Well, I often get calls from worried lovers (mostly it is the lady calling) about the matching of horoscope and Guna Milan. Often some astrologer has scared the living daylight out of her and she is scared knowing that she is a manglik and the boy might die. Or even funnier, the families are fine with the boy but the Guna Milan is not up to the mark.

I start with a facepalm followed by a fit of laughter, patronizing the poor thing and assuring her that this is not a problem. I have said this so many times that I thought it would be a good idea to put it on  my blog:

Here’s my experience: GUNA MILAN AND MANGLIK ARE A SCAM. (Yeah hate mails are expected if not welcome).

THE SCAM CALLED MANGLIK: Yeah this one is my favorite scam. Very easy and all-pervasive. As per definition, if Mars is situated in 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th, or 12th house, i.e. it is in 6 out of 12 houses, God help you….you are a manglik.

  • But wait a minute, wouldn’t that be 50% of the population by definition, after all, poor Mars, he has to sit somewhere.


  • But wait, there’s more….what about Mars’ position from the Moon, isn’t that more critical? And how can you forget Navamasha? After all, it is the “fruit” of your zodiac.


  • How can you be so careless and heartless? Your spouse would die if you don’t get such and such pooja done. Sure you don’t want a widow’s life, do you?

One hell of a scare tactic and a money-making marvel invented by astrologers. Wouldn’t the family pay through their nose in order to save the daughter from widowhood.


If Guna Milan and Manglik worked, there would not have been a single divorce in Hindu Arranged Marriage and if the data of Indian courts and my clientele is anything to go by, these guys constitute the MAJORITY of divorces.

GUNA MILAN-A FLAWED IDEA: I have not just read the Guna Milan but have TRANSLATED ENTIRE BOOKS (I do have side businesses) and was appalled by the flawed logic that goes behind Guna Milan. (another reason that I consider our Jyotish scriptures up to and including the Bible Brihad Prashara Hora Shastra were corrupted).

Guna Milan is one of the things that was totally screwed. THE REAL HARMONY IS JUDGED BY HOROSCOPE TO HOROSCOPE COMPATIBILITY AND SYNASTRY. Forgotten arts which very few people know. However, I think that even these should be used as a last resort. Best idea is to let the girl choose.


Here are my two bits: During the ancient times, the FEMALE HAD THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE. It was Swyam-Var and not Swyam-Vadhoo. The female, blessed with the creative power by nature would have the god given right to choose her mate from all the hopefuls. She would not be given away in a marriage like a cattle to the strongest bidder (like what has happened in last 1000 years or so). Thankfully we are coming back to similar setups. With girls and boys interacting freely and the thing called the internet, it has become much easier for a female to choose her mate. And I hope that this continues.

I AM A STRONG ADVOCATE OF LOVE MARRIAGE AND HERE’S WHAT I HAVE NOTICED: Lovers have their charts in sync often their moons are in beautiful harmony and it is only because of compatibility in their charts that they are attracted towards each other. Results of these marriages would be much better than forced arrange marriages which bring nothing but bad karma and frustrations.

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