Okay an honest confession, I am very practical about human nature. As an ex-corporate guy, moreover a senior HR professional, I have seen all shades of grey, brown, black, and all.

In fact, my time spent in “astrology for free” and “astrology for charity” days made me lose faith in humanity even more. I started in order to help people being exploited by greedy astrologers, but I ended up feeling pity for honest astrologers who weren’t exploiting.

This is what happened. I was flooded with “girlfriend and government job” questions. I was harassed by trolls (who wanted a free reading for themselves, their family, their girlfriend, their neighbor’s dog and their kitchen sink). I was commented upon and attacked by haters (there are a few) and was even sent hate mails.  All this when I was NOT benefitting from astrology personally and not keeping any money for myself.

My time and energy was taken away from my business which was feeding my family and spent towards astrology. The reward was hate mails from idiotic trolls (who didn’t know their correct birth time and blamed me and launched a campaign against me) or cunning trolls (who produced old charity receipt from several years ago which I did not accept) went after me in a vicious manner.

I was like screw this let’s go pro, make some money and offer a money back guarantee. It took me weeks of contemplation, a verbal lashing from my spirit guide (aka Sewa Kaur) and a sharp and smart business advice from my business consultant (my sweet little brainchild whom I since nicknamed McKenzie), to go for this model. And GOD KNOWS I AM HAPPY THAT I DID THAT.

Once I was able to offer money back guarantee (one case every 6 weeks on average, normally needed birth time rectification) there was no ill will or bounding. I met some wonderful people, overwhelming majority of them was nice, indeed super nice (barring an odd jerk every month, who would beg for a reading citing dire circumstance and then won’t pay).

I got SO MUCH LOVE that at times I was in tears reading their mails (hey I have a cancer moon, so yes such boys do cry). There were wedding invites, a spiritually great old man blessing me sending multiple mails saying that my “Yantras” were working magic (credit goes to ancient sages not me). There were couples who said I saved their marriage. There were girls who said I redeemed their lives (Credit goes to My God and Guru, my own life is pretty screwed so I am no redeemer). So on and so forth…

And then there were the BIG HEARTS, who insisted on paying MORE (can you believe that???)  they said that they couldn’t understand why I was charging so less (only 351/-) and still was willing to talk to them for a long time explaining everything in detail and giving them motivation (Acchey din aaney waley hain has become a catchphrase for me).

“I can’t believe you charge only this much for this kind of help” Yelled a client from Dubai.

“You must ask for more” Said a lady who paid more and when I pointed out that she had paid more and I should return the balance, she said “No. minimum acceptable shouldn’t mean minimum should be paid, you are worth lot more, please keep this.”

“Are you crazy, don’t return the money. You are worth much more. It is a small amount keep it as a gift.” a senior army man who had paid a lot more than the regular rate, ordered me like an elder brother(for the record he also donated to charity so I had offered him a free reading). Now how do you refuse an order from an army man J. Aye-aye Sir…!

Now this was another side of humanity, and I was glad I was meeting them.

Icing on the cake came today when one of my lovely clients (Let’s call her M), sent me a donation of Rs. 5000. I thought this was an error and she must have pushed the wrong button or may be added an extra zero.

Alarmed, I immediately messaged her saying “You paid me 5000?” I was looking for a reaction, an apology, and a request to return the money (which I was going to). But her reply bowled me over.

Here’s what she said “Well, you are so nice to charge a nominal fee to people. I thought maybe this gesture will encourage you to do the same for a few more. Clearly the time and effort you put into each person is much more. Sorry I should have asked you first. But there was a place on the website so I just went ahead.”

I was stunned. In a nation where people would bargain the hell out of a fruit vendor, where people assume that astrologers don’t have family to feed and kids to take care of, and medical bills to pay, such people do exist. I am soooooo lucky to have clients like them and they make my life considerably easy.

I always tell my clients that they can get in touch any time I follow a code “Every client is like a member of family”. However, such clients are more than that, they are a BLESSING FROM GOD.

Thank you all. Can’t thank you enough. You have empowered me so much that I am able to focus now on my research and study of astrology more than ever. Business has taken a back seat as I cut loose some demanding projects and only take up things close to my heart and devote more time to astrology. The blessings and funds you all provided made it possible.

We need more people like you in this nation and in the world.

Love you guys.

God Bless….!












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