I have been to hell and back. Just finished my Ketu-Rahu period today (yeah the train wreck). Thank god it is over, without the help of all the guardian angels, my spirit guide, and my celestial parents, Baba Sai and Mother Divine, I would not have survived it.

It has been a journey through hell.  What have I not seen in this period, hospitalization, blood, sweat, tears, and DEPRESSION. Losing job, prestige, health, money, relations, you name it, and chances are that I would have lost it. I consider myself a tough guy (I am a 6 feet tall Punjabi man) but even I went into depression. Ketu doesn’t care about heights, it just makes you fall I guess. Anyone going through a Ketu Mahadasha is very close to my heart, now you know why.

I had been hammered into submission. And thank god I submitted. I gave up, and cried for help. I remember the day I cried in my car begging Sai to help, and man DID HE HELP….! That day, my life turned around. I told about my crying bout to my spirit guide Sewa Kaur (not her real name), who happens to be a doctor. She instantly recognized that I was battling borderline depression, something most doctors had missed. She prescribed a medication and her intervention worked miracles, within days I was back on top. I had more energy than I had had in months, the brick in my head disappeared, my confidence and my businesses started to grow, and yes astrology also took off. Before I knew it, I became a “celebrity astrologer” (whatever that means).

That’s the power of the Divine Grace. It can come in any shape or form, even as a doctor and a strip of pills. My comeback in life started when someone told me that I was battling depression and I was wise enough to accept her advice.

In India, unfortunately, even discussion of mental issues is a taboo, most people would ignore it. Even worse, most people would blame the victim, he would be lectured about being “lazy” or lacking “will power”, the new age types would tell him to “meditate” and give spiritual remedies.
While meditation and remedies do help, medical treatment has its own important place. Let me tell you depression is as real and as physical as any other disease. If you are into a road accident and suffer fracture, and I come and tell you to use your “will power” and walk to nearest Hanuman temple, you would consider me crazy.
Please understand that this applies to depression as well. People don’t remain sleepy because they are lazy, they get sleepy because their brains are physically impacted, there are real changes in shape and size of brain cells.
It is high time that this nation wakes up to the reality called mental depression and starts taking it seriously.

I HAVE DECIDED TO GIVE IT BACK So here is my humble contribution:
My normal charges are Rs. 501 per horoscope, however, for the Month of April, 2018 every Saturday, I would give out 4 consultations for only Rs. 101 per horoscope to people who are battling clinical depression. In order to qualify for this, you have to send me your medical documents on whatsapp 7678228364 or email to honestastrologer@gmail.com and I would give you a slot for discussion.

I have dedicated my time to study of depression and mental illness and the astrological causes of it. I have often seen depression in people with:
• Moon + Rahu conjunction
• People undergoing Rahu-Ketu dasha (especially Ketu-Venus, Ketu-Rahu and Moon-Rahu periods)
• Afflicted/Debilitated/weak moon and lagna
• Moon in houses like 8th, 6th or 12th

I spent my time in creating remedies for these and prepared special yantras and pendants to help these people.
God willing I would be able to help some people. This is my way of saying thanks to the Universe, and all those who came to my aid when I needed them the most.

God Bless,
G. Vijay Kumar


  1. 6 ft tall punjabi! whodathunkit? From your name and the rollicking English prose, I was thinking you’re a nerdy Tamil guy. Ennappa idhu! ahem.
    Brilliant Brilliant posts, and noble thoughts. God bless.
    Yes i’ve been caught and still being punished by Rahu+moon+mars conjunction , Fallen Shani aspecting Guru, and so on. Exciting stuff, this punishment.

    1. Ha ha. I know this happens to me a lot. Clients from south India often start talking to me in Tamil 😀

      I use my father’s name as middle name, this is my tribute to him because he was my astrology guru. Also, he was my Guru in English. So credit goes to him.

      Coming to you, I would like to extend my offer of consultation @ Rs. 101 in order to help you. Feel free to write to me at honestastrologer@gmail.com would try to help you reduce your punishment.

  2. Vanakkam Sir
    I have autoimmune disorder lupus and fibromyalgia and with family problems I am battling depression. On top of all my father passed away 2 weeks ago
    Struggling to cope up

    1. sorry to hear about your plight. Will give you consultation for only Rs. 100. Reach me on whatasapp 7678228364

  3. A good remedy for the mind is fasting like eating once a day and that too vegetarian food. Going vegetarian will take away a lot of negative energies and raise the vibration of the mind. Everything is energy afterall. There is an article on the net about Christian Bale how he stated that he has never felt such a peace of mind when he was losing weight for that movie machinist where he lost a lot of weight. Happiness and peace of mind is not just showing a happy grin on the face, but it is inside within. Many of those happy laughing celebs are miserable. Robin williams is an example, he was a miserable person inside. I bet those monks and hermits are the most happy although they might appear miserable outside. As Bale st ated he was the happiest when he appeared miserable to others. What the western world and the media is pushing as happiness is just a state of crazy mind, mind on bullshit resulting in contorted facial expressions.

