Well who doesn’t like money? I for sure like and respect money. I am not a leftist or a communist (god forbid). I am a follower of ancient Vedic wisdom, where people used to worship Lakshmi. Having said that I am not the “greed is good” Wall Street kind of guy. I am a believer of ancient wisdom and define myself as an “ETHICAL CAPTIALIST”.  As per my books, greed is bad..!

I make an “honest” profit, give a detailed consultation for a small amount (my clients have told me that I charge too less, so I am going to revise soon). I even give a MONEY BACK GURANTEE…! (I personally don’t know any other astrologer who does that).

However, I love money for what it represents to me…freedom…! So for me ethical money is good money. And I am all for earning it if I am able to provide good value for money which my clients appreciate and I not only get money I get their blessings and most importantly, GOOD KARMA.

Based upon the inputs and demand of my clients, I am getting into business of selling gemstones under my brand “Honest Astrologer” and yes again the basic philosophy would be HONESTY.

I have supplied stones to countless people and almost all of them were happy with the quality and rates. I keep my quality good and profits reasonable don’t sell crap at 10x the value (which seems to be the norm). In fact when I told the rates of a stone to a client, he asked me if the rates were in DOLLARS OR RUPEES…! I laughed at him …but almost had a heart attack when he sent me link to a website showing the same thing for similar amount, only it had a $ sign in the start…!

That was the day I decided to go commercial…people are being robbed…!

Anyway, while I am going to sell the gemstones through my website, I am NOT going to sell the below three:

Neelam-Blue Sapphire – Gemstone for Saturn

Gomed- Hessonite – Gemstone for Rahu

Lehsunia – Cat’s Eye – Gemstone for Ketu

In my view, there three can wreck havoc in a man’s life if they don’t suit him. Very few people should wear a Neelam and almost nobody should wear a Hessonite or Cat’s eye. However, every now and then I come across someone who was sold a gemstone by a “Pundit Ji” for a bad dasha.

Here is why I am afraid of these stones:


And of all 9 planets, these three have the most powerful effects and side effects. When you mess with the Big 3 (Rahu, Ketu or Saturn), you don’t want side effects. Their side effects can literally kill you…!

Hence I stick to something which is mild but without any side effects.


Unlike gemstones, yantras don’t boost the power for better or for worse, they only make the planet happy. If it is good, it would increase the impact, if it is bad then yantra would get you some relief from the ire of the planet. However, I know for sure that Yantras give ONLY good results. I personally keep all 3 and I have an army of satisfied clients who swear by these.

I know I am not making a lot of money selling yantras made of sliver (yes silver) for 301 only. And I have to spend time energizing them on specific days. Not really a lot of money…!

I could have made thousands in gemstones as the Big 3 keep tormenting people and almost everyone who comes to me is undergoing a period of one of these planets.

Man…I could roll in cash if I sold gemstones for the Big 3…! But I won’t because it would get me something that scares the hell out of me…bad karma…! I know I am losing money but hey good karma brings money by boatloads and bad karma burns cash faster than an online start up).

If you still want them, feel free to get in touch, but do that at your own risk (free me of the Karma). If you are one of those very rare individuals who have a good Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu, I would be happy to supply them. But I am not going to sell this to the public at large.

If you want my advice, avoid gemstones for Saturn Rahu and Ketu… stick to Yantras…!

God Bless,

G. Vijay Kumar








  • May I know the reason behind your Yantras in “Silver” instead of conventional option of Copper?

    Can you please advise the method of energizing these yantras at home?

    • “conventions” aren’t always right 🙂 my entire philosophy has been to question the scriptures and not to take anything on face value. For the record silver is a noble metal and does well in Yantras.

