Disclaimer: This is based upon my research and intuition. The knowledge came from the Mother Divine.

The best remedy: I have firmly believed that the best remedy for any planet is to pray to the Lord of that planet and doing charity related to it.

While gemstones etc. do help but these two the Dharmic remedy and the Karmic remedy are the ones I firmly believe in and always recommend.

While Karmic remedies are easy to design (e.g. charity to orphans in case you are facing difficulty with child birth), the Dharmik remedies required worshiping to the right gods. But here came the dilemma. There was a lot of debate.  About who’s the boss.

Who’s the Boss?: While there has been a general agreement around the deities of a few planets, e.g. Moon is ruled by Shiva, Ketu by Ganesha, but there was a dispute regarding others especially my good friend, Rahu. Upon in depth study of the subject, I found this further muddled up.

The Misguiding Vishnu Key from BPHS: Yes the “Bible” of Indian astrology, BPHS  Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra was really corrupted in my view (Yes I said that…comments welcome…!) In my view BPHS was first corrupted when Buddhism was taking over, the priests conspired and gave Vishnu the prominence, and then, declared Buddha an avatar of Vishnu, all Buddhists were returned to the Hindu fold. Mission accomplished. However, in trying to do that they also attached 9 planets to 9 avatars of Vishnu. There are astrologers who claim that all 9 planets are related to the Avatars of Vishnu e.g. Rama for Sun, Krishna for moon, Narsimha for Mars and Varah for Rahu etc.

While this has been mentioned in Parasara Hora Shastra, I did not agree to this as Vishnu has never been fair to Rakshasas so the likes of Rahu Ketu (who were killed by Vishnu) and Shukra who lost his eye because of him, so logically these planets would follow him (obviously). Then you don’t find temples dedicated to Narshimha or Varah that easily. So this didn’t stand up to logic or convenience.

Then There Were The Generally Agreed Rulers: Sun ruled by Vishnu, Moon ruled by Shiva, Jupiter ruled by Brahma, and Ketu ruled by Ganesha. All stood to reason and more or less their temples were available, barring Brahma, something we would discuss later.

Disputes and concerns about Lords of planets:

Mercury: Some said that it was ruled by Durga, some said it was ruled by Vishnu, some said it was ruled by Buddha, and others said it was ruled by Ganesha, and thus was a confusion.

Saturn: The most powerful of all planets that has become a deity himself, who ruled him? Some said it was ruled by Shiva, others said by Hanuman (there were good reasons for it) and remaining said that it was a deity in itself.

Jupiter: All agreed that this was ruled by Brahma, but where do you find Brahma temple? Barring two place in India, there is no major Brahma temple and his idol is missing from almost all other places, due to a curse by Shiva. So whose worship should be recommended to please Jupiter?

Rahu: My quest started to find the true ruler of Rahu, perhaps the most disputed and most evil planet in the zodiac. Most of the people need to do some or the other remedy related to Rahu. However, again there were disputes regarding all other planets. Some said Rahu is ruled by Durga, some said it was ruled by Bhairav, some said by Kali, and others said that it was ruled by Sarswati (this one I found horribly wrong).

How Kali solved my problem: It is said that when you try to do something good, the Gods help you. And I have found this to be true when it came to this endavor. While seriously contemplating this problem, I had a mental vision of Kali carrying a Rakshasa head and touting it to me playfully, laughing and saying “Look at this”. And BOOM, the lights went on. I just jumped out of bed and called up my spiritual friend Pravesh who approved of and even applauded this idea. The more I thought about it, the more I got convinced.


Here we see how it works:

  1. SUN-Surya: Is ruled by Vishnu (Look at that DISC):

Vishnu, always carries the disc with him, which is the symbol of sun. If you look the disc it is it is bright yellow and round, just like the sun.  I read later that it was made by Vishwakarma from the rays of sun. (I rest my case here)

  1. Moon-Chandra is ruled by Shiva: (Look at that MOON):Ok this one was a no brainer and there was no dispute but it proves the point, our beloved Bholenaath carries the Moon on his head in every pic

3.Mars-Mangal is ruled by Hanuman: Look at those MUSCLES of the super SOLDIER, carrying MOUNTAIN:Mars is ruled by Lord Hanuman. It stands to reason that the manliest of all planets should be ruled by the manliest of all gods. The planet of soldiers is ruled by the best soldier ever. Mars is the rulers of muscles, and Hanuman the most muscular of all gods (we have started showing him with 6-pac now). And remember Mars is a soldier, so is Hanuman, the best ever soldier. Moreover, Mars is son of earth, mountain anyone?

