Basic of Astrology is 12 Signs and 9 Planets.

This article is to share a “short introduction” of signs. You can check out your Sun, Moon and Ascendant signs and see what’s your astral make up.

While it is very difficult to put the entire gamut of qualities of a zodiac in one paragraph, I would still try to do my best.

  1. Aries – The Ram: “I AM” they are infants of the zodiac. Self obsessed and self absorbed, innocently unaware to anything else. Self-proclaimed center of the universe. You would often find them on sports grounds, armed forces and bar fights.



  1. Taurus – The Bull: “I HAVE” they are babies of the zodiac. Luxury loving, possessive, and stubborn and very obstinate. No-nonsense they mind their own business and often speak less. Make most loyal and dependable best friends and workers.  Often found close to nature, in dairy, animal husbandry and real-estate, and yes in the best restaurants.


  1. Gemini-The Twins: “I THINK” well here the baby becomes the child and starts thinking they are quick witted, speak a lot and keep hopping around like two people in one. Look for them at sales departments and debate clubs, talking their motor mouths off.

  1. Cancer- The Crab: “I FEEL” welcome adolescence with the super sensitive Cancer. They are the emotional ones, the touchy feely ones. This is the sign of motherhood and care. They eat a lot and cry a lot. Can be found in family gatherings, any place which serves good food and on a bad day, at a bar, drinking like a fish (or a crab).

  1. Leo – The Lion: “I WILL” the spoiled teenager is here. The courageous and extrovert Leo has arrogance of a teenager who thinks that he can bend the mountains with his will. Can be found anywhere they can get public attention especially in show business. Someone with a heavy leo once said “no business like show business”.

  1. Virgo – The Virgin: “I ANALYZE” ok so this is a painful one. From the flamboyance of the Lion, the soul gets to being “proper” and reality hits it in the face. It grows quiet and prefers to analyze. Career choice is anything where they have to deal with numbers, often science and finance. “No business like show business, but then there are other businesses like accounting.” Go to your finance department you would find more than 50% people with heavy Virgo in their charts.

  1. Libra the Scales: “I BALANCE” sugar and spice and everything nice. After learning the lessons of Virgo and getting the measurement right, they know that “balance, harmony, and beauty” are things to strive for. This sign of mature and lovely youth can be found in fashion industry, style and clothing, modeling and almost everything that has to do with art, beauty, and harmony.

  1. Scorpio-The Scorpion: “I DESIRE” the most debated and mystifying of all signs. The “sexiest and most mysterious” of all. They are often no-nonsense and once they desire something they would go for it with sheer intensity which no other sign has. Can be found anywhere where they have to dig secrets, from finance department, to science labs. Most of all underworld and secret services are full of these guys.

  1. Sagittarius – The Archer: “I AIM” don’t be fooled by the motto. They hardly keep their aim consistent. They keep jumping from one place to the other and from one thing to another, shooting their proverbial arrows in all direction. They can be often found in traveling profiles, selling and marketing, and virtually anywhere they can spend their ridiculous energies . After going through an intense phase of Scorpio, soul is much more relaxed and child like and enters the “happy go lucky” attitude in this sign of luck.

  1. Capricorn-The Goat: “I USE” okay the most misunderstood of all signs, and my personal favorite. Often portrayed as heartless and ruthless who are caricature of scrooges who would suck people and systems dry. Nothing can be far from it. They are ruthless but not heartless. They have the sense of service and dedication that no other sign can match and often they self-sacrifice for society and family. REMEMBER THEY DON’T USE PEOPLE, THEY USE THE “SYSTEM” because they know there is no use fighting the system, better use it to your advantage and then help others. Can be found in top management positions in business, politics, and bureaucracy. And try looking for them in the office as they are hardly anywhere else.

  1. Aquarius – The Water Bearer: “I KNOW” The genius of the zodiac. Forgetful and carefree to the point of abandon. They have seen it all, been there and done that. after going through the grind in the heavy duty workaholic Capricorn avatar. Soul has earned the right to go towards “second childhood” where they don’t have to think, they know a lot and effortlessly take to things. Often humanitarian and kind to a fault, they are coolly detached and look at world as a giant carnival fun but noting special. Hardly any regular job can contain them, they hate 9 to 5 with a vehemence. Can be found in humanitarian clubs, aid agencies, red cross and all sort of “off-beat” and knowledge based careers, right from computer science to archeological excavations. But no “regular jobs” for these guys.

  1. Pisces – The Fish: “I FEEL” finally the soul has seen it all and known it all in Aquarius avatar and now it enters the final realm of class, where it realizes that REAL knowledge cannot be Known but only felt. Mostly disengaged with the world, lost in their dreams. They realizes the futility of human effort and try to stay in harmony with the nature and the ethereal universe. Can be found in silent cafes, art galleries, spiritual groups and meditation camps.


So leave in the comments where do you fit in (use your Sun, Moon and Ascendant signs).


God Bless,

G. Vijay Kumar


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