A not so fictitious discussion: Me, my dad (a retired astrologer who doesn’t work but comes to office just to have a good time) and Mr. X our gems and jewelry supplier.

“Why don’t you recommend diamonds, Jr. Sir?” Asked Mr. X, flashing his toothy grin. What would you gain in these Opals, Emerald, and Silver Yantras. They all come cheap. You hardly make much money. After all your are Bade Sir’s (my dad) son. You have been a corporate hot shot, made so much money, and have to raise your kids. You should try to earn more.

My dad smiled, and looked away, I remember him answering a similar question decades ago, when he was struggling and a similar question was put up to him. Perhaps he wanted to see if I still remembered my lessons. I was looking dispassionately at Mr. X as he continued.  “A diamond would make you in a day what others won’t make in a month. It works much better for you.”

Time for me to reply: “You know what Mr. X, a diamond might work better for me but for my clients, I know an OPAL IS THE CHEAPER AND BETTER option. And astrologically Opal is more effective than a diamond. I am myself wearing 3.”

But “Sir…” resisted Mr. X “There is so much money in diamonds. Every jeweler….”

“We are not jewelers Mr. X. We have seen what happened to those astrologers who tried to become jewelers.” My dad smiled with satisfaction as I continued…. “We have seen them sell their properties, we have seen their sons turn into failures and we have seen them lose respect and relations and most of all, grace of God, that is so badly needed in this business. I do not wish to fall into that category. Do not wish to create bad Karma by selling costly stones to desperate people.”

My dad heaved a sigh of relief and his smile deepened turning into a broad grin, he has happy his knowledge was in safe hands.

“We recommend only what is needed and give authentic quality at very reasonable rates, that’s my right. Plus I ALWAYS tell them that they need not buy from me. But I would never butcher my clients by selling them unnecessary items through fear mongering.

“You are too ethical for your own good Jr. Sir. Some business you two run. God knows how you guys survive with so much ethics.” He shook his head in disagreement.

“We have a code and we run by that Mr. X, and it has served us well.” said my dad with a finalizing smile. Mr. X hobbled out saying something about “too honest to make good money”, while my dad called his driver to take out his car.

As dad and I eased into dad’s chauffer driven Toyota Fortuner we waved while Mr. X who was adjusting seats of his worn out Maruti.

Looking at these two men I couldn’t help but repeat to myself the mantra taught by my dad:

“Diamonds last till death, karma are forever”








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