  1. Mercury-Budha is ruled by Ganesha-Look at that HEAD: Well this one was not that difficult, but disputed. Some attributed Budha it to Vishnu, and others to Durga. I never for once agreed with the Durga explanation, the goddess of war won’t be the befitting deity of the planet of intellect.  While Vishnu is intelligent for sure, Ganesha is the real ruler of Mercury (Budha in Hindi). Budha is the karka of Buddhi (intelligence, which is stored in the brain within the head). Who contains the biggest of all heads? Ganesha wins hands down….! He has the most buddhi of all Gods. The true ruler of Budha.

5  Jupiter-Guru is ruled by Sai Baba of Shirdi-Look at Him, He is the GURU HIMSELF:Ok I know that it was written that Guru (Jupiter) was ruled by Brahma, but where do you find a Brahma temple? There had to be a solution. Ok I agree that I had an “unfair” advantage here J. Being a devotee of Sai Baba of Shirdi, I knew that Sai himself is the Guru of all Gurus, the best there ever was. His day is celebrated on Thursday (Guruwar or the day of Guru). Sai is so popular that finding his temple won’t be a problem. Call me biased but this stands to reason. And it works magically, I am one living example. Try Sai, even the most doubting Thomases (including myself) have been cured by him. Yes I am biased towards him because he is biased towards me :)…

6…Venus-Shukra- is ruled by Lakshmi-Look at all that JEWERLY:There were a few who brought in Durga here, but again the Goddess of war won’t have time for all that luxury and comfort. Enter Goddess Lakshmi. While most prominent aspect of Durga’s decoration are Her weapons, Lakshmi is the most BEJEWELED Goddess of all times. She wears every jewel ever thought of and contains the pots overflowing with gold, and grain. Now that’s luxury. Who is the planet of jewelry, food, and luxury, Venus

7. Ketu-Is ruled by Ganesha-Look at that TORSO:Ok so here I have a confession. While all books agreed that Ketu is ruled by Ganesha, I personally had a disconnect (initially). How could the cute and cuddly elephant god of all things auspicious, rule the detached planet of ascetics and liberation? I was of the view that Ketu should have been ruled by Shiva, the ascetic. But upon further research, I came across an article that enlightened me with regards to Ganesha, and the deeper side of him. While he is the most flexible of all gods, cute, fun and kind hearted, there is the mysterious and tragic side of him. Ganesha as a child was beheaded by his own father (don’t think any deity went through a bigger tragedy). He was given the head of the elephant and resurrected. However, the original body of Ganesha is his TORSO. Now what is Ketu? He is the beheaded body, a torso himself. No wonder he chose to obey to the god who is a torso himself and understands the pain of Ketu

Saturn: The most powerful of all planets can only be ruled by the most powerful of all deities, Mahadev. Saturn is also good friends with Lord Hanuman and only these two can keep the badass Saturn in check. This planet grew in such significance (for good reasons) that it attained the status of a deity himself.

The quest to find the lord of Rahu became the basis of this article. There were a lot of claims from Shiva to Bahriva to Saraswati (the last one was ridiculous) I would rather be dead that agree that the Simon-pure white goddess Saraswati was the ruler of Rahu, the planet of darkness and chaos. No way. I disagree with the astrologers who believed this, and pity their clients who are worshiping the wrong deity for a planet as badass as Rahu.

While Rahu does listen to Shiva (all of them do – will tell the reason in another article), there had to be something more. For the benefit of those souls in trouble who write to me daily, I had to find the right answer to this, as most are tormented by Rahu. While I was of the opinion that Bhairav and Shiva control him (not too wrong), I was intuitively aware that there was something more to this.

How Kali solved my problem: I had been wrestling with this problem for days. But like I have said this project has been blessed, and god comes to my aid whenever there is a need.  In deep contemplation and state of semi asleep, I had a vision. Kali appeared to me in my vision, laughing, carrying a severed head in her hand and playfully touting it to me saying “Look at this”. And Boom that moment it appeared to me. Yes, that’s Rahu….RAHU IS THE SEVERED RAKSHASA HEAD.  (For all those who know a thing or two about mythology and astrology, Rahu is the severed head of Rakshasa Swarbhanu, and Ketu is his torso…!) And yes the Mother Divine carries him around.

What about Bahriva?: The same “head carrying” logic applies to Bhairav, and many people worship him for Rahu. I had almost made up my mind that may be both Kali and Bhariv co-rule Rahu. But again after an inspiration from Kali (I am so thankful Mother), I changed my mind.

