I have been debating with myself if I should write this or not. Because there are chances of inviting a strong backlash and bunch of hate mails telling me that I don’t know astrology, as I am about to butcher the cash cow of astrologers, the fabled “Shani Sade Saati”.

So for all those living in terrible fear of Saturn Sade Saati here is a good news, IT DOESN’T MATTER….IT IS A HOAX….!

YES “Shani Sade Saati” is nothing but a hoax…!

 What exactly is “Shani Sade Saati”: For the uninitiated, all planets including Saturn keep moving through 12 sings of the Zodiac at different speeds. While Moon is the fastest planet, changing house every 2.5 days Saturn is the slowest, changing sign every 2.5 years.

According to astrologers “Shani Sade Saati” is the period for during which Saturn transits over their natal moon sign and the signs adjoining it.

For example if you have your natal Moon in the sign of Cancer (4th sign), your “Shani Sade Saati” starts when Saturn enters the adjoining sign of Gemini (3rd sign), it continues while it moves through Cancer and the next sign Leo, and ends when Saturn exits Leo (5th sign). Since Saturn takes 2.5 years to move through one sign, it takes a total of 7.5 years to transit over three signs. Every sign has to face the dreaded Shani Sade Saati for 7.5 years.

There are books, stories, legends around this and horribly complex remedies that no common man can do.

However after going through thousands and thousands of horoscopes, here is my take: “Shani Sade Saati” DOES NOT MATTER….!

What really matters is your Mahadasha and Antar Dasha.

I have put it on my homepage that 90% of all those who approach me for the first time are undergoing a Mahadasha or Antar Dasha (in some cases Pratyantar Dasha) of Saturn, Rahu and Ketu.


Difference between Dasha and Sade Saati:

Dashas are unique to an individual, as fitting as a glove. They are exclusive for you and you would have to face the impact of it, good, bad or ugly.

Whereas Sade Saati operates at a Macro Level, in a world of 7 billion people, 25% of the population is always undergoing Saturn Sade Saati as Saturn impacts 3 of 12 signs always. (Poor Saturn, we can’t throw him out of the zodiac, the old man has to be in some sign, doesn’t he?). But by keeping people afraid, we can always have a ready market of 1.75 billion people as 25% of the world population is always undergoing Sade Saati. Saturn the favorite whipping boy of astrologers comes in handy. I have had clients who were undergoing Ketu period and were told that they were suffering through a Sade Saati (when in doubt blame Saturn) and were made to perform all the complicated rituals for Saturn when it was Ketu that was tormenting them.

Here’s my personal experience, I went through my Sade Saati during my Mercury period. Didn’t even notice it.

However Saturn transited my 11th house (OMG it is supposed to be so much fun) but this happened through my Ketu period…it was horrible.

So guys I am putting my neck on the line and saying this Sade Saati does not matter.

Another example could be that Sade Saati happens at a Macro “Zodiac Level” which is world level, where as Dasha happens at a personal level.


Imagine that there is economic recession in the world, the stocks are falling, but you just got a promotion and a salary hike, would you mind what is happening at a Macro level? NOPE…I thought as much.

However, if there is a lot of media noise about economy growing and the nation shining, finances booming and new jobs being created, but you lose your job, you don’t give two hoots about the “Macro Level” for you, it is a bad time, right?

That’s the difference between Sade Saati and Dasha.

“Recession is when your neighbor loses his job. Depression is when you lose yours.”

-Ronald Regan

So guys, Sade Saati is a Macro level thing, something like Recession far away, mostly heard not really seen, as it is not impacting you. However, Dasha is the real thing, it is like your job, your salary, and has direct impact on you.

So don’t be afraid of the hoax called Sade Saati, just pay close attention to your Dahsa.

God Bless,

G. Vijay Kumar


  • Dear Sir sadesathi is not hoax it is real
    The hardships felt are not easily forgotten and it is good to some extent like painful vigorous exercise is necessary for fat filled bodies for long-term good ,it makes you clean, patient and be truthful ,empathetic.mahadasha and Dasha add to the hardships along nakshatram and lagna and rasi and moon position .Note I am not a certified or learned astrologer.o ut of curiosity and facing lot of hardship just wanted to peep into astrology and find some solace and meaning to life.

