Why i do for 351 only?

In an ideal world education, medicine, and astrological consultation would be free. However, that is not the case.
There are so called “education institutions” which scam students and distribute worthless degrees. There are doctors who prescribe unnecessary tests and keep the recovery slow in order to make money.

However, astrology has been the most misused and abused field.
The world if full of dishonest astrologers who bring shame to this divine art. They scare nervous people already going through a difficult time, and extort money in the name of Pooja, Yagna and gemstones. I have been a victim to them and they almost ruined my career and life, but by god’s grace I was saved.
However, from the kind of questions that I get, I realize that most of the people are still in the clutches of these thugs. While there are a several knowledgeable astrologer, they are far and few, and a vast majority of them have been taken over by greed. I salute those rare few who have the knowledge and are doing this for free or negligible charges, and wish to join that tribe.
My Struggle to Keep it Free: As a principle I never used to charge anyone as I was doing this as a hobby. But honestly I had to face my moment of truth. Going through a personal crisis when my career was in a crisis, I was wondering if I should break my code and start charging (I have a family to feed). It was a Navratra day and I was really in a dilemma. Different people suggested different things. I had almost made up my mind to charge, but there was something nagging me.
Finally I called my close friend Pravesh (who has the blessings of the Goddess) to discuss this and he gave me the best advice “Brother, while you have every right to charge for it, I would suggest that you do this as a charity, the Goddess would be pleased and would give you a lot. Don’t charge till your survival depends upon it.
I felt a sense of relief, thanked him, and went for my noon nap, having decided that I won’t sell this divine science, I slept in peace.
When I woke up, there were 7 messages on my phone from my business manager tell me how business was taking off. In next 48 hours, the career scenario became much better, and most of all, my soul was at peace.

Then at a point where my survival was threatened, my Spirit Guide advised me “Now the time has come. Better do it as an honest service and charge a reasonable price for it. ”

After a lot of deliberation I came up with a nominal amount 351/- that anyone with an internet connection can afford even during their harsh times.  Despite charging,  I was overwhelmed with the love and response of people. however, I dare add that


Money can buy me mattress
Blessings get me sleep
Money can buy me medicine
Blessings keep me healthy
Money can buy me most of the things if not all

This minimal charge of 351/- and the small honest profit that I make through sale of authentic Yantras and stones go a long way in helping me take care of my family and giving more and more time to astrology.

All I ask in return is that you keep me in your prayers, or bless me once. That’s enough. Trust me, that’s more than enough.

God bless
G. Vijay Kumar