The head that Bhariv carries is a sattvic head, it belongs to Brahma. But the one that Kali carries is a Rakshasa head, that is what Rahu is, a Rakshasa head. The lord of darkness and chaos could only be ruled by the Dark Goddess who carries the head around and controls it. So if Rahu is bothering you, pray to Kali, she would give a few yanks to his hair and make him behave


G. Vijay Kumar

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  • “The Misguiding Vishnu Key from BPHS: Yes the “Bible” of Indian astrology, BPHS Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra was really corrupted in my view (Yes I said that…comments welcome…!) In my view BPHS was first corrupted when Buddhism was taking over, the priests conspired and gave Vishnu the prominence, and then, declared Buddha an avatar of Vishnu, all Buddhists were returned to the Hindu fold. Mission accomplished. However, in trying to do that they also attached 9 planets to 9 avatars of Vishnu. There are astrologers who claim that all 9 planets are related to the Avatars of Vishnu e.g. Rama for Sun, Krishna for moon, Narsimha for Mars and Varah for Rahu etc.”

    Dear Honestly speaking, We all human are perfect and What we do is all according to our understanding and knowledge and capability. If you say 9 planets has no relation with the Avatars of Vishnu, that is perfect at you part, as per you knowledge and understanding. To relate Avatars with 9 planets, one need to have the understanding of Rishi Parashara.
    Ram is related to Sun. How?
    Sun is very disciplined. Discipline in Sri Ram’s life is what Rishi Parashara relating. He doesn’t mean that Sun came out of it’s place and born as Ram. The Vishnu as avatars of Ram used maximum of Sun Plants energy.
    Rahu is Related to Varaha. How?
    Rahu and Varaha both worked in marshy, swampy and muddy plan. Varaha has to go to very dirty marshy place to bring out earth. Varaha is also known as Krodha ( The Anger) Rahu also work with such energy. Varaha has very close contact with Bhu Devi (the mother earth) Mother earth has gravitation i.e., the power of attracting other’s energy, that why when we do mediation we use something to sit to avoid contact with earth, so our energy shouldn’t be pulled by mother earth. So sad, it is her nature. In the same manner Rahu pulls up other plants energy and rules that house and lords.
    This is just two examples.
    I just want you to consider your thoughts again and use you logic more on this relation of Avatars and Plants.
    Your knowledge is good and guided by Shakiti. If Devi can make you understand the ruler ship of Lords of plants. She will again help you to understand this too. We may be knowing Plants but we need to know Avatars to understand the relation.
    Sai Ram.

    • Dear Sai,

      Thank you so much for reading the article and taking time to comment on it. I am always open to new learning and believe that we still know very little there can be a lot more to know in the world. May be my understanding improves some day. I would remember to put up an article on this site with special thanks to you.

      Please do read other articles and leave comments on them. Would be honored to learn your views.


  • Superb logical post. However, I personally do not agree with Jupiter – Sai Baba relation as Sai Baba is not a god in Hindu literature. Still if I believe you, what mantras I should do to get maximum from Jupiter ? I dont think there are any Sai Baba mantras. Also come up with an article on ways to please various planets. There is controversy regarding donations – some say donate L1-L5-L9 articles while some oppose it.

    • Sai Baba….has much resemblance with Jupiter….Jupiter means Guru and Sai Baba is the spiritual guru….Moreover if Sai isn’t mentioned in Hindu Literature but is prayed by Millions and millions of Hindus….You can visit Shirdi and feel the Air Of Sai Baba and his devotees…Jupiter is what ?knowledge,wisdom,spirituality,expansion,devotion towards his students similarly is of Sai The selfless love towards his devotees…And Lastly Mantras of Sai are innumerable…you can surf on YouTube but the most used ones is SHRI SACHIDANANDA SADHGURU SAINATH MAHARAJ KI JAI…Hope my explaination cleared your confusion

  • Dear sir,
    Your articles are very interesting, logical and informative. I like all of them.
    I was just thinking that you said BPHS was corrupted for some reason by connecting planets with avtaras of lord Vshnu. In the same way have you connected Jupiter with Sai Baba? May be reason is devotion not corruption. What do you say?

    • Great question, it deserves a detailed reply.

      I go by the TRUTH. I am very fond of Krishna and really wanted to connect him to a planet (may be the moon), but there was no direct correlation. I was AFRAID of Mother Divine initially before she showered her motherly grace on me. Yes my devotion to Sai could have colored my views, however, I have seen it work, and then where is a Brahma temple? So Sai and Gurudwara are the places to go. This could have happened with one or two I could have understood, there were 9 avatars created to somehow link to 9 planets. Then Shukra and parshuram…? what logic does that meet. So despite all my respect for BPHS, I had to disagree from Vishnu doctrine. Hope this explains.

