I have been out of action for a long time now and my digital team has been talking my ear off for the lack of content creation. So in order to please them and express my gratitude to my “gang” a small whatasapp group called “Astro Seekers”, I decided to write this one.

The way this group came into being is very organic. No marketing or inviting or even effort. There were a few clients who qualified on four criteria:

  1. A high degree of intelligence
  2. A deep interest in learning astrology
  3. Were really nice and spiritually evolved human beings and,
  4. I enjoyed talking to them and felt a connection


Some of them became friends and were in touch on whatsapp and often asked me questions related to astrology during their consultation and even actively participated in their referrals’ consultations. (Yes I get a lot of repeat clientele and referrals, thanks to the love of my clients). So I thought of bringing them together. We started out with 4 members and in less than months grew to 13. (The group is small and and will continue to be small, the admission criteria is strict, membership is exclusive,  and one can join by invitation only J.)

While it is a small group, but the variety is vast, they come from various parts of India, UK, USA etc. And their intellectual horsepower is world class. This group includes IIT and IIM alumni (yeah “Sharma Ji ka beta” is a part of my group….!), college professors, software engineers, business consultants, investment bankers, entrepreneurs, writers, spiritual healers, you name it. And all these intellectual giants all rally around poor me (My mother would have been proud J).

Someone once said if you are the smartest man in the group, you are in the wrong group. I THINK I AM THE DUMBEST MEMBER OF THE GROUP. And it doesn’t get any better than this.


None of them has a background in astrology but their pick up is awesome. With our motto “putting LOGICAL back in ASTROLOGICAL” we try to logically analyze and decode everything astrological. Their reasoning is high end and I can’t get away by bullshitting them and giving vague replies. Their discussions and questions blow my mind. They keep my knowledge and understanding sharp and keep me on my proverbial toes (I am too heavy for my real ones).


I keep answering their questions to the best of my ability. What I get in return is priceless. They are my BOARD OF DIRECTORS.Given their background I am sure any company would pay heavily to have them on their board. I get their advice and guidance for free.  I often turn to them for advice on things ranging from health to business, and boy ain’t I happy that I do that…!

Imagine a dozen super smart people who care for you, debating the hell out of each other trying to decide what’s the best course of action for you. What else you could want?

So “Astro Seekers”: Thank you for being with me and sharing your wisdom. I feel honored and blessed to have you.

God Bless.


G. Vijay Kumar





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