WHO ARE YOU-REALLY? (Hint: You are not your Sun Sign)

Well, well. Today I got up early, saw my Sadguru Sai Baba of Shirdi in dream and woke up fresh in Brahma Muhurata.
Was feeling great. Answered a few astrology related mails and thought of doing something really valuable. I will share some important insights that would help all.

So here we go:
I usually get this kind of queries a lot “can a Gemini man date a Virgo woman?”
I always used to tell the “Sun Sign Obsessed” generation that:

YOU ARE NOT YOUR SUN SIGN in fact you are sum of your Big 3= Ascendant (40%) + Moon Sign (30%) + Sun Sign (15%) + Impact of Other planets (15%).

So in the first case, going by the “Sun Sign logic” a simple answer would have been HELL NO. Gemini man and Virgo woman can’t get along.

But one ALWAYS needs to look at the complete chart. What if the Gemini man has a moon in Scorpio and Taurus ascendant the Virgo woman has in Capricorn ascendant and moon in Pisces. Now that’s a match made in heaven

So people when it comes to self, look at your entire chart, and when it comes to love, listen to your heart.
That’s the most important advice I can give.

God Bless,
G. Vijay Kumar

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