90% of all the people who call me are going through a Rahu, Ketu or a Saturn period.

It is said that the sorrows of humanity were divided between these three Planets making them the first rate malefics.

As per my experience, in Kaliyuga, these three call the shots and rule the roost. They dominate almost every other planet (barring Jupiter to a certain degree but even he can’t do much).
Rahu Ketu and shani (I call them the BIG 3) are the real bosses of Kaliyuga and are as necessary (if not more so) than all other Planets.

I listen to all sorts of horror stories everyday from my clients related to these three.
Right from a client who slogged for 18 hours but was passed over for promotion during a Saturn period, to a client who got into clinical depression in a Rahu period. Ketu period, don’t even get me started, it is all about loss, separations, divorces and suicide attempts.

I feel as if these three have divided the flavors of sorrows in this way. Saturn usually makes a man sweat and toil hard but gives minimal results. Rahu usually gives mental torture and can literally drive a native insane. Ketu is most brutal in my experience, this is one planet that shows no mercy at all. It heaps losses, insults and separations on the native. Talk to anyone about his or her Ketu Mahadasha, half of them would break down in tears.

Having said that, there is an atmosphere of fear and hate surrounding these three, which has its own reasons. However, I want to present something in their defense. I think just like the judicial system these three make everything else possible. Here’s some food for thought:

How do you feel when you read or hear about horrible crimes like child abuse, rape, molestation, murder of innocents, war crimes, etc? If you have a heart, I am sure your blood boils and you hope that the culprit is caught and punished.

Since human courts are not equipped or efficient enough, and culprits are often able to delay, or escape punishment, thank God we have another level of judiciary. God has his own judicial system to punish the culprits, his constitution is called the Law of Karma, and these three Planets, Rahu, Ketu and Saturn are just part of the judicial system carry out their duties in order to protect “Law and Order”. (The Law of Karma, and the Universal Order.)

Let’s see how and where they fit in:


Rahu: God’s Detective: Ever wondered why all detective agencies are ruled by Rahu? Simple, because he is God’s detective. He is the one who catches you all of a sudden after long planning and careful watch. Then he torments you and harasses the living hell out of you in order to extract a confession. If you have done some really bad karma, his intensity of the “Remand” would go up to “Third Degree” and some people often go mad in Rahu Mahadasha. Those who have not been that bad, tolerate it till the time they are delivered to the court of Judge Saturn.


Saturn: God’s Judge: Ever wondered why all judges across nations wear black, why not happier colors like yellow or even the pious white? Answer is that black is the color of justice and this is embedded in the human subconscious as Saturn the black planet is the judge of Karmic justice. He is the archetypical Judge sitting dressed in black, cold but just, logical to the hilt, impartial and no-nonsense. However, thankfully, with Saturn, you get what you deserve, nothing less nothing more. Saturn is one planet which is willing to give you a chance to reform and gives you the “hard time with labor” in order to reform you. However, if you still don’t learn, he will send you into a long “Judicial Remand”. And if you are beyond reform or your sins are unpardonable, you are passed to the executioner Ketu.

Ketu: God’s Executioner: Ever wondered why executioners almost always cover their faces and only their torso is visible? Well there are social and practical reasons indeed, but I think this goes back to the ancient memory of Ketu, the planet without a face being the cosmic executioner, a mindless, faceless torso that is out to execute the horrific orders (see where this is going)?
When your Karma is so severe that you have to face the gallows, and the executioner Ketu is ready and willing to do the needful. While one can negotiate with the detective, can beg the judge to have mercy, no one in history was ever able to negotiate with the executioner. This “headless” planet is not open to negotiation,. Out of the three, this one does the maximum damage in the shortest time. Investigation may get delayed court cases may go on for years, executioner does his job on time, every time.

