A message to my clients:


Dear clients,

First of all, a big…big…BIG thank you….!

Whatever I am, I am because the Grace of God and Love of my clients.

When I started out, I never realized that astrology would bring me so many friends and lovers (in platonic sense of the word). I would become a known name and people from 6 continents would approach me (I got a call from South America today so only Antartica is left where I don’t have clientele).

I know I have been a pain, while most of my clients love me once they get to know me, I am a sloppy organizer, and have always been one.


Even during my corporate days, I used to deliver great speeches and come up with brilliant ideas, launch ambitious projects. However, once I was asked to “keep track of things” my entire enthusiasm came crashing. I always delegated the organizing and bean counting part.

For me “DATA” is and would always be a four-letter-word.

I have faced an angry mob of belligerent employees with a natural calm and ease (HR you see) but I felt myself suffocated staring at excel sheets (I hate you Microsoft…spread sheet banane walon….janta maaf nahi karegi).


Even in my businesses, it is always my team that does the accounts, scheduling, and keeps things on track, as I often keep derailing them.

While astrology was my favorite project, as honestastrologer.com grew, I found myself making the good old mistakes, messing up data and schedule.

At times I would give the same slot to 2 people (normally while trying to accommodate a last minute urgent request), at times I would not remember that I had to go somewhere at the given schedule. I was a disaster at organizing. I missed replying to mails, my clients had to follow up.

Some of my clients had to re-schedule twice or thrice Some clients paid in advance but and had to wait for a week, some got an instant slot and consultation and never paid.

So when my business mentor analyzed all this, he blasted me for this behavior I meekly submitted realizing that this honestastrologer.com had grown way beyond my sloppy organizational abilities.

Then I pulled out one of my people and assigned him the responsibility of scheduling for me. I am sure that Shantunu would do a much better job that I could have ever done at organizing.

Going forward, please reach these two numbers for booking:


Official Phone Number: 9564547458

Official Whatsapp: 7229978659


In case of emergency, you can always reach me @ 7678228364.

God Bless,

G. Vijay Kumar






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