      • I think the “only” in your statement is open for discussion 😉

        Yes Dasha is the “road” designed for your vehicle (natal chart). But Gochara being the “Weather”, it might aggravate or enhance – depending on the strength and purpose of the Dasha lords…

    • My dear friend, as he pointed out the effect 9f sade sati is so abstract that it doesn’t effect you personally. Go back and check the dasha and antar dasha. Afterwards, check the position of those planets in your horoscope. You will find your answer.

  • Sade sati is only bad for scorpio moon PPL. It gives it effects. Although if good dasah is going on effects are reduced. Sade sati teaches u a lot.

    • Thank you for sharing your insights.

      Still I believe that there is no such thing like Sade Saati, even if it is for scorpio moon. a man enjoys pain and pleasure as per his dasha.

  • Very interesting article.

    I’ve read in Robert Svoboda and elsewhere that two well-known and feared astrological conditions, Sade Saati and Kalasarpa Yoga, are not even mentioned in the classical texts! However, Svoboda takes a more moderate view than you do, saying that Sade Saati won’t be ill if your Saturn is well-placed.

    I’m glad to have found your website and I look forward to reading more of your articles. The observations of practicing astrologers always have great value. It’s very difficult for amateurs like me to get the opportunity to verify something Sade Saati,

    • Thanks a ton for your kind comments. My allegiance is to the TRUTH. If something doesn’t work I don’t care who wrote it, I would write against it. For example, I am against the BPHS idea of Rahu Ketu exaltation signs. So if I can challenge BPHS the “Bible of Vedic Astrology” I can challenge anyone and anything that is not true. Thanks for the encouragement.

  • Agree 100% from personal experience . I was pregnant with my first child ; during the first phase of my sade sati and looking at that planetary position in my horoscope , many astrologers( in fact almost all the astrologers that we visited ) indicated a miscarriage . However inspite thereof , I was blessed with a healthy baby girl , although the either period was very taxing and tense for me as my family. After maternity break , was able to change the focus of my career and get a very nice job in new sector and overall there was peace and harmony in life. But during the second phase of my sade sati , which also marked the beginning of ketu mahadasha , all the things in my life have turned upside down , suddenly lost a well paying job and not able to find a new one inspite of persistent efforts , faced false and vexious court case from a close relative, got cheated from a close friend and chaos in financial and professional life . Inspite of repeated efforts , there has been no change is situation as a result feeling depressed and low. Almost all the astrologers blamed it on sade sathi , however on self study I realized that all the issues have started during the Ketu mahadasha and your article on the same is very useful and I can relate perfectly . Totally agree that mahadasha matter and yes may be sade sati is hoax.

  • SIR.
    I agree with Your Experaince ,Even I had Simply faced my “SADE SATHI ” period during Mercury Mahadasa Like a routine Life ,but Since 2016 Lord ketu Mahadasa is like a HOAX ,

  • How can Staurn transit in 11 during Ketu Mahadasha while Sade Sati (12, 1 & 2) happened in Mercury Maha Dasha? Ideally Ketu MD happens only after Mercury MD. Pl clarify.

      • Sir,
        Thanks for the reply.Request you to pls read my comment properly and reply again. When Saturn is transiting in 11th House during Ketu MD, how did you experience Sade Sati transit during Mercury MD? Your statement is wrong. Seek clarification.

        • Bro Sade Saati is Shani’s transit over your natal moon. Happened in early 2000s. 🙂 11th house happened DECADES after that

  • I am going through Saturn Maharashtra since 2001. Will be over by 2020. These 19 years were worst period in my life. Mercury will come in 2020. But again Shani Sade sati will start from 2020. Very much tensed. Your suggestions please.

  • I am going through Sade Sati on setting side with Venus Mahadasha and Saturn Antardasha right now. Since my things are not very good. Please suggest something for enlightenment.

  • Sir I am meen lagna and meen rashi and myou TERRIBLE SHUKRA MAHADASHA has just ended. I have sun in my 6th house forming a vipreet rajyog. So I am looking forward to better days after suffering so much for 20 years.
    I am tempted to agree with you. My first sade sati was in 1993 to 2000 when I was predominantly under ketu mahadasha which was good.
    Now I am so scared that sade sati for meen rashi will begin in 2023.
    But then my surya mahadasha is going to be good…….hopefully

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