IAS Government Job

When I started consultation , I was expecting that most questions would be around marriage and money. But I was WRONG.

The most frequently asked question was : WHEN WILL I GET A GOVERNMENT JOB (CAN I BECOME AN IAS OFFICER)…? (Indians)

SOOOOO many people ask this question (especially kids from UP) that i have prepared a custom answer to it. Now I publish it on the blog so that all can benefit.

HONESTLY regarding civil services, NO astrologer in the world can successfully answer that one.
If someone claims that he can predict it, grab your wallet and run.

Reasons are as follows:

  1. There are millions of aspirants and very limited seats. One has to go through millions of horoscopes.
  2. Your Hard work matters a lot, a person with a fantastic yoga but less work would be beaten by someone with a good yoga but hard work (sorry but I don’t believe in fooling people…I am HONEST remember?)
  3. Do YOU really want it or you want it because of parental and society pressure (as with most of the kids from UP). If YOU want it with your heart and soul, go for it,
  4. You need to want it for the right reasons, for the JOB CONTENT and not the “Laal Batti” and the reputation that comes with it. If that is the reason, even if you succeed, you would live an empty life.
  5. There is one little thing called “Reservation” which as made it almost impossible for a general category guy to get a government job. Whenever a client calls me and first question is “Will I get a government job”, I don’t ask their birth details, I ask if they benefit from reservation, if their answer is “No” my answer is “No” as well. 

Statistically speaking, a general category candidate has better chance of marrying an Arab princess than getting a government job. 

Even the reserved category people find it difficult to make it as almost every one from their category is gunning for nothing but a government job. Their kith and kin saturate the applications and give them tough competition. So here is my advice: Don’t get obsessed or waste 10 years chasing an illusion. Take 2–3 attempts at max, and keep your options open.

Remember Geeta says: You have the right to work, but never to the fruit of work. Keep this in mind and do your work calmly. God Bless

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