Being a Saturn child, I am often drawn to the thoughts of old age and death. However, being an astrologer, and knowing the Law of Karma and process re-birth to be facts instead of a theory, I have never been scared. In fact I have been comfortable with the fact that within a few decades I would be dead (at least in terms of “mortal” body). But I know that death is more of a pause instead of a stop.
I was talking to my father, who is my Guru in astrology and who like all wise men is not afraid of death despite his old age, in fact he often jokes about it.
That day he happily declared that he was relieved as he felt that I was now ready to take care of his legacy and the “Family Business” would continue. Actually he had got the much sought validation. My elder uncle, the family skeptic, after a consultation with me told my father, “He has learned more than you.” Needless to say as a father and Guru, he was mighty pleased.
My dad has built several businesses, but astrology remains closest to his heart. Just two years ago, my brother and I both were doing well in our corporate careers, and it was unlikely that anyone of us would venture as a professional into astrology.
Like an aging don, my father was happy to see his sons get into “legitimate businesses”, but secretly hoped that one of us would come back to take care of “Family Business” when the time came.
Strange are the ways of destiny. I was more or less pushed into astrology by my friends and Honestastrologer | Online astrology service provider, Astrology blog that started as a part-time charity initiative, quickly evolved into a strong business. It quickly became clear that I was the chosen heir to his astrological throne.
In one of my “Michael Corleone” moments (read the Godfather) when the young don proves that he is a worthy successor to the old don, we were having this discussion about continuation of “Family Business”. In fact we were wondering about who in the “next generation” of the family would take the seat after me.
There are two contenders, my younger son and my elder nephew. In fact, my seven year old nephew is already displaying interest in astrology (he again is a Saturn child).
Suddenly and idea struck me like a bolt of lightening. I said “Dad we are immortals”. “What do you mean?” He asked with an amused smile. “We are the Phantom of the astrology world. The Ghost who walks” And he laughed out loud clapping his hands in glee. That was a glad approval of the idea.
Remember the masked hero Phantom “The Ghost who walks”. The jungle hero who was considered to be immortal by all. In reality the man behind the mask was a mortal, made immortal by the idea of Phantom. Whenever an old phantom died, the next generation would take his place behind the mask, keeping the “Ghost who walks” immortal.


  1. Vijay Kumar is a man, who would be gone soon, ashes to ashes dust to dust, at most, a few decades. But “Honest astrologer” is immortal.

Honestastrologer | Online astrology service provider, Astrology blog is not just a website.
It is an idea whose time has come.
It is a rebellion against malpractices in this sacred science. It is a ray of hope for all who seek the truth.
It is a weapon against corruption and fear mongering rampant in the field.
It is a voice against hostilities towards this sacred science.
It is a mouthpiece to reveal “Logical” behind the “Astro-Logical”.
Most of all, Honestastrologer | Online astrology service provider, Astrology blog is and would remain a place where clients can come and get the “honest truth” behind their charts at a very reasonable price, and of course without any corruption or fear mongering.
With time, we would be gone, my dad is a senior citizen and I am approaching my 40th birthday. But my nephew is just seven and son is only four. And I think I would be around long enough to share our knowledge and ethics with either one or both of them. So in all probability “Honest astrologer” would remain alive and kicking, and of course immortal.
“What if they are not interested?” My mother interrupted and pricked our bubble of feel good imagination with a harsh truth (She has a Virgo ascendant with exalted Saturn in the second house, harsh truths are her specialty).
I gave her a long hard look and said, “In that case, I would give the domain, password and intellectual property rights to a worthy student of mine. Honestastrologer | Online astrology service provider, Astrology blogwould NOT DIE”. My father raised his glass in a toast of approval. He knew we were going to be immortalized. Honest astrologer is immortal. Talk about leaving a legacy.


  1. Dear Sir.

    You have such captivating writing prowess. Each word and sentence seems carefully chosen, which is actually not. It comes to you naturally. Like mathematics to Ramanujam. However, “The legacy shall continue” or something similar would have been a suitable title.

  2. I want to consult about my horoscope. How can I do that? Site provides details of bank account. But after payment what would be mode of communication and how. Please let me know.

  3. Hello Vijayji,
    Phantom, the Ghost who Walks is the perfect comparison!! Only a Phantom fan can appreciate the analogy. Superb!

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