Don’t get shocked, I am not retiring any time soon. And even when I retire or get out of my physical dimension, Honest astrologer will continue to live.

I can retire or even die (the die part is for sure), but Honest Astrologer will continue to live, and someone would succeed me who would keep helping people with this divine science.

I am just a tool to serve this movement, which has been blessed by the divine. Once my work is done, I will return ashes to ashes and dust to dust, but Honest astrologer would continue.

However, why am I writing this today, because of an intense feeling of dispassion that has come over me since last few days, rather weeks.

Ketu Mahadasha does that to you. I have realized the impermanence of this world and all that it has to offer. I have seen so many cases of so “lovers” dragging each other to court, of friends back stabbing in a fashion that would put enemies to shame, I have seen parents exploiting their children and children feeding off their parents. Like my almost enlightened friend Pankaj says, “all relations belong to the body.” Few statements have sounded truer.

Of late I have been keeping myself on a strict diet and healthy lifestyle reason being, I am preparing for my retirement. I don’t want to be a sick old man who is being wheeled around by his sons. I would rather die. I had converted to a vegetarian years ago, and now I have almost become a vegan.

I want to be physically fit in my old age, finances don’t bother me, .  Thanks to my Vidhya of astrology, I don’t need to save for my old age, god has been kind and I can pay my bills even if I sit in a village temple (taking this dialogue from my father).

I was discussing my retirement plan with him, and he said with a sly smile “Let your Venus Mahadasha come, then we will discuss your Sanyaas.”

May be this is Ketu speaking but I have always maintained that one NEVER forgets lessons of Ketu, I think I have learned enough to be detached. I know that my time is limited (don’t wana be one of those “Oh I am gonna die on this day” astrologer, but I know I don’t have a long life span for sure.

I don’t want to waste my human avatar a large part of this was already wasted in foolish educational system and climbing the so called corporate ladder only to fall flat from it. I think I have had it. I am sticking to material world as I have responsibilities especially for my kids, once they are settled I would not waste a week in the cities, entangled in wordily affairs. My only material wish now is to see my kids get settled. That’s it.

I somehow don’t have the passion of becoming a father-in-law (no thank you sons-enjoy your life but please spare me the hassle of being a dad-in-law) or even a grandfather (this one surprised even me, moon in Cancer and not wanting to see grandchildren, maybe this is Ketu talking.)

I just want to leave my sons in peace and hand over whatever I would have accumulated till then, barring may be a very small amount (my “screw you” money for the days I don’t wana do anaything). And I want to fade away.

My retirement date is January 26, 2040….!

I want to retire as a semi-Sanyasi (don’t have the guts of being a full sanyasi plus I have this net addiction).

I want to spend my golden years alone in the mountains, preferably in a village that has good Internet and electricity but BAD ROADS (yeah who wants visitors).

I want to spend my last days reading, meditating, and studying scriptures.

God willing, some day I would write a follow up of this blog, sitting in my wooden cabin, smelling fresh cold pine-kissed air, gently pampering my long white beard (I seriously want to grow one). A laptop on my desk and a picture of Baba Sai sitting next to it, smiling at me. God…I can’t wait to retire.

God Bless,

G. Vijay Kumar

21 Comments on “MY RETIREMENT PLAN

  1. “God willing, some day I would write a follow up of this blog, sitting in my wooden cabin, smelling fresh cold pine-kissed air, gently pampering my long white beard (I seriously want to grow one). ”

    Hope your wish comes true.

      1. Ah so similar and almost exact! You spoke my thoughts (maybe it is the Kethu speaking!) only difference I want to get my daughters married and settled well by Kalimaa Grace!

  2. Hi GVK,

    When intention are from the spirit and genuine, everything manifests, be blessed and will surely be sheer fun to read the blogs you write with all the experience you have, thank you

  3. But you will always have one of your foster daughters pestering you all of your life :P. Especially since you intend to be lonesome in a good network connectivity area.

    I wish there were more logical and honest astrologers like you. Your corporate experience only adds on to your guidance based on astrology.
    And you seem to have got Saturn Rahu and Ketu a fan following – through all your deep levels of research.

  4. Just like you, I decided a long time back (even before I got married) that I would retire when I turn 55 and climb the stairs towards GOD through solitude, meditation and devotion. I told my wife about my intense desire before marriage and I still remind her every now and then. I still have 18 more years to go.

    I used to do meditation everyday until I started working. When I was still in college, one day while I was studying Sant Kabir’s sakhis, I felt intense urge of my soul to go to Himalayas to live a life as a sanyasi and do meditation. I was in total bliss for three days. On the day when I was about to leave for Himalayas, a thought crossed my mind about my mother and my brain took over the charge. That day I postponed my plan to complete all of my responsibilities before I venture on the path to GOD.

    I know a bit of astrology and I think the thoughts of renunciation keep crossing my mind because of Sun, Venus, Mercury and Mars sitting together in my 6th house. Rahu is in 9th house and I am currently running under Rahu mahadasha. I have scorpio ascendant. Well, now time will tell if I will be able to keep the promise I gave myself years ago.

    1. Spiritual endeavors never leave anyone empty handed. Take a break off and on and go to the Himalayas. Some day we both would settle there. PEACE

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