I have myself suffered through a Saturn period in childhood and have faced Ketu period recently (I won’t wish that upon my enemies). However with more and more study of these Planets, I have developed a sense of appreciation for what they do and have empathy for them. It is only because of our Karma that these Planets torment us. We have earned our punishment, these three are just doing their job. Delivering God’s justice.

We all want that rapist to be executed and that child killer to be hanged. We all hate it when the judicial system is not able to do its job. Do we have any right to hate the detective who extracted a confession, or the judge who announced the sentence, or the executioner who pulled the trigger? Rather we are all praises for these because we know that the culprit had earned this punishment. And this would set a good example and would deter many other potential criminals, thereby keeping countless innocents safe.

However, when we face the punishment ourselves, we crib, cry and complain and blame the Planets. Hey, these guys are just doing their job.

Let me say this:


Let me give you a crash course in Karma:
• You torment a poor man, Saturn will hit back.
• You harass a mentally challenged person, Rahu will get you.
• You are rude to a handicapped person Ketu have his revenge.

I will write another article soon on their role as defenders. But all I wanted to prove was that these guys are just doing their job and we should be applauding them for doing a bloody good job instead of hating them.

After all, these three put the “Fear” in the “Fear of God”. God only knows what would happen if people lose the fear of god.

It is time we all applauded in union and say:

Thank God for Rahu, Ketu and Saturn.

Good Job Guys…!

Keep it up…!

Thank you for keeping us safe. Love you guys…!

God Bless

G. Vijay Kumar


  1. Am going through ketu dasa with mercury bhukti..suggest me plz some natural remedy..I dnt have money to buy any gemstone…

  2. I love this article!

    Makes so much sense. Also the comparison of Rahu to a detective, Saturn to a judge and Ketu to an exectioner is fantastic and perfect.

  3. Dear Sir,

    Loved the article and understood the purport.

    If these planets are the judiciary of God, should we not welcome their acts in our lives …as they provide the karmik phal…and thus liberates us from the coils of rebirth (atleast to that extent).

    If the answer is Yes, then should we not wear the stones for these three planets?

    Another question on the side: What is the role of mercy / pleading guilty with them…I intuitively know the answer but I want to validate …. The Judge has to assure that remorse is genuine and learnings are now practiced (recalling your Saturn Remedy)


    1. Thank you for your nice comments.

      Here are the clarifications:

      You don’t wear the stones for these because just like one shouldn’t be too close with policemen. Stone would boost the power of the planet for better OR for WORSE. These planets are UNFORGIVING and they usualy have a harsh side attached. YANTRAS are a better way to handle them as they don’t have side effects.

      You can of course plead with Shani the most, then Rahu, Ketu is the least forgiving but even Ketu is under oath to help those who plead to him. God is Kind.

      Hope this answers.

  4. Sir I am in Ketu Mahadasha and Rahu antardasha lost my job not finding another job. Very disappointed and distressed. Please suggest some remedies

  5. Great article. After reading this and the other article on Ketu Mahadasha, I have pondered deep over my past deeds vs what I faced during Ketu MD. There probably is a correlation but I must say that it is quite disproportionate. Ketu gave a far harsher time every year than all my potential bad karma so it gives you back with interest compounded many times over. I am still not done but hopefully it doesn’t demonize me the same towards the end as it did earlier.

  6. Thanks for sharing your perspective. It is really profound and makes so much sense.

    That being said, what steps could you take to make the best of this ?
    I am undergoing Rahu Mahadasha . Honestly, inspite of all the hardships, it has brought me great achievements and other positive things. But there is tremendous struggle inside me. I wish to end the mental anguish. After much introspection, I believe that at this moment all I need is more mindfulness .
    Wanting to become mindful in Rahu Mahadasha feels like wanting to remain dry when swimming in the ocean. Meditation helps a lot, but again, it is hard to meditate. I wear silver, mostly eat healthy vegetarian food, have no vices,pray regularly. It helps for sure but not as much as I would like.
    Your help would be highly appreciated.
    Thank you in advance.

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