“Sir you know what’s the problem with you…you don’t write regularly, you should reach out to more people more often.” Roared my business mentor. He is just 24 and is a tycoon in his own right with crores of funding and thousands of customers. I learn business from him (he is more than a decade my younger but hey…age is just a number when it comes to knowledge. I meekly submit to his wise guidance in terms of business. He often cajoles me into action, without him I think I would be sitting idle meditating and reading. And I enjoy his angry lectures too much.

“Sir you need to work hard. There is so much that you can do but you just don’t work hard…” he said in his anxious tone.

I just smiled at the irony of it, remembering my good old corporate days when my bosses would yell at me to go home and take rest. I have a Capricorn ascendant and Karma is my thing. I studied hard during my Saturn period and worked my guts off during Mercury period and created a reasonable corporate career starting from an entry level position and reaching a senior management position in a record time. Then it all came crashing down. I am one of those who were hospitalized for working too hard. Who said hard work never killed anybody, it damn near killed me.

Nowadays, I would rather have it easy. With my celestial parents Baba Sai and Mother Divine providing for all my necessities, I have become lazy and somewhat disinterested. I do only limited number of consultations in a day (4 to 5 only) and never exceed that number unless it is an emergency.

Most of my time is spent in reading and thinking, a kind of semi-retirement. This is a long shot from a workaholic who would travel 3 hours one way and then put in a 12-hour work day. I feel like this is a different birth, a different dimension of time and space and I feel like a totally different person from the inside.

I am no longer that “hard working but slow” teenager, who would work hard at everything. A slow hardworking but ambitious recluse.

I am no longer that not that energetic young man with a quicksilver mind who would talk his way out of anything. Someone who was rumored to be the next big thing in his company. A young man considered a genius, the boy wonder.

I am a tired old man who likes to keep his privacy and spend hours studying spiritual texts and pondering over spiritual matters up to and including astrology. A disinterested man who wants little to do with material life and spend time in spiritual pursuits.



Now focus on the last lines which have been put in bold.


A slow hardworking but ambitious recluse. à It short an archetype for Saturn


A young man considered a genius, the boy wonder. à It short an archetype for Mercury


A disinterested man with little interest in material life and focus on spiritual pursuits. à It short an archetype for Ketu.

Funny isn’t it, most of what we feel is “ME” is just a puppet of the planets.

Now if you have read this far, I would suggest that  you go and check which Mahadasha you are running and if you have actually imbibed the qualities of that planet. Chances are that you have started to look, feel, think and act like that planet.

Do write to me about your experiences in comments below, or you can reach me on my mail ID honestastrologer@gmail.com

God Bless,

G. Vijay Kumar




  • Respected sir,

    I do share your experience. Till january 2018 I was in rahu dasha. I was an over ambitious student but lately i have started to question whether all what i achieved is worth anything. I quickly realised that studies done only to earn is a rahu thing. I was materialistic and had humungus appetite for rich food. I was successful in worldly sense but the last 4 years of rahu dasha from rahu sun to rahu mars was the best lesson but worst failures of my life. The lesson was that “Over-ambition will burn you inside and all your feelings will become dry. You will be isolated and all craftiness that you thought as intelligence will work no longer. It is only truth that will calm your heart now and you feel inner peace”

    From jupiter dasha start I met few truly devoted spiritual people just like you. My present teacher is a great man himself. He too is a benevolent master filled with knowledge. I have taken an interest in astrology and so here i am from quora. I have truly realised that during mahadasha we become the planet. I have changed in matter of days. One day i just gave up the selfish pursuits and have started to faithfully follow what my teacher instructs. The level of devotion i have for my teacher far exceeds what i have for my father.

    Thank you very much .

  • Golden words from you.. am running my Ketu Mahadasha and feel exactly the way you described. Very disinterested in material life, wanting to become more spiritual, question life and existence …

  • I began to realize this fact of how the Mahadasha affects you in my Rahu – Ketu Dasha, which like you mentioned in one of your articles was like a train wreck. Its not that there were no effects of the Mahadasha prior to it, but I was a student back then and so the manifestations were visible only in my high interests in materialistic pursuits.
    I am currently in my Rahu MD with Moon MD and i do get episodes of lunacy and instability.
    Looking forward to my Rahu MD with Mars AD for some much needed redemption.

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