“If astrology is a sacred science, then why do astrologers fail in their predictions?” I am often asked by skeptics.

This is one point where I am embarrassed and have to confess a lot of sins of my community.

Here are the reasons:

5% – Because of some defect in horoscope (some horoscopes have yogas which make them difficult to predict.

5%-Trying to predict when a horoscope doesn’t talk to you. Yes there are those which talk to us and there are those which don’t. I RETURN money where horoscope doesn’t talk to me.

10%- Because of remedies and Karma: Yes Free Will exits and thank God for it. People can fight their Karma and re-build their fate.

80%: Because of FOOLISHNESS OF ASTRLOGERS. Yes at the risk of inviting ire of my fellow astrologers, we are guilty of the following:

  • Giving a yes/no answers where a lot depends upon Karma:g. a student asking if he/she would pass in 12th exams. Some people especially students want a yes/no answer. I have often fought back and refused to do that because saying yes would make the complacent and saying no would make them depressed. I just tell them that this time is favorable and that time is not. Rest depends upon YOUR HARD WORK. Now whatever happened to hard work and free will? (I am often hated for this and have lost clients who would rather pay for a gemstone and wish to pass)


  • Trying without knowledge: An honest confession, I tried making predictions based on moon chart of people who had no horoscope. I FAILED MISERABLY and stopped this practice altogether. There are people that can get this right, but I am not one of them. Hence I have no right to try and predict using a science that I have little or no knowledge of. There are astrologers who don’t know their Rahu from their Ketu and still call themselves professional astrologers. God help their clients. They can’t get their predictions right unless it is a fluke.


  • Forgetting LOGICAL in Astro-logical: Here come the IAS aspirants and government job chasing guys. I bluntly tell them that it won’t be easy and if they belong to general category, they have a better statistical probability of marrying an Arab princess than getting a government job. Again I am hated. http://honestastrologer.com/features/faq/


  • Mundane astrology: While I do not understand a lot about it, I have often seen best of astrologers get predictions wrong when it comes to election results. E.g. Trump winning and Delhi AAP victory. This is a science that I refuse to be a part of as there is nothing to be gained by indulging into this is more of a show off tactic and game of guessing than a spiritual science.


  • The Astro-tutes Promising the Impossible with 100% guaranteed results: “Oh yeah, why not, you can become a billionaire, just pay me 21000/- for that puja.” “Yeah wear this stone and you would get promoted” Like used car salesmen astrotutes pimp their stones and pujas and promise to deliver. Which unlike their streetwalking counterparts, they don’t. Have some common sense people. We are astrologers not gods. Keep away from 100% guarantee astrologers, they are scam artists.


  • The “Vashikaran Mafia”: Okay here it goes. The Vashikaran Mafia hates reasonable astrologers like me who go out and tell the truth. In fact 99% of people professing to know Vashikaran are FAKE. I refuse to believe that such a science in fact exists today. If it did, he would have used it on the Prime Minister or at least the Chief Minister, instead of pimping it to you in order to get your ex-girlfriend back. I am yet to see anyone tell me that it actually worked (most people are too embarrassed to admit that they went to a Vashikaran pundit). Stay away from such people, they are thugs. And God help you if they are real. What if they take you and your family under their Vashikaran and you end up giving them everything. And assuming that if you override another person’s freewill and try to own them like a piece of furniture, through a dark art, that would mean a boatload of bad Karma. KEEP AWAY. But thankfully this doesn’t work in most cases.



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