  4. Wonderful post and wonderful initiative. Not the money resuctiom byt the gact that you tlaked about depression playkng a crucial role in our lives. Thnak you so much sir.

    I myself am going through depression and had ignored the fact that I was actually depressed the last 2-3 years. Now this coming week I am going to get help from a psychotherapist and talk about my issues.

    Many thanks again.

  5. Your blog is such a breather!!It’s such an eyeopener!! I recently finished Ketu mahadasha and Ive been through hell and back. I was this close to suicide after going through sexual abuse at the hands of my own fiance, to calling off the wedding just the month before (nerves!), suffering a nervous breakdown, to not getting a decent job and being mocked in every interview I faced. Its been horrid!! But I kept working hard like crazy. I am a lawyer in India. I even did my LLM from an IVY league University in US, I am even a registered attorney in New York. I did all this during Ketu mahadasha absent mindedly to get a “good job” and remove the muck and tag of a woman who is still unmarried and who had called off her wedding.
    By the time Ketu MD ended I had no job despite such a staggering education and no interest to pursue it either. I lost all my friends as most of them got married and I was the one who was more interested in building myself up than seeking the shoulders of a man. I got into yoga, meditation, journaling to keep suicidal thoughts away.
    Post law school I was litigating in High Courts and the Supreme Court but it never took off. My seniors always told me to sit and observe despite my work efficiency and discipline. I did it for 4-5 years during ketu MD but got tired of doing the same shit of seeking adjournments and delaying an honest client’s case. I was simply tired of waiting in the stands.
    I chucked all my old accomplishments in the bin to work on a goal I had harboured since I got into law school-to join the civil services! I know it sounds crazy and absolutely retarded as its the toughest exam on earth. But Ketu taught me that we all have the right to work but not the right to the fruit of the work (my saturn is in the 9th house).

    Ive become extremely stoic and I am now only hungry to work hard and reach my goal. Lets see where I end up because anyways this is all an illusion. As long as Im alive I want to do good work and kick my naysayers when they are least expecting it.

    Please keep posting great articles. Its a soothing read.

    Best Wishes.

    1. That is so inspiring to read your comments. In fact the moment you mentioned that you did not want to dealy an honest client’s case, I thought “She sounds like someone with Saturn in the 9th” and I smiled to read that line.


      I am totally against general category ppl opting for a government exam, but would strongly suggest that you go for a Judge post or stick to law and help people get justice while fighting the corrupt system. All the best

  6. I like to read your articles honest astrologer. Yes I can see why you became your English teacher’s pet in school days but it goes way deeper than that. You have a very human approach to life. You don’t pretend. Certain things create a jarring note too but that does not mean you are dishonest. The most engaging element about your blog is your clarity and straight forwardness.

  7. Your write-up on Rahu-Moon MD was spot on. To my understanding I am in Rahu (Mahadasha) – Moon (Antardasha) from a computerized horoscope I pulled out from another website. I am going through a really rough time more recently where fear, phobia, anxiety and depression are my companions everyday. The feelings are so intense sometimes that I feel my world is coming to an end. I have been stuck in the same job grade for 11 long years and somehow I made the decision to live outside India 5 years back which hasnt proved to be a very good decision for family. Its brought unhappinness and distress to both me and my wife. My savings have frustratingly dried out and I am running very low on life energy. I have also been pushed in the direction of things I would not normally consider almost like someone is givig me incentive to break my guard. I attend interviews and a otherwise strong and impressive me turns into a weakling who gives interviews anxiously and nervously. It feels like there is something or someone who is out there to break my back somehow or the other.

  8. I am right now in ketu dasa Chandra pukthi. I am feeling like someone is doing black magic to me…. I am getting thoughts which are not relevant. I am doubting my surroundings… Please guide.

  9. I am going through rahu mahadasha under moon anthardasha and saturn prathyanthardasha! U have no idea how bad I feel! Everything is against me including my family! They only want to do what they want and all i can do is sit and fight the depression that is asking me to jump off the building! Pls help!

    1. suicide won’t help you. read this: honestastrologer.com/2019/09/18/suicide-wont-help-you/

      Talk to a suicide helpline. We astrologers are not equipped to handle such cases.

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