Woha, today is a miracle.
Today I got up early, saw my Sadguru Sai Baba of Shirdi in dream and woke up fresh in Brahma Muhurata.
Was feeling great. So today, with inspiration of Sai, I will share some important insights that would help all.
While I have shared one blog already,


I am going to make history by writing another very important one. This is for those who are studying astrology or are wondering what’s happening to them.

I always tell people these two things and they always hit home:

“Who are you” is determined mostly by the BIG 3 Signs:
YOU= Ascendant + Moon Sign + Sun Sign (all other signs do have an impact but not as much)


WHAT WOULD HAPPEN TO YOU would be determined by the BIG 3 Planets:
SATURN + RAHU + KETU (all others including the Sun are just “also ran”)

I have seen these three call the shots in almost every horoscopes and I have become obsessed with them. Most of my studies are focused on them. After spending almost 3 years deep diving into Rahu and Ketu, I think I know something about these two. I have become fascinated especially with the little known Ketu and guess know more about it than your friendly neighborhood astrologer. My blog has maximum articles on Ketu. While the rebellious Rahu had me fascinated for a long time.

These days I am doing my research on the Boss of all, Saturn. And the more I read, the more impressed I am with the ONE PLANET OF KARMA and my admiration for Shani Deva increases with time. May be because I am myself a Saturn child.

While I would hold back before giving away more secrets, I would still share one observation that I have noticed about these three:

1. Rahu: The palace of illusions that disappears. I always tell my Indian clients in Hindi “Rahu tumhey sapney dikhayega” i.e. Rahu would keep you in illusions good, bad or ugly, depends upon Karma. Lucky ones get to choose their obsessions and illusions. They can become obsessed with making money, can become depressed by thinking of all negative things, or can dedicate themselves to something bigger than them e.g. charity and have dreams of helping others. The last category would be the blessed one. Those with a good Rahu dasha chase their dreams but in the end are never fulfilled. Those with a bad Rahu dasha are tormented with imaginary horrors, which thankfully do not become reality. In then end the palace or prison of illusions always disappears. Best remedy is to remember that “This is not real and this too shall pass”

2. Ketu: Purification by Pain: I always tell my Indian clients in Hindi “Ketu tumhey mandir ke aagey khada kar dega” i.e. Ketu would make you stand in front of the temple (church etc.) Now it is up to you, either you go as a devotee, or it would take you there as a beggar. Lucky and wise one would choose the former. A bad Ketu dasha would take away all that you have and would make you realize that God is the only reality, rest is useless illusion. A good Ketu dasha, wait a minute, THERE IS NOT SUCH THING LIKE A GOOD KETU DASHA. Best remedy is to take refuge at the Feet of the Lord. Pick up your favorite deity and stick to Him/Her and remember all others would forsake you only your Lord won’t. (PS: Sai is the only one who hasn’t forsaken me ever. Thank you Ketu for the lesson. Thank you Baba for never forsaking this sinner despite all his faults.)

3. Saturn: Sweat or tears. Here comes my favorite planet of Karma that always gives a choice. I always tell my Indian clients in Hindi “Shani tumhara paani nikalega” (Saturn would squeeze water out of you), the choice is yours, either you can SWEAT OR YOU CAN CRY. Those with a good Saturn dasha work hard and are rewarded generously, those with a bad Saturn dasha face a lot of hardships but, and a big consoling but, they can always overcome that by working extra hard and then getting reward. WITH SATURN HARD WORK IS THE BEST REMEDY. If you are too busy to become frustrated, no matter how bad your Saturn is, it ALWAYS rewards you, after all Lord Saturn is the planet of Justice. Jai Shani Deva…!

God Bless,

G. Vijay Kumar

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