  • Its very interesting post, I am from Ujjain, and its place of Mahakal baba, here you will find all the planets are in the form of shivling, for Mars there is a MangalNath, for guru Devguru Brihaspati Mandir etc

  • Nice post. Really appreciating ur very great efforts and maa kali’s blessings on u. I hv a clarification regarding mars.. Hanuman ok. But wat abt lord karthikeya.. Alias lord murugan. He is born out frm shivs centre eye, and hanuman is shiva avatar. Muruga lord iscalm peace ful but has tremendous power who evn gv a nice piece Of mantra upadesh to HIS FATHER LORD SHIVA. IF father leaps 1million times, son wl go more tan that. For eg i said. Dnt take in wrong way. Wat i mean is fr saturn, u gv two gods shiva and hanuman. The same applies here fr mars, lird muruga and hanuman. Based on individual chart, u can recommend both gods or any one of them… As sum chart needs courage.. So hanuman.. Some needs to pacify to b calm.so lord murugan. Ya, lord hanuman too is calm in meditation pose. But wat i meant us referring two Gods for mars. Kindly express ur views.

    But i was super delighted wen u said fr jupiter… Awesome my friend. Sairam 1st father.. And father is guru…. No doubt.. Great applauds…..

    • thank you and YES you do have a point about Lord karitikeya…even Ma Durga is also involved especially in case of Mars+Rahu but i did not want to complicate things. Thank you very much for a great observation.

  • Hello Vijayji,
    “Then you don’t find temples dedicated to Narshimha or Varah that easily.”

    A quick comment: Narasimha and Varaha temples are commonly found in South India especially in Karnataka, Telangana/Andhra, Tamilnadu. Simhachalam in Andhra has VarahaNarasimha, and legend has it that this was upon Prahalada’s request. Ahobilam, Simhachalam, Mangalagiri, Kadiri in Andhra, Nammakkal, Sholingur in TN, Melukote, Manikarnika in Karnataka are some of the most popular Narasimha shrines and big revenue generators. Of course there are a gazillion other shrines. Do visit these temples if you can and you will be truly mesmerized. If not, do Google these kshetras and enjoy the e-blessings!!
    Thank you for your articles and stay blessed. Om namo Narayanaya.

  • नमस्कार मै माता काली के करीब आया अपने जीवन के कठिन समय में, अनजाने में ही, उसके बाद मैंने जाना था मेरी राहु महादशा चल रही थी, माँ काली ही मेरे जीवन की रक्षक या यो कहे सबकुछ है, आज आपके राहु लेख पढ़ा, तो लिखने से अपने को रोक नहीं पाया…. माता कृपा करें

  • Really helpful and insightful article. In my natal chart there is no planet in 9th house, but Jupiter and Mars both aspect it. And guess I have my faith in Shri Sai Baba of Shirdi. He is light at the end of my dark tunnel.

    Currently I am going through last phase of Ketu Mahadasha i.e. Mercury Antardasha and coincidently last phase of sadesati, both ending on Jan 2020. The cherry on top of the cake is that I have Moon + Rahu in Scorpio. I sometimes wonder how can I be still positive in my way of thinking let alone being happy.

    My troubles are more in my head than physical. But for last seven years they have manifested in many ways like being unemployed, giving exams and passing but not getting placed. Last year was the most horrible one but His divine grace shined on me. Sai Baba guided me again after whole 12 years telling me that he was with me throughout.

    Twelve years ago when Jupiter transited through Tula rashi, it was again a hard time. During that period Sai Baba rescued me. But I was very young to understand His grace. Now when I was searching for my identity, my guru, my purpose He again showed up and gave me courage to stand up. I want Him to be my guru but don’t know whether he accepts me as His disciple.

    He always shows up in my tumultuous life when Jupiter transits in Tula and Vrischika. I don’t know whether it’s a coincidence or destiny but it has happened two times and I guess will keep on happening again. But I am thankful very very thankful to Him. And this time I have been very humbled by His presence in my life.

    Om Sai.

    • Great to know that you have been blessed by Baba. May His grace shower upon all of us. I am not a big fan of transits, check out your mahadasha and antar dashas.

  • My husband is going through a super malefic Mahadasha of rahu which is in 8th house in bhav chalit and has shown that how rahu can make a king a beggar… my husband is a follower of Maa kalka and now I ll ask him to visit the temple once a week and chant the mantra daily… thank u for sharing this wonderful information
    Any other remedy from ur end will be highly appreciated

  • Worshiping lord Varaha is best remedy for rahu-moon even in 12th Bhava(I’m connected personally with this form of supreme).Because he is the soul of jeeva rahu.We shouldn’t differentiate Vishnu,Shiva,and Durga to obey tantra sastra and Puranas .My rahu mahadasha is going to finish.Even in rahu dasa with the very bad conjuction Iam blessed by him with good luck.And my intution tells we should worship only one lord as ista forever,and all graha badha vanishes.Who does not have alive guru can take diksha of any mantra from lord dakshina murty as described in Agama rahasya.

    • I would beg to differ. It is rare to find a Varah temple in the first place, most importantly, i don’t believe in BPHS association of planets with the given deities.

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