“Rahu is exalted in Taurus and Ketu in Scorpio” I often hear this and shake my head in bitter amusement.


This is one of the points which force me to think that OUR ANCIENT TEXTS HAVE BEEN TEMPERED WITH.

Thankfully, now people are waking up to the fact and instead of believing everything that is written, they are applying their own logic to things. And many of new age’s reputed astrologers agree something that I have been arguing since a long time “Rahu is NOT exalted in Taurus and Ketu is NOT exalted in Scorpio”.

Here’s the truth:


While there were hints all along, very few were able to show the courage to take the road less travelled and question the scriptures through logic and reach a logical conclusion. I often say that “ASTRO-LOGICAL” HAS TO BE LOGICAL

Applying this logic I was able to reach my simple conclusion (of course the blessings of the Mother Divine always make things easy and you get intuitive insights.

While people give logic that Taurus is a materialistic sign of Venus a friend of Rahu, still something was missing. Scorpio is a sign of Mars and co-ruled by Ketu but still something was missing. Most of all, I could not swallow that chaotic planet Rahu would be debilitated in the most chaotic of all signs, Scorpio. As it turned out in my research Scorpio is in fact Mool-Trikona Sign of Rahu and NOT it’s debilitation sign.

Anyway not digressing from the topic, let’s look at why Gemini wins over Taurus as exaltation sign of Rahu and Sagittarius beats Scorpio hands down when it comes to claim the sign of Ketu’s exaltation. For this you need IN DEPTH knowledge of both Rahu-Ketu and 12 signs.

Rahu is the “Severed Head” of Swar Bhanu the demon who was beheaded by Vishnu. He is the plotter, schemer, liar, the fabled “Shaitan Khopdi” or Devil Head which lies and cheats.



Now which sign has heads as symbols? Answer is Gemini. And which sign is the the champion liar of all 12? Gemini again. Rahu joins the two heads of the lying Gemini twins and becomes the third head and enjoys the company of intelligent twin heads bringing his own shades of evil genius.

Most scammers, stock traders, sarcastic people I have seen have a combination of Mercury + Rahu. Mercury and Rahu just love each other and these two together rule things like speculation, share market and cleaver scams in general.

Then coming to Ketu, “Ketu is the severed Torso” of Swarbhanu.

There is only one sign in the zodiac which has a dominant torso as a part of it, SAGITTARIUS. Moreover Ketu is often misunderstood. It is called an evil planet because it tends to bring misfortunes, but it is a highly religious planet. Now again, which is the most religious sign of all? Sagittarius again.


When Ketu enteres Sagittarius, the two torsos together become more powerful and the sense of aggressive religiousness that is inherent in Sagittarius is fueled by the mindless bigotry of Ketu who feels totally at home at this hot and religious sign with a torso to accompany him. Thus it becomes EXALTED in the hot headed religious Sagittarius.

I rest my case.

God Bless.


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