So I have this small whatsapp group of highly intelligent people, intellectuals of the first order and highly spiritual people (sorry entry only by invitation). They are all mostly IIT-IIM types. Investment bankers, writers, corporate hot shots, writers, healers, CA, CS…you name it (Yes Sharma Ji Ka beta is also a member of my group…hell yeah…!) at the same time, they are very advanced souls.

We keep discussing astrology and these guys keep me on my toes with great questions and insights. Today we were discussing Krishna’s horoscope. I was telling them how he was a Taurus Moon and a Taurus lagna, that’s why he was so much in love with his cows, that he was named “Govinda” and “Goapala”.

I told them about my research on astrology and animals (will share on the blog soon) anyone with a Taurus Moon, Sun or Lagna, would do well to serve cows.

However, a few hours later it clicked me that I had done an experiment and I wanted to share another remedy related to money. As usual, I had tried this on myself and it helped me.

It is easy and cheap, just has to do something with your wallet.  I am not that kind of Baba Ji who would say that you should switch your wallet from brown to black and “Kirpa” would follow you. Nope. I take pride in putting Logical in Astrological. The remedy I am going to suggest is going to be simple one, but would make a lot of sense.


Most leather wallets are made of cowhide (dead cow’s skin).  Now for Hindus cow is sacred and we worship this kind and benevolent animal. As per ancient scriptures she is a darling of the gods and a symbol of universal mothering energy. That’s why Hindus don’t eat beef. However most of us are guilty of using cow leather wallet and boasting about our “original leather” stuff.

Also, most Indians keep some or other godly articles in their wallets, e.g. God’s photos, yantras, Udi etc. Can you imagine the backlash we are inviting by keeping them in cowhide?

Imagine a Krishna devotee keeping Krishna photo in a wallet made of cowhide….! He would have to be very lucky in order not to invite wrath of Krishna…He is the Gopala for heaven’s sake…!

Please get rid of your leather wallet and opt for non-violent vegan or fake leather wallets.

True to my word, I have used this remedy for me and it has worked well.

I know I know, Americans are rich, and they even eat cows. Let me tell you they had a lot of good Karmic balance, that’s why they were born in a rich nation. However by eating cows, and using cowhide they are depleting that balance. You my Indian friend, don’t have that kind of good Karmic balance in the first place. That’s why you are in a third world nation, although you have some spiritual potential that’s why you are reading this article and despite being born in poor nation have had English education and have access to Internet. But India is a third world country no doubt.

Westerners have the excuse that they did not have the spiritual guidance, or the culture. What excuse do you have being Hindu and using cowhide ? I have been guilty of this and proudly carried my Satya Paul wallet till the day I realized what the hell I was doing. I got rid of that wallet, and God knows I am happy that I did. Nature loves all its children, be it animals or trees, or humans. Any harm to any beings is avenged by nature #Karma. Look at the world.

If you look at the world, Middle East is fond of beef, see the level of oppression and violence. Two world wars happened because of meat eating nations. For the record, the biggest manufacturer of cow leather goods is Pakistan…not a place known for prosperity exactly. Getting my point?

Also, for the sake of logic, we Indians haven’t done that great a job with our cows either. We exploit the cows, sell and kill their calves, we are a “Pink Revolution” nation exporting beef like anything. And when they are no longer useful, we throw them out of our house and they roam the street hungry and thirsty vulnerable to dangers.

The cow fed you, your family, provided milk and money, but now when it is your turn to take care of her, you throw the “Mother” out and let her starve to death. That’s worse than what the westerners are doing to them, and for the record, they don’t consider her “Mother”. We Indians do…but look what we are doing to her.

Due to this treatment of cows, Krishna isn’t happy with Indians, people. Neither is Lakshmi. No wonder we are poor.

So take the first step towards pleasing these divine beings, ditch that cowhide wallet and opt for a vegan wallet. See what happens to your finances in three months. Do let me know through email or write in comments section.

Edit: I got to know today is “Amlaka Kunj Ekadashi” a day dear to Krishna, it is His inspiration that made me write this article. This one is dedicated to Govinda…! May he bless us all. 

Jai Shree Krishna.

God Bless,

G. Vijay Kumar

15 Comments on “A SMALL MONEY REMEDY

  1. You are blessed to have had this thought. May God forgive us. You need to publish this in every temple, may be PMO’s office could have a hand in it. What about belts, shoes and other leather items? Bless you and stay blessed…

    1. Thanks for you interest. Founding memebers of this group get to vote about who gets to join. Please send me your details on whatsapp 7678228364 and I would try to get you in.

  2. You gave words to my thoughts and my feelings. I am happy to read this article. Thank you so much. God bless you, your ancestor and your offspring.

  3. Your thought is quite decent and to the point. Makes sense too! However, in one of your articles, you mentioned that doing good karma is better than not eating non-veg. We are living in a corporate culture today, our bags, shoes, belts and even other things are made from the leather stuff. I myself believe that these should be avoided but it is not entirely possible for everyone I guess. I don’t know but about Ambanis or Warren Buffet or Bill Gates that they keep a nonleather wallet or not, but I guess their karma is what giving them what they have.

    If we change our wallets to have a money gain its not right though but yes thinking of it from “Shri Krishna” point of you is sensible and then it gets applied to our shoes, belt, leather jackets, leather seats (car), leather cases and other stuff too. Not only wallet every other thing made of animal leather should be avoided. Shiv Ji is depicted wearing tiger skin so I guess skin of tiger is not a constraint though!

    Please don’t take me wrong, I really appreciate your viewpoints.

  4. I have tried this remedy of switching to vegan wallet….it has really worked to some extent… at least i had some balance in wallet in tough situations….what ever the debts i am in,…i usually have something for me in the wallet…..please do note i went through ..tough kethu mahadasha….in its last phase….

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