  • My life is full of mistakes, and probably it is there in my chart also (which I’ve felt much later in my life) because my parents have done more mistakes than me and crated most of the causes for my misery which I’ve been going through for years hopelessly and helplessly in spite of my endless mental struggle to overcome them. For some time in my life (age – 17-18 yrs) I think I was also given a Cat’s eye along with a green colored emerald by some self-proclaimed astrologer known to my father. At that time I was not very much attracted to gems and stones and so as far as I can remember I never wore them for long and once I also lost them and later my father again gave both of them to me or one of them but I think I couldn’t/didn’t wear them for long and lost again because I can’t find them anymore anywhere at my place. But since cat’s eye is related or connected to Ketu, I think it might have done some damage to my speech because there was a time when I became very rough and rude to the rest of the world and I had to be because nobody could ever feel or understand what was going on inside me and used to make comments that used to make me angry and then life has taught me a very tough lesson and at present I’m undergoing a ‘Saturn’ Mahadasha & antardasha. And I’m scared of life, anxious of my own self and fearful of the rest of the world and want to be silent.

    • Take off the cat’s eye. Recite Shani Strota “Nilanjanam Samabhasam” 21 times daily, Pray to Shiva. god willing you would get relief.

  • I have not been wearing it for a long time. I think it’s no more even at my place because I have not seen it for a long time.

  • According to KP astrology one should not wear a gem of a planet that signifies 6/8/12 bhav..it’s safe to wear lagna related, 3rd house related planets gems, however they should not be signifying the 6-8-12 houses.

  • I have been trying to get answer on gemstones related to ascendent but placed in bad houses (6, 8, 12). A friend (Capricorn ascendant) of mine is recommended blue sapphire by an astrologer for Saturn placed in 8th house along with Ketu. However, another astrologer suggested not to wear gemstone for saturn. Please suggest what is correct here from your view point. What should he do instead? I will be really glad if you reply on this very sought after query.

  • Sir,
    Can I wear a Neelam as I am having the following combination:
    Capricorn ascendant
    10H with Libra having 4 planets:
    Sun at 10° – Saturn at 2°41′ – Venus at 8˚09′- Jupiter at 23˚34′.
    Present Mahadasha- Saturn (May 2017-2036).
    1. An astrologer has suggested me to get a sky blue neelam 5-7 crt.
    2. I am already wearing a small diamond.
    Anxiously waiting for your reply.

  • Dear Sir .. I see there are two different types of Rahu Yantra design available across various websites.
    One of them seems to be drawn like a 6 pointed Hexagon while other one is drawn like a 9 box chart with numbers inside.
    Which one is correct design ?

  • hello sir my DOB is 7 june 1988
    TIME is 11:20 PM
    my lagna & chandra rashi both are Aquarius and i have Saturn (i.e. Lagnesh) with 06:29:01 DEGREES in my 11 house, so can i wear an IRON RING in my MIDDLE FINGER on SATURDAY.

  • Hello Sir, I am Scorpio Ascendant, with Mars and Sun in Scorpio in 1st House, Rahu in Sagittarius in 2nd House, Saturn in Capricorn in 3rd House, Moon in Cancer in 9th House, Jupiter in Leo in 10th House, Venus in Virgo in 11th House. Currently running in Venus Mahadasha and Rahu Antardasha is just going to start at the end of this month. I have been advised to wear Pearl and Pukhraj by some astrologers and some astrologers have said that they will be absolutely of no use to me. Some astrologers have strongly recommended Moonga and some have strongly advised against it. One astrologer recommended Diamond. Do think Pearl+Pukhraj will be a good combination for me to wear?

  • I found someone who give money back guarantee after me :). Personally i dont about you nor you know about me.I think astrologer should not take fee if he unable to give correct prediction at least 80% .
    I am providing such type of assurity to my client and by god grace there is no any such case with me to return client fee 🙂
    Personally being a student of vedic astrology since from 9 years, I believe on having karma of everyone to face the destiny

  • I have Saturn as my Yogakaraka ( Tula lagna) and Saturn is Vargottama… currently undergoing Shani Bhukthi and Sade Sathi…should I still not wear Blue Sapphire? Saturn is in Sagittarius house both in D1 & DO charts.

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