(Confessions of an astrological guinea pig)

First, an “honest” confession: I was a skeptic when it came to yantras for decades. While I have seen gemstones work, I had my doubts that a bunch of numbers arranged a certain way can save a person from wrath of a planet. I thought that they were just a money making gimmick.

However, then I came across a very enlightening high-end book on astrology which was great and recommended yantras. (Sorry I am not telling the name and any way it is a complex one, so most people won’t get it). Most remedies in the book worked but the skeptic in me refused to admit that yantras could work. But like a science student I had to be open to some theory objectively. Time for some experiment.


I am my own guinea pig (I do experiments on myself): For the uninitiated, guinea pig is a species of rat-like creatures often used for medical experiments. Unfortunately, for astrology, you can only use human subjects for experiments (and this can be dangerous). So like any ethical astrologer, I test my own medicines on myself before I recommend them to others.

During the toughest of my timings Ketu-Rahu period (try beating that one in hardships), I thought of giving yantras a shot, I was so hammered that noting could have gone any wrong. AND GOD KNOWS I AM HAPPY THAT I TRIED THE YANTRAS. Initially, I tried them on paper, and they helped, encouraged with the results I tried them in sliver ( got them manufactured as per specified dimensions), and the impact increased several times.


Then I had my wife, my family and friends keep the yantras. Then recommended them to some old trusted clients. Almost all reported GREAT RESULTS. Once confident, I started to recommend them regularly to my clients. And the mails I have saying “Your yantras worked magic” coming from all kinds of people, are a testimony to their impact.


Gemstones v. Yantras: While gemstones are boost the powers of a planet, the problem is that they boost it for better or for worse. I have NEVER in my career advised anyone to wear a gomed (hessonite) or a lehsunia (cat’s-eye) as they can wreak havoc in people’s lives. Gemstone is like allopathic medicine, costly, quick, but strong.

Yantras are like ayurveda, cheaper, slow, less strong, but NO SIDE EFFECTS. Yantras boost good effect and reduce bad effect of planets. Dealing with planets like Rahu, Ketu, and Saturn, I would rather go for something without side effects because they can literally kill you.  

Then they COST LESS THAN 1/10 OF THE COST OF A GEMSTONE. Keeping in mind these two I almost always recommend them.

Why most Yantras don’t work: Like I said, I have been a skeptic about yantras being sold in bulk. I still stand my ground, and there’s a good reason for it. The cheap pieces of tin being imported from China and sold online for anywhere from 150 to 399 DON’T WORK.


  • Right Yantra: First of all you don’t know which yantra you should keep and which you shouldn’t.


  • Right Metal:Then it has to be SILVER, there is a reason that this metal was recommended by ancient sheers. They weren’t fools.


  • Right Dimensions: Then it has to be right dimensions. Merely square pieces cut to any size won’t work.


  • Right Charging: Finally it has to be charged using the right mantras and right puja material. I personally do this with every piece that goes out.


  1. I get them right: I get all the above things right. It takes a lot of hard work, but it is worth it.

  1. THEY WORK: I have personally felt the impact. My family has seen the change and I get emails from clients testifying their positive impact.

  1. They are made of sliver: Well I could have imported square piece of tin from china and made more than 500% profit. But, I don’t because as an astrologer, I know that silver is the only right metal. I use sliver and rest assured knowing that I am not scamming my buyers by giving them a cheap peace of tin.

  1. They are proudly made in India: My yantras are crafted in Jaipur, by a reputed sliver manufacturer. It reduces my profits as I sell at 301 per piece (people are buying tin for 399). But I know for sure that I am giving the RIGHT THING to my clients. And it is my humble contribution to “Make in India”

After all India is the land of astrology.

God Bless,

G. Vijay Kumar

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