All right, this is an emotional and controversial topic but it has been long brewing in my mind. Well, I am loved by 80% of my clientele, 10% I would say are neutral. But despite my best efforts and even giving 100% money-back guarantee, I am still hated by 10% of the people who approach me.


Now, these people fall typically into three categories.



HATERS BATALLION #1: THE VASHIKARAN SEEKERS: This category belongs to the women scorned (for some reason almost all of them are women) looking for Vashikaran in order to get their lost love back. Now, these girls keep the Vashikaran Mafia in business. I pity them. I feel sad for them and ask them not to mess with this and to move on in life. They often yell back at me, “Then what is the use of contacting you?”


I tell them that this is a dark art and I do not practice things like vashikaran. Almost all of the “practitioners” are frauds and most probably they would end up being scammed out of their money, at least. However, these women want their lover back at any cost. Now, I get the pain of a separation and a breakup but that is no way of getting anybody back. You are trying to dominate somebody’s free will by taking help of dark arts.


Thankfully, 99% of the people practicing this are fake. They do not have any knowledge and just are out to milk the opportunities by fooling these gullible girls. Now imagine for a second if somebody had such a power and was selling it for rupees 21000, can you imagine the character of that person? And if they have the power to control anybody remotely, wouldn’t they control the prime ministers and the presidents and big industrialists? Would they be out pimping their divine art for a few currency notes, bringing back runaway boyfriends? I don’t think so.


I mean, these girls would be lucky if they end up losing only their money. Things can get much worse. So ladies, stay away. You might hate me but stay away from Vashikaran Mafia. You don’t know what you are messing with. I have received panic calls and messages from girls who have been virtually robbed by these people, and I have often told them “Run back to your family and tell your father everything.” That did put an end to the extortion. But there are many who don’t reach me. Ladies, please do not fall for this.




HATERS BATALLION #2: THE WRONG BIRTH TIMERS: This category is my personal favorite. Now, these are the people due to whom I have put a money-back guarantee in place. The wrong birth timers. These are the people who loudly proclaim that all astrologers are fake, nobody can give them a correct prediction, and people do not know how to practice astrology, even better, ASTROLOGY IS FAKE. Reason being, nobody can protect their chat. Now, how is that possible?  My humble explanation: Their birth time is wrong.


I have the policy of returning 100% of the amount in case I am unable to read a chart correctly and I stick to it. My problem with these people is that they are out blaming each and every astrologer in the world. I have replied to a couple of them telling them that I am putting my money where my mouth is by returning 100% of the money. And if astrology was wrong or fake, I would have ended up collapsing my business. I often get some rambling that I do not value money and how again they are right and others are wrong and astrology is fake.


I do feel offended. I mean, I have returned your money, wasted my time and effort, you have nothing to lose, I bore the entire brunt of it. At least I am not a fake or a fraud.


So folks, lose that attitude, go to a palmist and if possible, get your birth time rectified.


HATERS BATALLION #3: THE “ENTITLED” FREELOADERS: When a wise man said that there are no free lunches, some people thought that they were exempt. I started astrology as a charity and was flooded by people who wanted to know when would they get “girlfriends” and “government jobs” (basically women they can have fun with and don’t have to marry and jobs that would pay them without having to work).


Dealing with this crowd, I lost my belief in humanity. I would do one reading, then another, then another, but they would keep coming. Then they would send me reminders and hate mails when I would not read their chart for free or answer a thousand silly questions like “how pretty would be my wife”?


Thanks to my spirit guide, I decided to charge a small amount. That worked like magic and filtered away the freeloaders.

However, some still write off and on, as to how and why I should give them a free reading.  Well, I get this. There are people with genuine problems in the world, and I have helped them and helped them in more ways than just a free consultation.


However, young men who know English, have smartphones, laptops, and access to the internet, if they claim that they don’t have any money, something is not right with them. Boys, ever heard the words “online business” and “freelancing”?


FINAL WORD: Eighty percent of my clients love me like anything. They come back, they bring their friends and family, they often chat with me about good and bad things. And God knows I have found some really close friends.


But then, hey, what’s a man without haters? So thank you, these three categories, for keeping me alive and going. I love my haters.

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