic. There is no esoteric reason for this. I have done this keeping in mind the comfort of the readers and using practical approach towards ensuring timely completion without lapsing.


Here are the procedures:

Rahu Mantra Sadhana:

Simple Mantra: OM RAHAVE NAMAH

Count: 18000 times over 40 days

Estimated time: 9-10 hours in total

Recommended Schedule: 5 days with 3600 chants daily.

Pray to Goddess Kali before starting the chants daily

Best times: Navratra days

Start on a Friday or a Saturday


Ketu Sadhana:

Simple Mantra: OM KETAVE NAMAH

Count: 17000 times over 40 days

Estimated time: 8-9 hours in total

Recommended Schedule: 5 days with 3400 chants daily.

Pray to Lord Ganesha before starting the chants daily

Best times: Navratra days/Ganesh Chaturthi/Start on a Tuesday or a Thursday




Shani Sadhana: I am giving 3 Shani Mantras while Ekakshari Mantra is shorter, use it if you have time constraint.  Puranic mantra is recommended only if you have enough time. Pick the one you think you can really do well.

Count: 23000 times over 40 days

Ekashari Mantra (Recommended for people with busy life)

Om Sham Shaneicharaya Namah

Recommended Schedule: 5 days – 4600 chants daily.


Tantric Mantra: Om pram prim proum sah shanaye namah

Recommended Schedule: 11 days à 2000 chants daily in first 10 days + 3000 chants on the last day.


Pauranic Mantra (Recommended only if you have a lot of time)

Aum Nilaanjan Samaabhaasam Ravi Putram Yamagrajam |
Chhayamartand Sambhootam Tam Namaami Shanaishvaram

Recommended Schedule: 40 days with 575 chants daily

Pray to Lord Hanuman and recite Hanuman Chalisa before starting the chants.

Best times: Navratra days/Mahashivratri/Hanuman Jayanti/Shani jayanti/Start on a Saturday

Hope this helps all the readers and sadhaks.

God Bless,

G. Vijay Kumar


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  • sir i read ur article on ketu mahadasha.i am surprised that u told the i had experianced it.now am running under ketu mahadasha budha antra .give some remedy.for rest 11 month.

  • Sir ,
    I am going through Rahu Mahadasha and Chandra Antardasha I am getting delay in my marriage I am a person of Makar Lagna and kanya Rashi can you suggest some remedy. And do you visit Mumbai if yes what are the schedule .

    • Hi Abhishek.

      No I am not visiting Mumbai. But i do telephonic consultation. You can contact 9564547458 for booking.

      Also, Rahu Moon is not a good time for most people. Hold on till Rahu Mars.


  • I am going through Rahu Mahadasha and Venus Antardasha having career issues. Do you want to do Rahu Mantra Sadhana to get back into career heights?

  • I am going through Rahu Mahadasha and Venus Antardasha and going through fall down in the career. can you suggest some remedy to overcome and get back into career heights?

  • Sir, my father is undergoing KETU Mahadasha. His KETU (23 degree) is in 3rd house (10 Bhav) for Scorpio ascendent. While Rahu is conjunct with Ju, Me and Sun in 8th house (4th Bhav). Ke-Moon dasha starts from 15.10.18. He is a very honest person and speaks his heart and in present people have taken advantage of this which keeps him in constant tention. Pls advise if his coming period will give him relief?

  • Sir, for Rahu mantras, your recommended schedule above is 3400/day over 5 days but that would only hit 17000. The total recommended is 18000, so it should be 3600/day over 5 days.

  • I dnt know wheather i am going under shani rahu or ketu mahadasa but my luck is goi g very down . I lost my job. My health is not good. Getting no job inspite of being experienced. I cant sleep at night. I have very upset stomach .. what i can do please suggest me sir.. do u have any other mantra which i can receite to please shani rahu and ketu at a same time.

  • Thanks for this inspiring article Vijay sir, I have already taken your consultation and I’m advised by you to do certain mantras. So just had a doubt- if our planetary placements are a result of our past karmas only, we will any which ways have to bear those fruits. Then how do mantras work? Do planets get pleased? And how much percent does it affect if done with maximum devotion?

    • I have written an entire article about this how remedies work. The idea is that Dhridh karma cannot be wiped out. But doing the mantras and other remedies makes us calm and composed enough to tolerate the onslaught of karma with a stoic mind. For adhridh karma can actually be wiped out by balancing the karmic scales.

  • Sir,
    Does the certain mantra becomes siddh forever after the mentioned period of time above. Does it requires any homam or rishi nyas. Or we can just achieve the siddh simply ? 🙏

    • I have seen that things become tolerable after Mantra Siddhi. You can do 108 daily. And if you feel a particular planet is troubling you again, you can do another siddihi. E.g. I do moon mantra siddhi once in an year.

  • Sir, How to keep/track count of mantra recital daily. When we try to keep focus on the count, we loose focus on mantra. How to tackle this?

  • Dear Sir Regarding rules of purity please clarify if this is to be kept from commencement date of chanting the first planetary mantra (Shani) all the way till the end of chanting the last planetary mantra (Ketu). Or can a “purity break” be taken in between ?

  • Kethu Sadhana involves 3400 chants daily.

    1) Can I chant other routine non-Navagraha mantras early in the morning before starting Kethu sadhana around 10 am?

    2) 3,400 times is 31 rounds on the beads and another 52 chants on top of that. Can I chant 32 rounds on the beads instead? This brings it to 3456 times a day.

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