Disclaimer: These are my own thoughts and I do not wish to hurt any sentiments. In fact I personally love Sikhism and Guru Gobind Singh is my personal hero. So I never mean any disrespect to any religion. I am a staunch Hindu astrologer and I have only and only respect and love for Sikhism and my brother Sikhs.

“But Vijay, what about the Sikhs? They don’t believe in astrology are more successful than Hindus as a whole. What do you say about them?” said one of my friends while we were discussing the “Non-Hindu” cultures and how astrology related to them.

“Good question.” I said with delight and turned to my friend and she saw that a long lecture was coming (thankfully she is a good listener and has been my sounding board for hours together). Over cups of green tea I gave her the entire discourse. After many months of that, the similar topic was brought up again by Sneha, my latest student. I gave her a similar question to do as home work and then get back to me.
So I though that may be I would let her wreck her brains and then put up this on my blog.
So, there are three parts to this question:

Technically Sikhs shunned most of the Hindu rituals (which had turned into useless superstitions over time instead of scientific/philosophical techniques that they were supposed to be).
Why is it that they continued to prosper while rest of the Hindus kind of got stuck?
What did the Sikhs get right?

FIRST OF ALL THEY GOT THE VERY FOUNDATION OF ASTROLOGY RIGHT: KARMA. Instead of wearing a gem stone and chanting to get rich, they would rather work in their fields and try to get rich. Instead of waiting for an avatar to come and save them they would rather learn swordsmanship and fight the oppressor. A much direct cause and effect if I may say. They are the most hardworking people of all times.

Second, they got their CHARITY RIGHT: The only place where you can eat all you want without paying a penny, day in and day out is a Guru Ka Langer at a Sikh Gurudwara. Very few temples give the BEST OF DANA for free despite sitting on coffers overflowing with gold. While even a simple Gurudwara wouldn’t turn humble devotees empty handed. Annadana is the best kind of Dana and brings tons of good will and good karma to them as people.

They are blessed by Guru (Jupiter)-The source of all good things: Ask any astrologer which is the happy go lucky planet, the planet of luck and prosperity, pat they would tell you it is Guru. All astrologers suggest that respecting the Gurus would bring people good luck and prosperity. No people in the world have such dedication towards their Gurus as the Sikhs have. The Sikhs literally worship their Guru. Small wonder Sikhs have such luck and such jolly attitude that they rise after every disaster.


They are blessed by Mars: Well, while Hindus long forgot their regular practice of “Shastra Puja” which was first reserved for the Kshatriya classes and then was forgotten only to be revived as a ritual on Dussehra, the Sikhs got the guidance from their Gurus to worship WEAPONS along with Holy Book. Hence their Shastra Pooja goes on daily without discrimination of caste, creed or even day. Plus the Guru’s command to fight for righteous cause is the best thing that could happen to a people’s courage. No wonder they are one of the bravest people in the world.

Finally, They ARE BLESSED BY SATURN-(Surprise-Surprise):
Saturn, no way Saturn relates to Sikhism. This Vijay fellow has lost his head, you may be thinking. But in Kaliyuga, Saturn is the Big Boss and for any kind of success, you need his blessings. And by default, the Gurus gave their Sikhs what was required. They got their SEVA RIGHT. The kind of Service Sikhs they do is much more effective in pleasing Saturn than pouring oil over an idol. Looking at the upkeep of their Gurudwaras, there you would find the richest of Sikhs working with humility, wiping floors of Gurudwara, serving the Langar, and even keeping the footwear of the visiting devotees clean. Comparatively most Hindu temples are a mess, which are often littered by “devotees” visiting them, and what to speak of the “VIP lines”.

While Hindus were entangled with the RITUALS Sikhs got the SPIRIT of spiritual side of Hinduism.
Thus, despite moving away from the core rituals of Hindusim, the Sikhs under the guidance of enlightened Gurus maintained their connection with the SPIRIT of righteousness, kindness and bravery. Which even today keeps them graced and protected.
So the next time you happen to go to a Gurudwara, do go inside with all the love and surrender. You shall come out blessed. We are blessed to have had such a great religion in our land and have Sikhs as our brothers.

God Bless.

G. Vijay Kumar

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